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Ode to Intro; In Nervous Major


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I figured I'd finally step forwards for once, I've actually been lingering around this site for about two months, but I didn't make an account till early August... Then I just continued to read anyways. With Phase 4 around the corner I figured I should break the shell... and a first post should just be an introduction... R-right?


How did you get into RP?

Long story short, Sister manipulated me into getting WoW, I met a guy in High School who told me about RP. My god where did the past five years of my life go.


Other MMOs over the years?

WoW (Constantly RPing) 

GW2 (Off and on RP)

Tera (Not, a single, word.)


I'm a one trick pony, I didn't really jump from MMO to MMO, I stay with one for eons then shift. However I continued RPing in WoW right up until about... the end of 2012. Since the other two were not subscription anyways.


RP Experience?

Started in WoW around 2009, RP'd pretty constantly till GW2 came out, then shut down a bit because I loved the actual -gameplay- way too much. Once I had the best gear possible at that time, I got slightly bored and moved back to RPing. Which is where I met one of my all time favourite RP guilds, and my -first- 'evil' RP experience. As I mentioned, I have never to date RP'd in Tera. 


As for forum or tabletop... Never done either! Although I have done quite a bit of one on one RP using Skype. (Sounds suggestive... It's not.) 



I'll be honest, English isn't my strongest point, but it's definitely not my weakest.I passed Grade 12 English with a B, so it's not horrible. Though, Roleplaying has increased my vocabulary tenfold compared to actual school. RP is so interesting in the sense you may be teaching someone a new word without realizing it. Instead of asking you what the word is, they'll go look it up. Then they'll use it, I remember learning to replace 'up' with 'skywards' or 'turn' with 'pivot' from roleplay. 




How did you find out about RPC?

Google... admittedly I was looking for what 'RP friendly' features that FFXIV:ARR was going to feature... Like sitting down in chairs. *Ribjab*


OOC Information

I'm a Canadian guy who likes anime too much, and as a result... is a cosplayer.

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Welcome Vaux! :)


Good to have you with us! And gosh, if English isn't your strongest point then I feel a little uncertain about my own grasp of the dang language. :blush:


Hope you enjoy your time here. ^^ I was an avid GW2 roleplayer since launch, but only recently dropped it once I got all hyped up over FFXIV. And yes, your experience with Tera roleplay pretty much lines up with mine lol. I think I roleplayed a handful of times with guild mates and then maybe a bit of casual tavern roleplay but...that was it. Shame! Such a great looking game and a neat story.


Anywho. Hope to see you in the game!

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Hello Vaux!


You were that mute Popo standing in the corner :lol: !


I'm sure many a native speaker would love to come away from English with a "B" :P Here's a nice website for finding replacements for repetitive words: Thesaurus.com


Usually when I see anime mentioned, I'm moved to ask "what is your favorite?" Try to limit the answer to below twenty ;)


Hope to meet you in game :thumbsup:

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Short version: Was raised French, then had to move and switch to English, haven't spoken French since. I can understand French usually when it's spoken, but I can't write it anymore. Though, I can still roll my Rs and pull off the French Accent. :dazed:


Posted by Nel Celestine - Today 05:04 PM

Three posts in this topic? HALF LIFE THREE CONFIRMED!


And there goes my mouthful of coffee. That nearly made me fall off my chair, and I was waiting for you to post that video Nel. I was half tempted to post "Hi in advance Nel" at the end of the initial post... I think I've watch that thing like 10 times, because I can't help but click on it. :thumbsup:


Try to limit the answer to below twenty


...Too hard, let's just say I'm on the Bandwagon right now with Attack on Titan. ILU ARMIN!


All time favourite has got to be Neon Genesis Evangelion just because of how many people hate it. - What can I say, I have a soft spot for the really pathetic pre-teen guys.

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6 topics in your post




Half-Life 3 confirmed!


Welcome to the forums! I RPed in WoW and GW2 as well (GW2 having one of the best RP communities...aside from you guys of course;)). I wouldn't worry too much about your english though as I am a master at typos and misspelled words (that's what spell check is for). I'm sure you will find many adventures in Eorzea and look forward to hearing of some.

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