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[Crystal] A villain for my, well, villain. And by villain, I mean hero. Or not? Morals are complicated.

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Hello, hello ;

As the title says, I am seeking a villain for my villain. Okay, my "sorta villain".

Fen, or Fen "the Fortunate", is an Ul'dahn-born Seeker of the Sun. An ex-prostitute. An ex-Alacran. An ex-"bad guy".

She's at least trying at that last one.

Her Carrd can be viewed here: ✨ https://fenthefortunate.carrd.co/ ✨


In her current ongoing arc, Fen is taking down slavers throughout both Thanalan and La Noscea. Sounds like a real "good guy" thing to do, except her tactics are far less so. Not to mention, whenever one meddles in the affairs of others -- slaving or otherwise -- it can be bad for business. Slaves mean bodies. Bodies mean workers. Workers mean money.

And in Ul'dah, there is nothing more damning than messing with money.

So, there's the "using morally questionable means to achieve honorable goals" thing, coupled with that "muh gil" reason.

Fen may be on someone's hunt-and-kill radar. And that's where your villain (slaver, criminal, morally bankrupt bounty hunter, etc.) comes in. Or, of course, your hero (adventurer, folk hero, soldier with a sense of duty, etc.).

Would anyone weep over the loss of yet another flea-bitten street cat from Ul'dah's underbelly? Should you not be celebrated for it? If you should reply, 'yes', then surely the coin from her bounty will supply you enough drink to drown such a pesky conscious in.


Essentially my goal is to make Ul'dah inhospitable for the poor girl, giving her no choice but to flee, to hide, and to act as a catalyst for an honest-to-goodness redemption arc at some point down the line. 


Fen does not ever need to kill your villain -- or hero. I do, however, like a somewhat fair fight. Combat RP is enjoyed and anticipated, once the ball gets rolling. Personally I enjoy the /random or dice system, but we can cross or burn that bridge when we get to it. So, rest assured, your character will remain relatively unharmed not dead unless you state otherwise.


Here are some Quick Hooks ;

> Fen was a member of the Alacran, a criminal organization that once had the whole of Ul'dah -- the Syndicate, Brass Blades, and all -- beneath its foot.

> Fen is essentially a secrets-monger. Don't let that lackadaisical, unhurried nature fool you. She's not above stalking, roughing up her prey, or torture in order to get the information she needs.
> Fen operates an intelligence network.

> Fen is an ex-prostitute from the Ul'dahn red light district known as the Rows. She knows how to use her body and manipulate others to get what she needs.


The "pls contact me i'm begging you" bit ; 

If you're interested in working out a plot with this sort of theme -- or any other RP -- please feel free to message me here or on Discord @ o.rinn#3748 !

I live in PST. Cali time, bb. I also work a 9-to-5. So if my timezone or my schedule doesn't align with yours, I am more than willing to do Discord RP. Actually, I prefer it.


Uhm. I-I think that's everything? Hopefully! If there are any questions, don't be shy and chat with me! c:

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I'm greatly intrigued by this for the information present and what could happen in the future between characters! I sent a friend request on Discord (@ Wiree#8152 ) to discuss more about this if you were still looking for someone! If not, no worries, I totally understand!

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