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The Screenshot Thread [Tag Your Spoilers]

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[align=center]Gah! It's been a short while since I've posted a silly post about silly things that happen to my silly character. Lots of things with new 'friends' at Ebonbrand lately, due to plot... that eventually laid claim to her. Here you go!

(I apologize in advance for the spam)


Odette's weekly summary of roleplaying adventures:



Meeting Dirge of the Crescent Eminence; in the flesh.

Such edge. Much presence. Very wow.



"It began the assault. Every inch of that Voidcreature attacked the walls

she made from every side, swiping it with its arms, trying to make it break.

The pain she would feel here... it would be very real."



Party in the infirmary, because everyone knows the key to recovering is

having voices in your ears and asses in your face.



Odette is offered a 'modeling contract' with Ebonbrand at their new

Headquarters... and makes a grab for gil.



Meeting with a contact. A rogue's work is never done.



That sunset, though.



"His hands lowered and attempted to snake beneath her arms. Should he

be able to catch her, he'd cover her body and utilize all upper body strength

to flip and suplex the Highlander."



Seeking Orrin's help with an Ishgardian political matter.[/align]

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my new improved look

Some friends convinced to make a character on Mateus so we could goof around one day. I resisted for a bit because I knew what it would lead to but it got boring sitting there while they ran around ov

Happy Pumpkin Latte Season!

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“No. I don’t think he ain’t interested. These two… they din’t seem like they were any more pleased with him than I am.”

“A corpse having answers. I do not like the sound of it.”

“There was somethin’ about him. Weren’t… natural.”


Starlight Foolery



Ashmira ♥



And best hug YTD is...



So awesome


Random Jancis


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The recent trials and tribulations of a Keeper out of time have been somewhat more active, of late!  Rumour has it there'll be more to come in the future, as well~


Post-date auction dates were a go!  In both Limsa:



And on her home turf, the Shroud:




Not only that, but to top things off, one of the Full Metal Arcanist's make their return to Eorzea!  None of this poncy cloth-based casting for Torhe, nosiree!  Back in her day, mages wore metal, and they wore it well, damnit!  Casters knew how to take a punch, back in the day.







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[align=center]♥ Odette's weekly summary of roleplaying adventures ♥



Gil and gambling and dares, oh my!



Barbecue time! Mikha learns medical practices after slaughtering a poor, innocent pig.



Following rumors of an artifact... and washing up on shore after Sanguine attack.



Technically an edit, not a screenshot. My bad. Sin City, anyone?



Preparations are made to infiltrate a den of slavers after tip off.



They say rogues make for the best infiltrators, yet it only rings as truly as a bard's

flawless performance gives little reason to think otherwise. Odette Saoirse was both.



Some downtime in the tavern; Bountiful Chest.



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Anyone else notice that Cid is a lot shorter than most other Garleans?


He's a Midlander though. Aren't most of the important Garlean NPC's Midlanders? I think maybe Rhitahtyn might be a Highlander, considering his size compared to the others.


Despite the fact he's ripped, he has eyebrows. Must be a midlander! xD

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Anyone else notice that Cid is a lot shorter than most other Garleans?


He's a Midlander though. Aren't most of the important Garlean NPC's Midlanders? I think maybe Rhitahtyn might be a Highlander, considering his size compared to the others.


Cid is a pureblooded Garlean, our other examples are Nael Van Darnus (used male elezen model), Gaius Van Baelsar (also used male elezen model), Livia Sas Junius (unknown model, probably elezen), Lucia Goe Junius and Nero Tol Scaeva.


Aside from Cid, all of these pureblooded Garleans are tall. Like Elezen height. Of the ones we see without armor, Nero and Lucia are also quite slender.


Rhitahtyn is a Roegadyn. His character model and name give it away he was a Sea Wolf who gained status in the Garlean Empire.


This might be too much lore discussion for the screenshots thread, but Cid is basically an anomaly compared to Garleans. He shorter. And has noticeably more muscle mass. It also means all of the Garleans don't conform to racial options we can play. (But there's no Garlean option to begin with). ...we know Garlean/Hyur children exist though. ...and are fairly common. It's probably safe to assume they are hyur. Or were hyur at some point.

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More scrappiness.


I liked the idea of the more sheltered U tribe being rather impressed with K'nahli's aptitude as a huntress considering her age back when she was staying with them during her tribe's migration to resettle in Eastern Thanalan.

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And now a smattering of screens!


A shot from our somewhat impromptu Starlight gathering about to go give out food in the Brume.



Aedan chilling with the Steel Wolf herself at Gold & Glory's ball.



The brave group heading off to Nym!



The Duskie Boyz, courtesy of Dufresne Bellworks (Bell)



A bit of a new hair test for Mar.





Tuxedo Mar with Dragon Princess costume Reima.



Ellie, Reima, and Mar at the Drunken Moogle Masquerade Ball.



And finally...burn them all!


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