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List of Choice Indonesian Words. Useful as reference for names and such.


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Hello hello!

I would like to share a relatively short list of choice Indonesian words here.


I guess this should be useful as a reference for your character's name, especially for the Miqo'te* of which their lore-friendly name uses a lot of tribal-sounding words.

and Lalafells too according to a certain good man doing freelance spellcasting! Thanks!


As I wrote earlier, these are my personal assortment choice of Indonesian words.

I will never include any slang or derogatory words here so the list is one hundred percent guaranteed to be proper, appropriate, and safe to be used as the name of your character, personal magic spells, customized equipments, armors, weapons, etc.


Some words are commonly used or heard but many are not as those are considered too poetic or ancient and are not used in daily conversation.

and will not appear in google translate too.


Anyway I'm sure the whole list will sounds quite tribal to the Western ears!


Don't worry, the words are very accurate I promise you!

I am an Indonesian after all :D



♦ Ayu (Femininely Beautiful, used to refer to a woman's beauty)

♦ Jelita (to describe a woman even more beautiful than Ayu)

♦ Elok (also Beautiful   *Javanese word)

♦ Senja (Evening  *just at the moment of sunset where the sky turns red)

♦ Fajar (Dawn)

♦ Malam (Night)

♦ Nisha (also Night  *feminine word)

♦ Kartika (Star *the celestial object, not celebrity) *feminine

♦ Lintang (also Star) *masculine

♦ Daru (Shooting Star) *masculine

♦ Wulan (Moon)

♦ Parwani / Parvani (Moonlight  *feminine word)

♦ Purnama (a Full Moon)

♦ Gerhana (Eclipse, used for both Lunar and Solar Eclipse)

♦ Chandra (Famous one or Top of the class of some sort, also an ancient word referring to the Moon)

♦ Dewi (Goddess)  ♦ Dewa (God)  *common word

♦ Batari (Goddess)  ♦ Batara (God)  *ancient word

♦ Kemala / Kumala (Lotus)

♦ Arawinda (Lotus)

♦ Mawar (Rose)

♦ Melati (Jasmine  *common word)

♦ Menur (also Jasmine   *Javanese word, rarely heard nowadays)

♦ Malika (also Jasmine)

♦ Nalini ('Dearest One')

♦ Bunga (Flower  *common word)

♦ Kusuma (Flower  *ancient word)

♦ Sekar (also Flower)

♦ Arum (a Pleasant Fragrance, like flowers)

♦ Kala (Time Period, Epoch)

♦ Masa (same as Kala)

♦ Ananda (actual meaning is Merry, or Joyful, but frequently used as an expression of 'My dear' too, especially by a mother to address her child)

♦ Kanda (also My Dear, but exclusively used by women to affectionately address their men lover)

♦ Adinda (also 'My Dear', but this one is used by men to affectionately address their women lover)

♦ Bayu (Sky, can also means Breeze, Wind)

♦ Tawang (Sky) *masculine

♦ Angin (Wind  *common word)

♦ Hawa (Air, can also refer to the Spirit or Lifeforce)

♦ Udara (Air)

♦ Hujan (Rain)

♦ Badai (Storm)

♦ Awan (Cloud)

♦ Megana (Dark Cloud, Rain Cloud)

♦ Murka (Angry, a severe one, nearly crossing over into Berserk)

♦ Angkara (same as Murka)

♦ Amarah (Anger)

♦ Sakti (used to describe a very high level of skill or power that goes beyond ordinary people)

♦ Aji / Adji (rare word to refer to something or someone with Sakti-like quality)

♦ Sujita (a Bloodline or Descendant of a Very Powerful Person / Sakti Person)

♦ Bima / Bisma (Exceptional)

♦ Kayana (a Good, Charitable Person)

♦ Panji (A symbol or flag of heraldry)

♦ Aksara (Letter)

♦ Raditya (Sun   *ancient word, masculine)

♦ Surya (also Sun and also a masculine word but not quite as ancient)

♦ Bhagaskara (also Sun  *Javanese word)

♦ Mentari (also Sun  *feminine word)

♦ Savita (also Sun *feminine word)

♦ Usha (Dawn, moment of Sunrise)

♦ Aruna (Red)

♦ Jingga (a Vivid Red-Orange, the color of sunset)

♦ Rama (Father)

♦ Widya (Knowledge, or an Expert, usually assigned for academic/scientific expertise)

♦ Kani (The Best   *Javanese word)

♦ Laras (a straight person, righteous)

♦ Nareswari (Empress, King's consort)

♦ Pertiwi (the Earth   *feminine)

♦ Loka (also Earth)

♦ Buana (also Earth)

♦ Agni (Fire)

♦ Pawaka (also Fire)

♦ Citra (Color, or Colorful)

♦ Asmara (Love, exclusively used for the feelings of love between two lovers)

♦ Cinta (also Love, this is the common word and safe to be used as universal love, not only between lovers)

♦ Kasih (Affection, Care)

♦ Gita (Song)

♦ Lagu (also Song)   *common word

♦ Sangita (Musician)

♦ Irama (Rhythm)

♦ Tantri (String of the... String instruments)

♦ Dawai (same as Tantri)

♦ Suara (Voice)

♦ Merdu (Beautiful Voice, a good singer has a voice quality that is Merdu)

♦ Nada (Tone of Voice)

♦ Pujangga (a Poet, Bard)

♦ Cerita (Tale, Story)

♦ Sastra (word used to refer to a meaningful Text, or Poetry, Literature)

♦ Guritno (a Skilled Writer)

♦ Jaya (Victory)

♦ Kirana (actual meaning is a Shine or Light that is Beautiful, but frequently used to refer to a charming/beautiful person)

♦ Marga (Road, Path)

♦ Nadi (Stream, River, also a common word for our blood vein)

♦ Telaga (Lake)

♦ Tirta (Water, Spring)

♦ Banyu (Water)

♦ Banu (a Clear Water)

♦ Kalinda (Sea)

♦ Samudra (Ocean)

♦ Sagara (also Ocean)

♦ Banawa (a Ship, Vessel)

♦ Sila (Norm)

♦ Susilo (a Collection of Norms)

♦ Roh / Ruh (Spirit, the Lifeforce)

♦ Jiwa (Soul, Spirit)

♦ Raga (Physical Body)

♦ Iblis (Demon)

♦ Malaikat (Angel)

♦ Bidadari (also Angel but almost exclusively used to refer to a very outstanding woman, with "angelic" quality) *this word is also one of the highest compliment a man could give for his lover. Here, if a man refers to you with this, consider that you truly means the world for him.

♦ Raksasa (Giant)

♦ Cendana (Sandalwood)

♦ Jati (Teak wood)

♦ Bara (Ember, also used to describe something that is Burning Hot)

♦ Beku (Frozen Solid)

♦ Es (Ice)

♦ Salju (Snow)

♦ Debu (Dust)

♦ Abu (Ash)

♦ Kaisar (Czar, Emperor)

♦ Raja (King)

♦ Ratu (Queen)

♦ Paduka (word used to address the king / queen aka 'Your Highness')

♦ Puri (Castle)

♦ Istana (also Castle)

♦ Rania (a Royalty, Member of Royal Blood)

♦ Garda (Royal Guard)

♦ Sabda (a Decree)

♦ Asa (Hope)

♦ Tanda (a Mark, Sign)

♦ Duka (Grief, Sorrow)

♦ Keji (Cruel)

♦ Luka (Wound, Injury)

♦ Bisa (Poison, but most frequently used to refer to the Venom of Venomous Animal)

♦ Surga / Sorga (Heaven)

♦ Kahyangan (also Heaven)

♦ Nirwana (also Heaven, but with a more religious undertones)

♦ Neraka (Hell)

♦ Dosa (Sin)

♦ Adhira (Lightning   *the flash in the sky, not the hottie)

♦ Cahaya (Light   *the photon, not weight)

♦ Danu (also Light) *masculine

♦ Natha (Guardian, Protector   *feminine word)

♦ Maya (Abstract, Not-Real, something with Illusion-like quality)

♦ Gada (Mace, Club)

♦ Golok (Chinese Broadsword-- the Guan Dao, or a Machete)

♦ Pedang (Sword)

♦ Belati (Blade, Dagger)

♦ Busur (Bow  *weapon)

♦ Gandewa (a set of powerful Bow and Arrows)

♦ Perisai (Shield)

♦ Zirah (Armor)

♦ Jubah (Robe, Garb)

♦ Abadi (Eternal)

♦ Purwaka (Beginning)

♦ Tirai (Curtain)

♦ Satya (hard to describe but is an ancient word about Absolute or Unbreakable Loyalty)

♦ Utara (North)  ♦ Selatan (South)  ♦ Barat (West)  ♦ Timur (East)

♦ Duta (Vice, Ambassador)

♦ Mitra (Partner)

♦ Negara (Country)

♦ Kota (City)

♦ Desa (Village)

♦ Mantra (Magic Spell)

♦ Karunia (Blessing, Gift)

♦ Nirmala (Perfect, Flawless)

♦ Sari (Essence)

♦ Bala (Army)

♦ Ksatria (Warrior)

♦ Hina (a Lowly Act, Lowly Entity)

♦ Jagat (the World)  ♦ Jagatraya (the Universe)

♦ Jala (Net)

♦ Logam (Metal)

♦ Mandala (a Circle, also has a powerful spiritual meaning) *a Mandala symbolizes an eternal cycle without beginning and an end, life and death, creation and destruction, happiness and sorrow, etc.

♦ Mustika (a Powerful Artifact or Relic) *often a Mustika acts as a plot device in various local tales and epics. Almost all Mustika grant supernatural power to their owner or wielder, and it is not uncommon that fights for ownership of a Mustika often fell or give rise to a powerful Kingdom.

♦ Pamungkas (word used to describe your or someone's Most Powerful Technique or Method) *Pamungkas is similar to the Japanese word Ougi, or in a video game sense, Final Fantasy's Limit Break, or the fighting-genre's Finisher or Super Move. Although Pamungkas is a powerful technique or method that can potentially turns the tide of matters into someone's favor, it must also be kept secret since it is a trump card that must never be known by your adversary until the time is right.

♦ Rajawali (a powerful bird of prey, the closest resemblance is the Great Eagle)

♦ Naga (Dragon) *the true draconic, reptilian creature, not the Indian half-serpent half-man Naga.

♦ Kuda (Horse)

♦ Elang (Eagle)

♦ Ular (Snake)

♦ Serigala (Wolf)

♦ Angsa (Swan)

♦ Merak (Peacock)  *common word

♦ Mayuri (Peacock)  *ancient word

♦ Tawon (Hornet)

♦ Mahesa (Buffalo) *in older times, a buffalo and its well being are very critical at farm works which in return, the life of many people who depends on the sustenance from the harvest; so important that buffalo often earns special place in ritual and harvest festival all around the land.

♦ Taring (Fang)

♦ Ekor (Tail)

♦ Rawa (Swamp)

♦ Bukit (Hill)

♦ Angkuh (Arrogance)

♦ Arah (Direction) *direction as in the context of asking for a direction to reach a place, not an instruction from a movie director for example. Arah also has a spiritual meaning as in the, "to know your Arah in life"-- to know your true purpose or calling in life.

♦ Cakrawala (Horizon, or sometimes refers to Knowledge, Wisdom) *as in how a horizon is the limit of what your eye can see of the world, Cakrawala also means how much you understand about the world. For example the phrase "to expand your Cakrawala" could be defined as-- to get out of your comfort zone or to open up your mind to new things so that your knowledge and wisdom can grow.

♦ Hati (Heart)  *about the feelings e.g. 'he broke my heart', not the literal blood-pumping organ.

♦ Inti (Core)

♦ Ratna (Jewel, Gemstone)

♦ Permata (Gemstone)

♦ Mirah (Ruby Gemstone)

♦ Intan (Diamond)

♦ Berlian (also Diamond)

♦ Pastika (a Crystal)

♦ Tari (a Dance, Dancing) *feminine word

♦ Langkah (Footsteps, can also be used as the step as in 'step by step instruction')

♦ Ira (a Graceful Movement)

♦ Pendekar (kind of honorary title for a Skilled Martial Artist or Fighter) *its use is much more common in ancient times. For one to be referred as a Pendekar- aside from his skill requirements, he is expected to be righteous, wise, and most important of all, courageous. In old tales and epics, a Pendekar almost always wanders the land to continuously improve his skills and to help people in need. In modern times, Pendekar also refers to a person who despite all odds, never flinch and continue to fight to attain whatever goal he has in mind, for example: a terminally ill cancer patient who fights to the end to finish his study.

♦ Dekar (Sword) *ancient word, very rarely used or heard. Also the actual base form of Pendekar of which becomes much more used and known than Dekar itself.

♦ Debar (the Strong Beating of Heart, such as when adrenaline rushes in)

♦ Embara (Wander) *sometimes spelled as Kembara instead. Both spellings are valid.

♦ Kelana (Wander, Wanderer, Vagabond)

♦ Guntur (Sound of Thunder)

♦ Alunan (Sound of Music or the sway it brings)

♦ Gemuruh (Rumbling Sound, e.g. rolling tides, coming storm, or even an empty belly)

♦ Reshma (Silk)

♦ Sahila (a Guide *the person, not instruction)

♦ Arini (Youthful One) *feminine

♦ Atma (Life) *feminine

♦ Dian (a Lamp, or Lantern, also means One who Enlightens) *feminine

♦ Damar (same as Dian) *masculine

♦ Gantari (to Shine Upon) *masculine

♦ Lila (Sincerity, a Willing Heart) *feminine

♦ Karsa (a Willing Mind, Willingness)

♦ Rahayu (Scatheless One, or a State of Safety / Tranquil) *feminine

♦ Anjana (Order, as in "That's an order, soldier!")

♦ Darpa (Proud, the feeling of Proud)

♦ Samana (the Breath of Life, the Lifeforce)

♦ Barata (the Journey of Life)

♦ Genta (a Very Large Bell, such as those found at monastery's tower)

♦ Jaga (to Guard, Be Alert)

♦ Nalar (Mind, Logic, a Thinking Process)

♦ Yuda (War, Battle)





I'll add more to the list regularly as I come across some other interesting words in my mind.


The new additions will be added to the bottom of the list,

but if it is closely related to a word already in the list, I'll add it before or after the related word among the list instead.

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Rush, no problem, man! Glad to be of help!

Good luck in building your very own Miqo'te :thumbsup:


Desmond, you're welcome, sir!

Indonesian language borrows a lot from ancient Sanskrit. If you're familiar with the latter you will see a lot of similarities :D

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Roda, you can always twist the word around to make your own personalized name! :D

This is actually the goal of the list, so everyone could have a meaningful base word, not just gibberish to be used in their own customized name.


Of course If you're ever in doubt whether the twisted word have a bad connotation or not, I'll be glad to help.


Grinner, you're welcome, grin-happy fella!

Now that if you ever need to make a tribal Lalafell alts, you know where to look for naming reference :D

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Just saying..

If I choose any of these.

And someone chooses the same one.


I will fight you.

The twist is: "roda" is actually an Indonesian word as well. Haha.


In any case, great list! I always think that Indonesian words and names are very fitting for a fantastical setting. I was this close to using my real name for my character, but then figured that it'd feel weird.

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I... I'm honestly impressed you managed to whip out that image so quickly...


Uh huh, that Roda lady is that good! She's rolling fast with a fine grip on slippery words like these! :thumbsup:

You shouldn't mess with her, Myla or you're risking getting flattened.

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