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Talon's Edge Wants You! [ Adventure RP ] [ Omega EU ]

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Talon's Edge Wants You [ Adventure RP ]



Introduction: We are a very new guild here on FFXIV and it’s a pleasure to be joining the FFXIV Role-playing community. We are trying to establish ourselves as an adventuring guild here and we want to be able to come and join in at all the main hubs, open community events and possibly do things with some of the other Free Companies here.


Backstory?: By fate a group of people met in the Gridanian Forest by a small cabin in the woods; it was destroyed by a vicious treant creature. The group went to find shelter in the nearest town. Becoming friends along the way we decided to travel together and sign up with the adventures guild to get by doing some jobs for them and form a Free Company under the name “Talon’s Edge”


Who are we?: We are a group of friends that have recently joined the game with many years of role-playing experience under our belts and we are looking to do something new with our time. We are friendly people that just like to hang out, play the game and enjoy ourselves with what we are doing.


What do you as a Free Company do?: We use the chat system to create dungeon master emotes as I like to call them and use markers for our environmental interactions and enemies. We use this to tell short quest story-lines or do character progression based stories for members of the free company to progress their character / story.

We also like to be involved with the community as a whole.


What can we offer you?: We like to have everyone feel included in our events so we like to do personal progression for people, it doesn't matter if it’s part of a group, just yourself with a dungeon master or with the entire free company.


How to join the Free Company? You can contact myself or one of the officers in game and we will set something up for anyone that wants to join.


Data Centre: Chaos

Homeworld: Omega

Officers: Shinodan Darkwood, Alina Walker.

Discord: Shinodan#4527

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