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[M] The Gilded Lily - An FC Interest Check


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Hi hello! I figured this was the best place for me to start reaching out and seeing if there is interest in creating a possible RP FC around an idea I have - that being an escort/courtesan service complete with house and rooms etc. I would love to create a mature (21+) FC that is safe space and LGBTQ+ welcoming that focuses on a high protocol nature of courtesan/escort/entertainer roleplay. Think Geisha-level training, in which all of the working characters (male, female, non-binary welcome) would be trained and beloved for their etiquette and skill as well as... Well. Obvious pleasures.

Hedonism, luxury, a gilded lily as the name suggests. There would be room for actual courtesans/cortejos (insert a better non-gendered name here when I can think of one), bouncers, trainers, favored/regular patrons, and open/public themed night events etc.


At the moment it's just me. I have no funds nor house started up for this so it would take a little work to get it off the ground but if this is something you would be interested in or you have ideas for please feel free to respond!

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