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The Devil's Den - Seeks Patrons, Residents, Staff & More!

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FC: The Devil's Den

Tag: <DEVIL>

Server: Mateus

Leader: Kai Urud

House: Plot 52, 19 Ward, Shirogane

Active Time: EST Day/Night

Links: https://discord.gg/ufEwgpMQ2A

Carrd: https://thedevilsden.carrd.co




The Den is a place for wayward travelers to call home whilst in Kugane. Located within the foreigner's district of Shirogane, the Den offers the finest in Hingan & Doman cuisine and world-class sake.


Private rooms stocked with liqour, both foreign & domestic, can be made available to guests seeking a bit of privacy.


Bathe in a luxurious private bath house drawn directly from Kugane's famous hotsprings.


For those seeking more long-term accomodations, a private room can be made available for a paltry sum of only 300,000 gil. Food & unlimited access to The Den's features are also included in the price.


Now Hiring: Bartender, Sushi Chef, various support staff, including security.




The Devil's Den is simply a small, upstart of an FC with a laid back, casual atmosphere with an RP focus. From the onset, I am approaching the creation of this FC with a small, tight-knit group in mind, with maybe a max cap of 20, if not less.


The theme of the FC allows for a wide assortment of characters of varying alignments and affiliations. As most would simply be tenants, residents, staff, or customers, free to associate with - and do whatever the character does.


We're new player friendly, and would love to help get you settled into FFXIV.


Right now, our event schedule is mainly around nights (EST), but if demand is high enough, events can also be made available during the day or even earlier.

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