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Oldschool rper looking for friends, romance, for gay M lala and others (Malboro)

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Hey, looking for RP partners, friends, and such.  My main WOL is a M Lala who's into guys. I also have:


F lesbian Elezen

Bi F Viera


Hit me up on discord wettyspaghetti#0952 or send a tell or add Beni Hana on Marbolo

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Hey, how goes?

Do you have any preferences regarding RP despite romance and friends?

Do you aim at some specific RP theme? Adventure, slice of life or something?

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Good thanks! I'm open to friends, and maybe more for my characters if it goes in that direction. For theme I'd say I'm pretty open to ideas, adventure, action are cool but chill just chatting is fine too.

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Sure, that sounds my type, if you are okay with more RP over discord than in game feel free to hit me:




I'm pretty okay with slice of life, action and adventure. But I'd go with more chill things than adventurous ones.




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Awesome, added you!


Also I did make more alts today.... I now have a M gay pirate catboy and  a bi goth Lala.... looking for friends for them as well. 😄

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