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Echo Knights Service

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Do you need some help?


Is there some where you need to go but you cant get there?



Is there quest you may need help with?



Do You need item but there no one to go in to the cave with you to get it?


Do you need item?



Well you are in luck!



Echo Knights will help with all your dangers quest needs.



We serve to protect and aid the people of the world. Day or night you can call on a Echo knights for aid.


No risk is to great for the Echo Knights.


Few does apply depend on how many Echo Knights that will be at your aid.





For one Echo Knight is 200gil


For two Echo Knights its 400gil


To make it simple just add 200 gill for ever Echo Knight


Contact info

To get Echo knight to add you please contact General Vashies or General Shep by Mail with detail info on what you need help on or item that you need use to get, all so with time and place to meet. 


Are Knights are here for you and will be sent out as soon as they can.

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Hi Vashies,


I'll be sure to pass this information along IC to the rest of my RP group.  Would you mind giving me Gen. Shep's full character name?  Also, do you have a website/link where I can find more information on your group/company's background/


Much appreciated!

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Ohhh yes. I've been waiting for a service like this, for Yeldir's storyline. He'll be needing a few good men before long, who don't mind a trek into truly unpleasant and seldom-journeyed territories, or a bit of heavy lifting.


It'll probably be a couple weeks into release before I want to get his arc moving, though.

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General Shep Ciaran http://echoknights.guildlaunch.com/

Im still working on are site. I been adding bits of stuff here and therebut most of background is on the linkshell here.


Cant wait Yeldir^^

Yes Doctor we could work some thing out one of these days. When ever you would like to meet up, just message me with days and times and tell you if im free.

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