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[Discord/Zalera] Au Ra Botanist/Scholar looking for rp

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Ello mates, decided to try the rp scene for ff14. I'm not too experience with in game, but I've rped for many years. I prefer to rp with others who are 18+ as I am myself. You can reach me on discord or in game, though I'm more on discord so you'd get a faster response there. You can find my discord on the carrd.
Server: Crystal/Zalera
Timezone: EST


Here's a link to Ryus card

Discord: I'm usually on discord so if you prefer this way to rp I'd be on it the most.
In game: Usually I'm on around 8pm est, however, sometimes I'll be going through the actual story or doing dungeon with me mates. Send me a tell (though poking me on discord is more likely I'll see it) if you may want to see if we're good to rp a bit in game.


What I'm looking for:
Long or short term rps, whether a big plot or a small conversations that happen over time.

Friendships, workmates, rivals.

Potentially someone who knows him from his past.
Romance is an option.

I enjoy most anything from slice of life to adventuring to mystery, etc. For any darker topic I'd like them to be discussed beforehand.

Name: Ryu Setsu
Companion: Pap
Occupations: Botanist and Scholar, often seen with a frying pan.


Ryu is a wandering botanist who travels with a Lesser Panda named Pap. He enjoys talking about the things he's learned or documented but can have trouble holding most conversations as he's use to being in the wild with just Pap. He can be oblivious to some things, and easily trusting of most people. While he may not know everything Ryu loves to learn new trades or hear about stories from others.


General hooks (more are on the carrd)

-Ryu travels a lot throughout La Noscea, the Black Shroud, and Thanalan, foraging and trying to make gil where he can. If you're from one, or a traveler yourself it can be easy to bump into him.

-He owns an apartment in the mist, and the most visited city (though he doesn't often go into cities) is Limsa Lominsa.

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