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Feral Ren Story (Comic Storyboards)


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Yes, I'm taking the word "Storyboard" quite seriously. :P Here is a four-page storyboard of Feral Ren's voluntary exile from her homeland, the first of what is hopefully many storyboards about her experiences in FFXIV in a backstory context.


You must be very curious as to what the rest of the details are. :D You're more than welcome to ask some questions here.


Note: In the comic artist world, storyboards are used to help lay out a comic page prior to actual production work. It's a work process that helps with the framing of panels and dialogue placement.



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I replied.


Needs more story.




I plan to make it so that there will be sort of a mini-series being made out of this as I progress through the world of FFXIV. NPCs from FFXIV would likely make appearances and the like. :D

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Include other RP'ers... should be a fun little project!


That's the idea... :3 So far, I'm talking with Rain on some ideas of how Feral and Rain could end up meeting and joining together for like-minded goals. :P


If anyone is interested in being involved with Feral, just speak up in here. :)

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