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[LF RP's] A tough, sassy moon cat looking for friends... and romance?

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OOC. | Greetings! It's nice to meet whoever may come across this and find some interest. This would be first time searching for roleplay in FFXIV but I've been roleplaying for nearly nine years now off FFXIV on other platforms. I've done DnD style roleplay and the typical stuff you can imagine. I am 21+ so I prefer anyone who interacts with me is above 18 years old. I write just about whatever and I enjoy character exploration as much as anyone else. Mhiyu is my precious girl whom I've grown to adore through her lore. She has aspects of myself but she is not a self-insert in any way.


I play on Balmung/Crystal and I can be found at random times because college is unfortunately hell that I cannot escape. Usually weekends are the best.


You can find her Carrd here: https://kuyhin.carrd.co/ ! She has extensive lore written on a Google Doc; if the link doesn't work, let me know.


A brief summary of her: Mhiyu Kuyhin is a doman miqo'te who had fled from the empire's rule when she was a teenager, having lost her mother as a child and having to fend for herself. Because of this, she despises Garleans as a result but Druscilla of the Lemures order changed her mind on a lot of Garleans whom have helped and became her allies through the storyline. She is often a hard shell to crack, often not trusting easily and thus she is hard to become friends with. She only has one friend, Kujo'ya Minyu (another XIV oc of mine), that she trusts with everything even though their relationship was rocky to start because she found him annoying and overbearing. Mhiyu is a much softer character after Endwalker but still finds it hard to befriend others since she is not socially adept enough in personal situations. Though not impossible, she may open up to the right types of people.


Though to make it rather simple on what I am looking to obtain:

  • Long-term roleplay plots of any kind; friendships, romance, or just people from her life that we can discuss
  • Reaper friends (as it is her main class and part of her storyline)
  • Doman relationships (those from Doma as well and whatnot)
  • Merc associates, buddies, etc.


In romance, Mhiyu is biromantic/demisexual. She leans towards masculinity (transmasc inclusive) and men way more but often prefers women who are more dominant than her since she is a feisty moon cat who doesn't let someone else boss her around too much. Preferably, Elezen, Hrothgar, or Au Ra are the races I tend to gravitate towards but I am more than happy to welcome anyone! Bunny women are MORE than welcome.


Anything else can be discussed and such! I am rather a flexible writer and I enjoy talking to people about where we can head in the direction for our characters! Please do not hesitate to contact me if so!




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