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New to FFXIV and want to get involved in RP

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Hi all,


I've been playing since about mid-October and have been wanting to get involved in the RP community for FFXIV. I'm primarily a LARPer of many years, so coming to an MMO RP community is fairly new to me (I didn't RP at all when I played other MMOs). I'd love to make connections and get more involved with folks and their myriad of stories. I play a very consent/collaborative RP style where my main goal is to make sure everyone involved walks away feeling positive about things covered in a scene


Easiest ways to contact me are either via discord (Philbert#2006) or send me a whisper in game to make sure I'm not afk and let me know what you're looking for.

EDIT: Wanted to add I'm happy to visit other servers for RP 😃


Server: Malboro

Playtimes: Usually evening (post 6PM EST) weekdays, and available most of the time weekends


Some stuff about my char:

  • Name: Kotu'a Mewrilah
  • Race: Miqo'te
  • Home city: Ul'dah
  • Profession(s): Bodyguard, entertainer, and sometimes thief
  • Hooks:
    • Kotu'a has fallen into the bottom of a bottle and can't seem to find his way out on his own
    • Potential clients looking to hire him to escort/protect them as a bodyguard
    • Surprise me with a neat/exciting idea


Webpage: https://kotuamewrilah.carrd.co/  Disclaimer: If you don't want to know details of his background and find out in character, don't read the bio page :)

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