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[Crystal] Looking for Staff members and Students for a Adventure Based Academy!

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Lunar Rose Academy

What is Lunar Rose Academy? The school is centered around the theme of adventure; the curriculum consists of activities and lessons that will prepare the students for a life of adventuring, offering practical knowledge on topics such as combat, first-aid and magic, and many more! Both the teachers and students at Lunar are players roleplaying their characters. In addition we have characters that work as school staff, for example running security. We have a free company house that serves as the school grounds, but we also often venture out to the vast world of Eorzea too! The school is accessible for everyone on the Crystal Data Center, and we help out New Rpers/Players too!


What can i find at Lunar? Typical roleplaying activities at Lunar Rose Academy include:

- School classes following a set schedule

- Student-run clubs

- Casual roleplay in a school setting

- School field trips and other seasonal events

- Collaborations with other RP groups and communities


Come join a community that helps each other out and RPs with all of Crystal! Check out the Carrd or join our discord! For any questions or help, please message Masao#2913



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