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Valtiere's Characters

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I. Basic Info


  • Characters: Takashi Akiyama, Khojin Kha
  • Primary character: Takashi Akiyama
  • Free Company: House of the Four Winds
  • Server: Mateus


II. RP Style


Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy):


Medium - Heavy.


Views on RP combat and injuries:


Injuries are fine, as long as they're discussed and relevant to the RP. No death or permanent disfigurement without discussing it first though.


Views on IC romance:


IC romance is fine as long as it makes sense, is appropriate to the relationship already developing between the characters and it happens naturally. I don't do ERP though, fade-to-black only.


Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc):


Yes, but please ask me first so I know your intention as we can hash something out. I love background ties though, so if you have an idea for something don't be afraid to pitch it.


Views on lore:


I like to try and stick as close to the lore as possible when I RP, but I do make mistakes now and then. With regards to others, I have no real problem RPing with people who have characters who bend or twist the lore unless it is in a really ridiculous manner (things that are OTT OP like claiming to be a god, or to have special powers that shouldn’t exist in the world etc). That said, unless the interaction is going to have long term effects on my own characters I usually don't have a problem with much.


Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc):


For LS and FC chats I abide by the rule of the group, so if it's IC I use it IC, if it's OOC I use it OOC.


I prefer to keep emotes and /say as IC if possible, and will usually resort to whisper or party chat if I need to say anything OOC. Too much OOC chatter in /say is very distracting and I do find it difficult to concentrate in RP when there are people spamming up the /say with non-rp things.


III. Other Info

  • Country:Canada
  • Timezone:EST
  • Contact info: Whisper me in game or send me a message here on this site.

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Since I posted last time: welcome back again! Part Deux :-D

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*WAVES* Hiya Raih'a! ;) Looking forward to RPing with you!! :moogle:

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Welcome back to the game :) Enjoy your time coming back! The community is still as active as ever.

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