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LFRP - Local Fixer Looking For a Fix

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Local Fixer looks for her next fix of obnoxious mischief, unfathomable dangers, exhilarating intrigue, and excessive vice. 


Name – Seleska Sweet
Gender - Female
Race – Hyur, Highlander
Age - Late Twenties
Post Style – Multi-Para
Occupation - Imperial Espionage Job Fixer
Active Time - Anytime for Discord/Evenings EST
Link - https://seleska.carrd.co/

Seleska Sweet, proud barfly, vivacious pain-in-the-ass, rumored Imperial, and shameless criminal. A job fixer and secrets dealer, she claims to be the best bargain this side of Eorzea for all of your less-than-legal pursuits. Need to know the when and where, or more importantly, the ‘who’? She has a bargain that you just can’t refuse. Known for her big talk, infectious grin, outlandish alcohol consumption, and chronic debt avoidance, Seleska attempts to be a friend to all while calculating the value of their secrets. All are invited to join her for a long drink and therapeutic talk. After all, what are new-found friends for?
I'm seeking :
- Slow burn/Dark/Adventure/Mystery/Horror (etc.!) RP
- Character Development and Plots
- Friends, Contacts, Antags and Allies
- (Void Interested optional!) Magically inclined researchers/mages
- Occult focused characters
- Narcotics dealers and fellow addicts
- Sympathetic (or not) Imperials
- Drinking buddies!
- Criminal contacts in the East/Thavnair.
Current threads:
 - A robbery gone horribly wrong has left Seleska’s name a common occurrence in the rumor mill.
- Supposedly threatened into exile from the city of Ul’dah, Seleska is eager to make her move on infiltrating the cities infamous underbelly once more.
- Seleska seeks others knowledgeable in street politics.
- Rumor has it, following a bungled robbery, Seleska is desperate to reappropriate a precious lost package.
- A theft from a socialite is the current buzz on the streets, Seleska is rumored to be the perpetrator.
- More threads and hooks available!


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