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New to Eorzea Dunesfolk Lalafell Looking to Make Connections on Brynhildr

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Greetings. I'm a player completely new to Final Fantasy XIV Online. I just started playing in early July of 2022, so as of this writing a little over a month ago. Thus I'm playing my character - a Dunesfolk Lalafell Disciple of Magic - as hailing from a remote, secluded, rural village on one of the other continents beyond Eorzea to explain both my and their lack of much common Eorzean knowledge as we are both learning as we go along.


About my character, as previously mentioned they're a Dunesfolk Lalafell. Currently they're an Arcanist, but will soon become either a Scholar or a Summoner. Age wise they're around their early- to mid-twenties, and as for gender they were born male but identifies as non-binary. They're very social, and enjoy meeting new people, making friends, and seeing familiar faces.


So I'm looking for in-character connections for my character with others on Brynhildr. I'm primarily looking for friends and mentors for my character, but I'm also open to potential romantic partners for them as well. Also worth noting, my character has joined the Order of the Twin Adder, has purchased an apartment in the Lavender Beds, spends a lot of their downtime either hanging out in Gridania or wandering the Black Shroud, and has a deep admiration for Elder Seedseer Kan-E-Senna. As such, any potential role-play partners who also have connections to the Order of the Twin Adder or who spend a lot of time in Gridania and/or the Black Shroud is a huge plus (though it's not necessary).

Anyhow, my time zone is UTC+09:00, and outside of my work hours I'm online often periodically throughout the day and night. If interested, please drop me a reply or send me a message on here, and we can discuss further and potentially set things up from there.

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