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LF RP For Multiple Xaela & Viera!

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I'm going to just drop my directory here, followed by some images of who I am looking for RP for. It's just a lot easier for everyone if I do things this way. I should also mention I am up for discord & in game RP and available most times with a bit of a heads up!
You can send a personal message here, or contact me in discord via Evil_Vixxen#0693 if interested! Thanks for giving my carrd(s) a read!

In order of appearance:
Sharky -> Adventure, Mentor(s), Friend to grow to Romance

Rune -> Adventure, Occult RP, Romance, Work, Friends

Qaara Himaa -> Tribal RP, Friends, Traveling Guide, Romance

Mesmer -> Clients, Romance, Crime

Kha'dagan Olkund -> Romance, tribal connections, friends (not directly related to Tsuya btw)
Tsuya Olkund -> Anything & Everything Goes (female, WIP, not pictured as her carrd is not ready so DM for info. Yes a female Olkund, hadn't seen many so figured I'd give it a go!)



2021-04-16_03-44-29-463_Fairy Narcotic_blue.jpg

2021-12-14_14-02-38-163_Maya Studio-Light Skin.png

2022-01-04_15-05-28-009_Maya Raktika Gameplay.png

2022-01-05_11-56-59-443_Maya Home.png



2021-03-31_20-00-20-909_Neneko_Simple and Clean2.jpg

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