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[align=center]We want your character![/align]



[align=center]Welcome Final Fantasy Role-players![/align]



[align=center]As the game gets closer to launch it is steadily becoming everyone's best interest in promoting their initial game plans from the walk stage to the run. I am no different from the rest of the RPC community. I am extremely new to this site however, I am not new to either the franchise, RPing, or MMOs in general. I used to be a legacy member but I lost access to my account from way back when so I have to start fresh like everyone else; which is absolutely fine by me. Now, on to business! I want to start a small band (or party) of players that join in an adventure very akin to how the Final Fantasy video games generally work. Going in depth, I would like to set up a plot structure where we have a story, a cast, and a goal. This could even go to the extent of establishing main and supporting characters in which we all can agree on. [/align]


[align=center]Now I am not suggesting I personally would be a main character myself (As I would much rather play a supporting role) but I could personally moderate the events we encounter through the RP/game and record it in a Novel/narrative type fashion. I want to take a fresh approach to the RPing format that isn't typically found in MMOs and flesh out the qualities that make Final Fantasy games SO great. This way we can maintain the Final Fantasy feel in an MMO setting! We would use tools such Word 2013 to record our journey through a story/character driven narrative, this site to maintain fresh cast members with the potential to grow the story over time, and Mumble to discuss events that occurred during the journey (possibly a daily/weekly occurrence). If anyone is interested in this idea please post below with story ideas, known character info, and why they would make a good cast member to the party.[/align]


[align=center]We will make our Final Fantasy a reality![/align]

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You should get together with this fine guy Faceman7381. He was one of the first people I ever started speaking with when I joined the RPC and he was trying to start the same thing. I am unsure of what ever came about it though. He started a group The Seven if you wanted to check that out as well to see if the both of you all's ideas mesh up together ^^.


Edit: Lovely picture by the way :3. They need to release a new one that is decent. RTK has been in the pits with the last two releases -_-.

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Sounds pretty interesting.


I'm not sure where Felix would place in with the whole mix, I -really- love just dropping my characters into an environment and letting them live their own life.


But I love the idea so far, it would be really interesting.


Definitely keep me posted. :)


At the very least, if I decide it isn't for me, I will certainly help the development process and be a... Brick wall for you to bounce ideas off of. I love that sort of thing.

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I will get into contact with him LandStrander, this project would definitely require some cohesive coordination so any help would be appreciated. The idea is that even simple in-game activities would become a part of our story, things such as questing and even crafting can draw up a new (perhaps even a part of comedic relief) story-lines that motivates the characters in our party. In the end we would have hundreds of pages worth of narrative; we would even be able to classify it as a fan-fiction novel!

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It would likely be on Balmung, just because I hear of some disarray going on with Gilgamesh with the 4-Chan ordeal. It would ultimately depend on the player base however, and which server has a higher interest in this idea.


It was already confirmed that 4chan isn't going to Gilgamesh. It was actually Ultros. Reddit WILL be going to Gilgamesh though.


Either way, the server will be pretty packed.

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arrrgh, i cant stand redditors. They're like 4channers that don't get it, think they do, then spread "memes". 



oh well, i'll get over it. I'll just block them out. 


I already picked gilg since im new to RPing and I don't really want to use my old 1.0 character. BRING IT ON!



Anywho, I thought something big was going to happen, like a massive attack on the game or something. I mean they did some decent damage to ToR, so i was wondering if this was going to be the same case. Guess not.

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I love this idea! Sadly, I don't think that my character Clover would be good material to belong to any sort of important group.


Best of lucks with this, in any case. It sounds really cool and I wish such a group had been around back when I was still planning my characters ^^

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I love this sort of thing and would definitely be interested if it gets going. I think my alt, Emelin Locke, would work well with such a group. I'll have her on Balmung (she's my character from 1.0), though I'm open to rolling her on Gilgamesh as well if the group ends up there.

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This sounds interesting. If you could message me over the forum I'd like to get a bit more information from you about potential ideas so that I could see if I could work it. I can imagine one of my characters being a part of this depending on how it goes. A main character is doubtful for his personality though. It would also depend on the party's goal and how everyone felt about having an arrogant, yet powerful snob on the team.


A more likely role would be possibly a use of his sleuthing, bounty hunting or essentially what you could consider P.I work in exchange for coin(not literal gil of course), in addition to him using certain advantages and ties to the group's advantage. It could bring the group some use of the more immoral sides of things, though not everything in relation to him has to be that way of course.


Well, up to you ^^ I'd like to have some part of this, even if only minor!

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Now this is something I'd love to get in on, I need to get my two characters more detailed in place for such. Lost River and Lucinne Jandelaine are two different personalities. ^_^ Please keep me informed on such, now back to playing the markets, I need to get back that gil I accidentally spent in bulk.

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