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So I'm planning to RP, which realm should i go to?

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Balmung and Mateus are still the best if you're looking for an RP FC; that info isn't outdated. The servers are sometimes opening up for character creation late at night/early morning. If you aren't as picky about your FC prospects, any server on the Crystal Data Center is fine for RP and probably all about the same.

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As Faye said Bally and Matty will be the best to find long term rp.  Most of us that run FCs are willing to work with those from other servers, and other data centers once it is available.

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11 hours ago, Syno Dakwhil said:

sweet, i made a character on Coerl and hopped onto Mateus, now i just gotta level it up to the point where i can get glamours and dyes, as well as some fine clothes.


So fun fact: If you make characters on low traffic servers like Malboro, you get a buff called Road to 70/80, which pretty much quadruples your xp gain on classes up to those levels. It doesn't last forever, but it's worth sticking around on those servers to max out as much as possible before transferring.

I highly suggest you do this before deciding on which of the gruesome roleplay twosome to transfer to.

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