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New Arrival To The RPC

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Greetings everyone!

Total newbie to the RP scene and to this forum as a whole, so please allow me a chance to introduce myself properly:

My real life name is Will, I currently live the United States, and I am employed Full-Time working in retail-services (diagnosing, servicing, and sometimes physically repairing client devices). I'm an avid gamer, so much so that I kind of spoil myself quite a bit; PS3/4/5, Xbox 360, One X, Series X, Switch and Switch OLED, a fairly high end gaming PC, and just so many more. I'm a pretty big metalhead, enjoy comics, movies, TV shows; I mean, I'm basically just a giant nerd all around really. I also like to think I'm an incredibly kind person who enjoys making other laugh, so please feel free to approach me, I treat everyone the same way I would treat a loved one and those closest to me. Feel free to ask me about my favorite movie, show, gaming, band, anything! I'm an open book to all!

Now, onto WHY I'm here...well, a friend of mine at work has always been a FFXIV player over WOW and it had always grabbed my attention, then I finally pulled the trigger and tried it out; now, I'm here with all of you. I've borderline fallen in love with this game and its story, characters, and definitely this community. There has not been one negative experience with a single person on those servers, and that is a big rarity in online gaming these days. Please just be aware, this is my first time going thru this story and as of writing this (April 8, 2022), I am still in the early portions of Shadowbringers and working my way to Endwalker. While there is literally no shortage of things to do in Eorzea, I wanted to spice things up a bit and try my hand at some RP. Also, I am playing the game on my PS5, I can play it on my PC, but I personally find console play is a bit more comfortable for myself personally.

So, Lightning Round? Using the "Welcome Desk Template" so I don't miss out on any pertinent information, I'll list below the answers to those questions:

-My MMORPG experience is pretty light if I'm being honest; I played some WOW but could not quite stay hooked long enough to justify a subscription; that is until I picked up FFXIV. Now I'm basically hooked.

-My RP experience is probably even lighter than my MMORPG experience, but I have done some to get the basic idea of what goes into RP. But, I figure if I can enjoy one of my new favorites games AND work on my RP skills with like-minded people from around the world, then this is where I wanna be.

-My character is still being fleshed out over time with some details being added and adjusted, but you can call him "Beardpool Ledude" ("Beardpool" since I'm a big Deadpool fan and got a big beard, and when I wear the Deadpool mask, the beard just falls out entirely. And "Ledude" because The Big Lebowski is top 3 movies of all time for me, and "The Dude" is the most simplistic and funniest nickname ever in my mind. So, I just decided to mash the two of them together.). But the entire backstory and origins of this character will be displayed for all to read once it is fully ready.

-I learned about the RPC from an ancient website called Google, which led me down the rabbit hole of RP sites and forums, until I came across this one and wanted to try my hand at this.

-For now, I'm aiming to just be a light role-player, then ease my way into medium-heavy as I get better and more comfortable with the craft of RP.

-I've previously listed above some IRL things I don't mind sharing, but if there's anything else you guys would like to ask me, please don't hesitate.

I look forward to my time here and I thank you for reading all of this if you've made it this far.

-Beardpool Ledude

"The Dude Abides"

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