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Notice for (EU) Square Enix Store customers who purchased Final Fantasy VII

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Welp, SE did something awesome today.



[align=justify]You’llprobably be aware that we recently released FinalFantasy VII on Steam,following a one year exclusivity period where it was only available on the Square Enix Store. Since then we’ve received a lot of feedback and requests asking for Steam keys for those people who previously bought the SE Store version of the game.

We’veread the comments and feedback intently – across multiple locations – and we understand the convenience in being able to add a game to your Steam library. We’ve been looking at this in detail, talking to Steam and trying to find a solution which would keep everybody happy – but unfortunately, it’s not going to be possible to grant those requests.

Ultimately,it’s not uncommon for a game to have a period of exclusivity with one retail platform, before being made available more widely, and it’s simply not practical to hand out Steam keys to everybody that’s purchased direct from us in the past year. We considered making them available to people who purchased more recently, but wherever we draw that line – 1 day, 1 month, 3 months – there will always be people upset because they’d fall the wrong side of that line; and so we couldn’t be fair to everybody.

Now,I know it’s something that will be a frustration to a number of you, and I’m sorry that this time we couldn’t find a good solution for you. I’ve seen a lot of comments pointing to other companies that hand out Steam keys at the point of purchase, or even in retrospect – I can’t comment on their business or deal structures, and we spent a lot of time working on it, but unfortunately we’re just not able to do the same thing for this title.

Thatsaid – and this will be little consolation to those people upset right now – but we will learn from this and put in place measures to prevent something similar happening in future.

Butit’s important to us that you feel comfortable about buying games from the Square Enix Store, and to that end, if you purchased Final Fantasy VII from us direct in the past, we would like to offer you a 20% multi-use discount voucher for use in the Square Enix Store* on other products**.

Thevoucher will be valid from July 26-August 31, and may be used as many times as you like during that period. You’ll also be able to stack that discount with any other reduction that might run during that time as part of another sale (although please note that in that situation the discount will apply to the sale price, not the original price). Plus, you can share the code with your friends too!

Inorder to get your code, just followthis link andour Customer Support team will verify that you have Final Fantasy VII on your Square Enix account. They’ll then give you your unique Store discount code – and between July 26 and August 31 you’re good to go.

Iknow it’s not what you wanted, but hopefully it’ll be of some use all the same.


*Thisdiscount code isn’t currently available to customers of the Square Enix France Store, because of some technical differences to the SEE Store. However, they are working on a separate solution and we will update with details once we have them; sorry for the delay.

*Thisdiscount offer willnot be available to customers in North America;if you are based in North America please contact SquareEnix America Customer Services.

**FinalFantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, Final Fantasy XI, Final Fantasy VII, Front Mission and Last Remnant will not be included in the discount offer.[/align]




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