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Perks of being a film student.

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So I was on set for the first, and pretty large, shoot of my senior project. We're out in the middle of nowhere in an abandoned subdivision (no houses, everything is over grown, it's really cool looking) and the hot Florida sun is beating down on us, but we're pushing through. So about five hours into the shoot, after my main actress shows up a fashionable 3 hours late (she got reamed for that one), the cops show up. Oops, didn't get a permit to film.


There's two of them, one goes back to our staging area where I've got two actors sitting in the shade, and one stays with us. After about 15 minutes or so, the second cop comes back then, after taking my ID again, he calls me over to the car and asks me if I have anything sharp on me, or anything that will poke him and, I shit you not, asked me if I had any thermal nuclear devices on my person. Ok, so red flag. Then he proceeds to search me and acts as though he's going to arrest me. Then, out of no where, he pats me on the back and says he's kidding. O.o

One of my other actors put them up to it. So they let us go and told us we had to pack up shop. So thats my story.


Gotta love actors ;/ I gotta kick out of it though. And, speaking of films, check this out: http://trailers.apple.com/trailers/wb/suckerpunch

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Looks promising... but with the butthole they have for a director' date=' I fear it may suck...[/quote']


I try not to look at the directors anymore, it ruins the experience before it begins. After 'The Last Airbender', I've 100% completely given up on M. Night. Inception was amazing though.

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Dude' date=' the tv show is amazing, the movie sucks big fat monkey balls. It's horrible. There are not enough words in the english language to describe how horrible it is. Although, the effects of the waterbenders was pretty fun.[/quote']


Man that sucks... such a waste :(

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It's fun, but I would rather go to the AI in L.A.. A friend of mine transferred there and says it's 100x better and more well structured. But oh well. Back to reading now. (I've been reading the Al'Mian Oasis thread for the past hour. x.x nearly done.)

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So I mentioned in the Al'Mian RP thread that I was called in last minute to help film a local band; well that band's name is The Beauvilles, you may or may not have heard of them, but I thought I would share because this music video is awesome:

Yeah, those are the guys I just filmed playing live :D
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I LOVE Avatar The Last Airbender, the tv-show. I haven't worked up courage to go see the movie yet >.<

The trailers make me... Worried. While it could have looked ok if it wasn't based on the tv-show, it just doesn't fit the show at all!

All the characters are completely different, it's way too serious, and seem to lack all of the charming humor, that I'm sure is one of the reasons for the show's popularity.


To me it seems like one of those cases where they see something has gotten popular, and then COMPLETELY misunderstand what it is that makes it popular.



Anyway, back on topic! That's a funny story. I used to do some shortfilms, and I remember running around all over town to get permission to film <.< It can be hell, but also a lot of fun :D

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Anyway' date=' back on topic! That's a funny story. I used to do some shortfilms, and I remember running around all over town to get permission to film <.< It can be hell, but also a lot of fun :D[/quote']


It can be, but you're right, it is quite fun once you get the ball rolling! And yeah, I love the Avatar cartoon (they're doing a spin off, btw, most likely Zuko's quest to find his mother, they kinda left that hanging at the end) but the moive was piss poor. Appa was still fun though :D

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