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The Screenshot Thread [Tag Your Spoilers]

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my new improved look

Some friends convinced to make a character on Mateus so we could goof around one day. I resisted for a bit because I knew what it would lead to but it got boring sitting there while they ran around ov

Happy Pumpkin Latte Season!

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Twas the day before, the day before, Christmas...



First, safety patrol to check that none of the decorations were dangerous and there were no robbers hiding in the snowmen.




Then spreading the festive cheer with the local sailors while gaining info on shady activity




Keeping an eye on a suspected Pirate ring, and sampling the mulled tea and festive pie.




Then hair styling and slap on the makeup for a night out dancing.






Hope you all had a great day too


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  • 2 weeks later...

Slowly building up my new main and trying out different looks for him.

I REALLY love the Shire Coat of Casting. <3


Original look:





Tried blonde hair and red coat (because he will be a Red Mage):





Tried making him a silver daddy, but OMG he looked like Santa! xD




And my most recent look. Happy Valentione. <3




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Zhara watching Chachan while he's doing his smithing. I think these two are cute as fuck so I like to take screenshots of them.



When in doubt, do the yellow ranger pose in front of your FC mate. (Liara and Rahn'a)



If that doesn't work, dance with them instead! (Zhara and Tufh'to)



Zhara with a white cherry blossom corsage that Jancis got for me. Thank you Jancis! <3


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