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Male Roegadyn Merchant looking for customers and RP partners (possibly romantic)

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Name: Devoted Moon
Age: 31
Gender: Male

Sexuality: Hetero
Race: Roegadyn, Hellsguard
Occupation: Merchant (currently), tracker, investigator
Server: Balmung
Common play times: UTC-5
Preferred Rp locations:
Discord, (antowas#9853) 
In game (with server congestion currently, I am less likely to world hop, but that will change hopefully)



Devoted is a friendly traveling merchant with a unique gift to perceive the flow of aether with the naked eye.  His gift has allowed him to work as a tracker and investigator in the past, but finds the life of a merchant to be more lucrative and less stressful.  Ever accompanied by his fairy partner and accountant, Scheherazade, Devoted provides unique services and alchemical creations for every day use and adventurers alike.


Looking for/Open to:
- Long-term, recurring RP partners
- Romance (slow burn)
- Short term pick up RP


Possible hooks:


Characters looking for his services:
-Making weapons and armor more effective by tuning them to the user's aether
-Potions for a variety of uses such as stain proofing cloth, IC Fantasia, voluntary memory erasure


Characters looking to provide services to him:
-Escorts from town to town
-Material suppliers for alchemical use

While I take RP seriously, Devoted is not likely to get wrapped up in dark themes.  I am looking more for slice of life, story telling, good traveling companions, or repeat customer relationships.  If there is a gimmick that you need for your character that requires the shaping or observation of aether, Devoted could potentially help with it, though he would need a bit more financial incentive to step out of the realm of being a merchant.

Edit:  I should add that I have 3 decades of experience as a pen and paper DM, running strong narrative driven campaigns, some of which have run for 5 years or more, so I am no stranger to roleplaying and intricate back stories.

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