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Sightings of a strange traveler

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*The plan is to write small stories about interactions with Dante in random order at random times throughout Eorzea. The main goal here is mostly to entertain, but also to offer perspective into the things that Dante did while on his own. I'll attempt to update this whenever possible but its remarkably hard to do so at the moment so the stories may be released few and far between. Comments will be loved whether they hurt or soothe!*


A reasonable wonderful splendiferous reason to wonder



I don't require much to get through my day. I don't have to move or sweat or think about unpleasant things or some such sort of life others lead. All I need to survive the days are my books. Thousands upon thousands of books surround me every day. The adventures and worlds offered within have seasoned my mind years beyond that which the outside world have experienced. And as long as I

 stay here people come and go, seeking knowledge, seeking assistance with their petty goals and lives; Their attempts to move onward in the endless crushing march of life being quite....cute actually. But somewhere inside this perfect world my life is beginning to feel dulled and gray. The excitement offered by books is starting to crumble into little more than a way to pass the time, and the amusing lives of others coming in and out of my library have become more enviable than laughable. Oh, what sorcery drives me to live as the fools do!? Lost as I was in my crisis, I hardly noticed the figure of the man staring at me from across the room. As my eyes scanned his face I couldn't help but ask myself an undeniably good question. "What is a lalafell wearing tinted goggles doing in the library?" (I will finish this soon)



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