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New player in need of some help with my character's background

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Hi there, I am currently in the process of creating and writing my character (Stuck on the creation screen atm). I want to create a (miqo''te) character who is light hearted and generally upbeat, but quite secretive about his (painful) background as well. I am not quite sure how old I want to make him, but I also like the idea of his age being a mystery as well. The thing I am running into right now though is that I am completely unfamiliar with the history of Eorzea, so I dont know what things I can reference in the background I am writing for him, and I also dont want to write anything that clashes with the established lore. How extensive is the Miqo'te Lore? Could I get away with simply saying his tribe was wiped out? Or is there something along those lines already in the lore or history somewhere that I could use?


I am also pretty new to rp in general, so I would love to get some pointers from more experienced players. Thanks a bunch for reading!

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Hello there! Aside from random tidbits from quests in game, there's not really much important Miqo'te lore that isn't covered in the official lore threads. I don't know if there's any particular instance of a specific tribe being wiped out. But the headcanon most RPers are willing to accept is that there's different "sects" of each tribe. I don't see why his sect couldn't have been wiped out, perhaps by the Calamity, or some other tragedy.

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I see, thanks! I will have to go check out the lore threads again, and comb through them to see if there is anything I could reference. Ill spend some time tomorrow writing up a character sheet and establishing a background story. Thanks for the help!

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