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[Balmung]<Kisei> Kiseibana - High Class Crime and Customer Service

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Elegant, inviting, intimate, these were some of the more common words used to describe the Lavender Lounge. Having gained a reputation for servicing any and every desire of its patrons, the Lounge has quickly become a common topic on the tongues of its neighbors and competition alike.

Its hosts are well practiced in the art of hospitality, with both traditionally Hingan methods and more modern western options being happily offered. Glowing reviews give insight to the Lounge’s success, but it doesn’t account for all of it.

The manager of the Lounge was a curious figure. Her history was worn plainly on her sleeve, a creature of physical strength with a brutish air about her. Despite this, she melded well into the realm of hospitality, providing for the customers a level of attention only a true veteran could muster. A manager was, at its core, the backbone of any business and she served her role well. The Lounge was, however, not the only thing she was in charge of.

As the thorns that lay under the plush petals, the Kiseibana are to thank for the house’s success. They are an enigmatic group doubted to truly even exist; the only evidence being the flower mon that adorns the letters of their victims. They are the shadows that steal secrets and seal lips, the invisible hands that pull the strings of their self-made puppets.



Kiseibana was made with the goal of providing a venue for service and crime themed RP that might be lacking the focused attention that it deserves. While most groups focus on painting in broad strokes we're catering to niche and specialized sorts of characters and themes. Have you ever felt like your character won't fit in anywhere? You're exactly what we're looking for.


The Company is divided into two sections; The Lavender Lounge and Kiseibana. Players may involve themselves in one or both parts of the company and are encouraged to do what's best for their character in terms of how they interact with each half.


The Lavender Lounge is where hosts and service staff will interact with customers and present curious patrons with their own unique offering. Hosts are encouraged to craft spaces that play to their characters skills in terms of hospitality. It serves as the primary backdrop for the company as well as the cover for the more criminally minded characters. Everyone has a day job, even if it's something as simple as a nondescript "Staff member" designation.


Kisebana, as a group, goes about things in a particular way. It's no home for thugs and scoundrels, but rather a family of information brokers, manipulative smooth talkers, and quiet infiltrators. Most members of the group are experts in playing from the shadows and staying one step ahead of their targets. They are a secret society and prefer to keep their existence a well guarded secret; existing only as rumors and speculation.

Kiseibana prides itself on being an sex positive, LGBT+ safe space where its members are encouraged to explores themes and character archetypes that may otherwise not get the level of respect they deserve. Due to the potential themes and content of the FC we require all members be 18+.


  • An organic event structure: We heavily encourage people to cultivate and engage with the efforts made to provide a truly living company space. Plot threads will appear naturally in day to day activities and the development of rich character relationships and dynamics is something we prize highly.
  • A unique, expressive roll system: Kiseibana utilizes an internally developed roll system that puts a distinct emphasis on wit and stealth. To facilitate our focus on individual attention players will fill out specific niches within the system in order to work well as part of a team of elite agents.


    Flexible Event Scheduling: As the group’s jobs are filled by groups of 2-6 members they are scheduled and ran based on the availability of the players involved.

  • A place to grow: No matter how new or established your character is, you’ll be given every opportunity to develop and explore your character’s own stories as they interact with others and the overarching narratives that are presented around them.


Interested? We look forward to your application! You can find it here.

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