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Proprietor: Altansarnai Jhungid

Estate Location: The Magpie's Nest: Plot 1, Ward 9, Empyreum

Server: Mateus

Theme: Performance, Tavern (with a hint of mercenary!)


Making their home in the newly opened Empyreum district in Ishgard, the Magnificent Magpies Entertainment Company is ready to make the ninth ward THE place to be. On the upper floor, our kitchen staff makes masterpieces for your dish or your glass, and make sure you go home happy! Downstairs, we offer a comfortable and luxurious spot to take in live dance, music, poetry, and open mic performances!


Whether you're a culinarian, a mixologist, a musician, a poet, a dancer, someone with an off the wall talent, someone with people skills who knows all the hot gossip and rumors, or someone with big muscles and "conflict resolution" skills, we want YOU!


Of course, the Magpies are a home to all types! If you know anything about Magpies, they're often attracted to shiny things, and there have been rumors of some of the security staff being seen "liberating" some of these ill-gotten shinies from the corrupt and crooked for the benefit of Eorzea's common folk...


OOC Info: The Magnificent Magpies is a company of experienced and passionate roleplayers with a fully furnished house in Empyreum who are relaunching with a new concept, and looking to build a community for regular events, good times, and the option for more story based RP for those who want it! We're looking for roleplayers of all stripes who want to help make an awesome place to roleplay! To get in touch, leave a reply, look us up at our house, or come by our discord: https://discord.gg/WqBX6zGMX4



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