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Balmung FC for Gentlemen/Gentlelady Thieves, Scoundrels, and Swindlers. The Raven Syndicate.

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"If you're going to be a scoundrel, at least be a stylish one!"


That's the motto of the Raven Syndicate.  While others are bashing down doors or stealing treasure with cannon and cutlass, the Raven Syndicate is quietly moving through the shadows and robbing everyone blind.  They are a small, selective group of ne'er-do-wells who take a great deal of pleasure in outsmarting the authorities.  If you're the type who gets excited about leaving a calling card behind to mock the investigators, then they're the right kind of scallywags for you.


We are a Free Company for the folks who want to rob the taverns and brothels blind, and then come back the next morning and pay for their services with their own coin.  Though based out of Limsa Lominsa, the Raven Syndicate has offices everywhere.


This is a very new Free Company, which means a lot of this will be fleshed out over time.  We hope that people will be interested and will help to shape this into something everyone can enjoy! 


Please be 18+ as the FC concept lends itself to mature themes that may be inappropriate for minors.


Feel free to contact me by Discord for more information or message me here.  Dominic Forestrunner#5282

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