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How do you do, fellow kids?


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Hello, I'm Seja.


I've been playing the critically acclaimed MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV since ARR release. I started as a character named Shanarah Oraguille, then rerolling into my first serious FFXIV character, Yurah Tsukino. If you remember me, hello! Since Shadowbringers, I've brought forth a new character that I've been doing my best to develop and refine, but I'm currently at a loss of a community to seek interaction with. So, here I am.


Seja is one daughter of the Idir family who runs a successful trade throughout Eorzea from Thavnair. They are settled in Radz-at-Han and are known for their ancient finds and well-crafted 'treasures'. Thavnarian-based characters might know her from her younger days, as she left home during her late teens to Eorzea. Here she made a living as a thief who used her income and charm to gain the favor of bandits to protect her from Yellowjackets and bounty hunters. However, she has been gaoled three times. She has since 'reformed' and now deals in entertainment, social mingling, some trade of finer goods, and tomb rai- ahem - treasure hunting.


I am open to setting up past relationships with other people's characters, so don't hesitate to ask!


Me, personally:


I am 30+, been roleplaying for many years and I enjoy all types of roleplay that isn't romantic or sexual. I am not very good at scheduling roleplay, so please just walk up to me and interact sometime. I am located in EST and I do not have a set schedule as my personal sleep schedule is a wreck. I am open to doing content that isn't savage progress, as well! I'm a casual player, but I'm just here to have fun. If you see me in game, don't hesitate to say hello.


You can also find me at TWITTER & TUMBLR.

Looking forward to meeting any and all of you.

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