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[Crystal] [Balmug] [M4F] Looking for Discord/In game RP Partner

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Looking for a partner for some one one one or small group rp. Interested in something that'll start as a friendship between our characters and delves into romance and further if that's something you're interested in. As well as action, exploration, ect. Fine with doing a mix of RP both in game and over discord. Discord gives a little more freedom of the mind.


Character Info:

Name: Jinyo'to Ferawoah

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Race: Miqo'te (mixed)

Orientation: Straight

Height: 5'6

Job: Samurai (Ninjutsu influences)
Likes: Katanas, music,haikus, meditating, strong sake, and delicious tea, shiny things.
Dislikes: Garleans, those without honor, spiders, strong odors.
Hobbies: Playing the shamisen, writing haikus, death rolling

Character Bio:
Jinyo’to was born into a bond between a keeper of the moon and sun. His parents finding one another left their homelands and found a home living in Othgard, though would soon find themselves in the mists of a Garlean invasion. Taking to the outskirts it was there they found some semblance of peace to begin to raise a family.  The first brother Yozoyu’a with his twin soon following Jinyo’to, three years later came the third brother Ahma’li. The first and third brother maintained their mother’s traits looking more like keepers of the moon while Jin was the only to take after his father and his traits. Growing up they learned to hunt, how to fight, and how to hide. The twins on one of their young adventures found refugees of Doma. One a samurai the other a ninja, the children were each drawn to one. Jin the former, and Yozoyu the latter. Sneaking from home they would feed the refugees and in return they would be regaled with tales of Doma and as the brothers grew older they began to learn the way of bushido and ninjutsu.

In their mid teens things changed for the worst, Ahma saw the strength of Garlameld and despised the squaller that he and his family lived simply living off the land. So he left to join as a willing conscript into the Garlean military and despite the two brothers both attacking him and being the youngest he almost with unnatural speed and might countered them leaving them unconscious and bloody in a forest, Ahma was not seen again. Going home to tell their parents, spending a day recovering and talking they would finally go see their masters. The signs of battle were apparent in the home that was built. Gunshots and scorches of fire marked the area and in the home were their masters dead with armored garleans corpses as well. The brothers knew who did this, and they promised one day to find their brother and bring him back into the fold or end him for the honor of their masters.

Training their skills, when they came of age the alliance of Eorzea had arrived to their lands and were slowly winning the day with the help of this…Warrior of Light. Taking to the battlefield themselves  they found on the day of The Ghimlyt Dark. With no sign of their brother after that day they decided to go their separate ways and find him for their honor and on their lives.



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