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Az'to Jinjahl - The Merchant Prince

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I. Basic Info 


Primary Character: Az'to Jinjahl 

Linkshells: Limitless Sky, LFRP, Eorza Restoration, Silver Anvil.


II. RP Style 


Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): I suppose I would say medium. I'm not always IC when playing the game, though I tend to use /say strictly for RP purposes. I'm usually open for RP though I devote much of my time to other aspects of the game also.



Views on RP combat and injuries: I don't mind combat scenes being played out but so long as it's with someone I have played with in the past or know their reputation. I find that much RP 'combat' is a license for God emotes from the other side. It also depends on how the fight is ran, are we rolling (if there is a way to do that) or going on an honour system? I personally prefer the latter. If we've not got a reason to duke it out or if you are the kind that drives your character to victory please don't bother.



Views on IC romance: I tend to play my characters somewhat flirtatiously, however I don't really have much an interest in pursuing those relationships as I have one of my own in the real world and things can often get complicated. It's fine for some, but I won't be getting heavily involved other than to further an RP story. No ERP basically.



Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc): If there is someone looking to play a relation, then I'm fine with that provided I know them as a frequent RPer or are a friend of mine already. As the above was somewhat confusing, I'm also open to having ladies at the hip and in hand but for appearances only and physical relations expressly in an IC capacity. (Don't cry).



Views on lore: The lore of a game stands as it is, I don't usually agree with twisting it, and will look down upon those who tie themselves closely to main characters whether that be offspring or spouse etc. It's all just a bit silly, be original.



Views on chat functions: I treat /say and /yell as IC. Anything else in these channels should be bracketed or said elsewhere. I often use '<>' to describe emotes if they fit well, however. If you have a problem with this, let me know and I'll try to accommodate you.


III. Other Info 


Country: The United Kingdom

Time zone: GMT + 1

Contact info: [email protected] or find me in game.


RP Contact-- Send me an in game letter if you are requiring IC supplies for an event or wish to start some RP with a merchant type. I'm always available to cater on the weekends :).

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