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[Crystal] Slaver/Bandit Roegaedyn Lady Looking for Connections


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Hi all, I'm looking for some RP connections for my Roegaedyn lady, Skalona! She's a slaver, bandit, fence, and drug dealer. An all-around brutal criminal, a buyer and seller of things she shouldn't be. While she acts hard when it comes to her business, she softens to a surprising degree around those she's formed bonds with. Almost doting towards certain people, even if she always maintains her confident energy. Outside of her unlawful acts, she enjoys fishing and sailing as relaxing hobbies to unwind from it all, but has a huge weakness for both booze and women.


RP Hooks:


  •  Slave trading. If your character has a use for such a thing, and the desire to spend gil on it, Skalona is a great one to come to for it. It could be a short term one-off. It could also easily be made longer term by me making a new character to represent the one yours has purchased, and having future scenes between those two instead. If the idea of having a player character made and dedicated to RP with you, tailored specially to your preferences and goals for development is something that interests you, this is an option I'm happy to pursue.


  • Fencing, illicit substances, and other general criminal acts. If your character is after a way to feel good or relax from the stressors of everyday life, or has some 'borrowed' items they want to be rid of, Skalona would be happy to assist if she's paid well. 


  • Antagonists. Short of Skalona being locked up forever or killed, I'm somewhat open to antagonistic relationships. Whether they range from a more innocent friend who tries (and maybe succeeds?) in steering her in a moral direction, or a more hostile law enforcer who simply wants her dead and gone. I'm happy to explore these things.


  • General drinking and partying. Skalona is a sucker for this. Public, high energy events are a great way for others to meet her.


I'm open to other ideas as well. Please message me if you're interested and would like to work something out. My discord is open to anyone who's interested. Feel free to message me to set something up either on here, or through my discord!: Skalona#6751



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