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The Screenshot Thread [Tag Your Spoilers]

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my new improved look

Some friends convinced to make a character on Mateus so we could goof around one day. I resisted for a bit because I knew what it would lead to but it got boring sitting there while they ran around ov

Happy Pumpkin Latte Season!

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So, I've been RPing Uther since ARR beta, and I've always been conscious about how I wanted him to slowly and naturally transform from fresh-faced, young, self-exiled, Ishgardian knight idealist to gruff Maelstrom privateer with sunburned and salt-dried skin. Today I was looking through old screenshots, and I made this out of various screenshots I've taken since 2013.



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New outfit for Mel. She's going to try and rebuild her FC. :)



Emblem on the back



I think she's happy. ^v^


I was actually kind of wondering if the Midnight Moogle tavern was gonna come back or not. Good luck with that! :thumbsup:

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He kill Kenny...you bastard.


J/K.  Nope, part of a plot line going on that is tied into Tanya's own plot.  John had stop eatting and sleeping after the Coco brothers took Tanya into their custody.  Kit, fearing that she was going to lose him to the same 'Sleep' that happen to her Master, and not wanting to leave his side to try and find Howl, manage to guide him to Aethertide's manor and John's little brother's care.  (The /pdead emote works well for a faint)



Sizha, Rosalin, and Kaneshon seeing to a pass out John.  Saiya, Sizha's fairy comforting Kit.  Kit plans to go and find Howl once she has rested herself.



Tanya left to meditate by her father and John in Ruran Vas's care, while Thomas goes check over his research so that he can remove the voidsent from her.



Tanya coming out of her meditation and explaining to Ruran what happen in her mindscape, and how the Voidsent almost gain the upper hand against her.



Tanya, facing Cocobuki on the fact that she is alive after 8 years and that she may be a voidsent or still has the 'sent in her.


And that is it for the screenshots.  I do have a tumblr for Tanya now and hope to get around to doing one for John as well.

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Nebula continues her journey from Hedge Witch to Pirate Witch, and brings back a new look from voyages out towards the Far East (because, who doesn't have the Far East fever?)


New Sea Witch Look




Oriental styling



I am still tweaking this with emotes and dances, but this was my first effort.



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Two albums of this weekend's Grindstone and Runestone tournaments. If you participated, check them out! I know the competitors were especially busy, so I wanted to capture some of their fights and scenes for them. Hopefully I got at least one shot of everyone, but there's always next week. 


Also, I know quite a few people asked if they could pull screens for their tumblrs and such, to my surprise and I'm totally cool with it! It's for everyone to enjoy. Click the titles for the full albums :)



The Grindstone (March 26th, 2017)



The Runestone (March 27th, 2017)


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I turned Ruran into a Lalafell for April Fools and it was the best decision I've ever made.


Little Ruran Vas and the Adventures of Qarn!








(Ellere Valahan went mini as well!)


And some gifs, they kill me






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Last year sat with the Lore Goddess on my birthday in a fun birthday outfit. Just took another year to share it. ///



RP caught Alleria & Denz in search for her childhood mysteries - then off to the Grindstone... where they both fought in the finals.






RP fun with pretty people!



Terrible Gif



Just Jancis


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