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[Journal] Tirra Lirra, Pen, Paper, & Mirror [OOC Welcome]

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Visiting the waterfall in Gridania is a good way to meet people in the evening.


A Moonkeeper named Kyrio--pink hair, bright green eyes, curling red marking on forehead. Kind and courteous, he dreams of being a bard someday. He plays the harp well, but still needs to work on his song. He sang a romantic piece about lovers walking the Twelveswood. I wish my time in the Twelveswood had been so pleasant! Last time, I had to be saved from a malboro by a stranger. Kind of romantic, but more horrifying. I don't think I'd ever consider a stroll through the woods after that...


Firae Elric. A Midlander, tall, of dark hair and eyes, modest robe and hat. Someone as awkward as me. He wants to become a powerful black mage someday. Seems harmless enough for now; he didn't have a crazy gleam in his eye. Firae can sing, too. I wonder if I'm the only one in Gridania without some kind of musical talent. That would be ironic. I've never tried singing. ...I can hum?


Another Midlander, a pale and pretty woman named Kiana. Light of hair; I bet it looks almost white in the right lighting. Quiet. She seems like the type of person that listens more than speaks. Has a pretty accent, but I couldn't place it. I wonder where she's from? Hope to meet her again sometime. She seems kind.




I talked with them more than I'd talked at all in the past three days put together. I lost track of time and was late for my lesson. The instructor was cross, but I think it was worth it. The lesson went well, aside from being tardy. They think I might have a talent for Hearing, if I practice diligently. They say that I'm impatient. It's true. Better impatient that sloth-like, I think. Hopefully I'll make more progress soon.


Tomorrow I have to look for a few more jobs around the city. My coin pouch is a little flat; I'm down to 2000g. I'll need it to travel eventually, among a few other things.





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Hello from Ul'dah! That's right, Ul'dah. My plans to travel to Limsa-Lominsa went a little... awry.


It took me the better part of this week to save up enough gil to travel. I did most of my work for the chocobo keepers at Bentbranch, mostly errands for gyshal greens and culling pests along the roads the chocobos travel on. (They startle so easily.) I saved about 5000g--coin enough for my airship pass application, the fare, food, supplies, a room at an inn, and extra padding, in case of anything crazy. I even ran into Firae the Aspiring Black Mage again, and he offered to travel with me since I haven't been outside the Shroud since... well.


It turns out a friend of mine at the Conjurer's Guild had a friend working in the airship business, and they helped get my pass approved early. I was so excited and ready to go, and I couldn't find Firae again, so I just... went.


...Went and boarded the wrong airship. That's what I get for being impatient. If anyone back at the guild finds out, they'll never, ever let it go.


I was told the next airship to Limsa-Lominsa wouldn't arrive for awhile. From the way some attendants' ears were glued to their linkshells, it sounded like they ran into some trouble. It looks like I'm stuck in Ul'dah for a little while, at least a day or two.


Ul'dah is an enormous city, all sandy stone and bursting with people. I wandered for about half an hour before I found myself in what must have been a bad part of the city. A Seeker who calls himself B'rahz said he could tell that I wasn't from Ul'dah. He looked kind of rough, and said to be careful because a lot of people might try to take advantage of someone who wasn't familiar with the city.






He looked amused when I asked how I could know if he wasn't one of those people, and said he'd show me around Ul'dah for free. It was then that Firae showed up out of nowhere. ...He wasn't lost like I was, and I really want to know what he was doing in a bad part of the city. Black mages can be so suspicious sometimes.



Ul'dah is beautiful in a different way from Gridania. Where Gridania has towering trees and natural waterfalls and cool air, Ul'dah is all grand, towering sandstone, bright and hot. B'rahz took us to a fountain in the middle of the city, where it's tradition to toss in a gil and make a wish. One person, an Elezen wearing mail armor and a serious expression, thought it was silly.






His name is Jullian. He reminds me of a mentor, or a father, someone who isn't very light-hearted, but isn't very harsh, either. He said it wasn't a tradition that was going to make wishes come true, but the people behind them. He looked a little happier when I told him I was on my way to Limsa-Lominsa to see about joining an academy. I asked him if he wanted to join us in our walk of the city, but he was waiting for someone. Maybe I'll run into him again before I leave Ul'dah. He seems like a wise person.






...I still made a wish with a gil, before I left the fountain. It can't hurt, as long as I don't get lazy. B'rahz says he's had a wish from the fountain come true, but he wouldn't tell us what it was. I wonder if it's something embarrassing...


B'rahz took us to the markets next. It was so crowded, sometimes I had to dodge around and between people! Not at all like Gridania. There was so much to see. (They have a food stand with delicious things to eat!) I bought some ink since I was running out, but I have a feeling that's only the most boring thing to find in the markets. There were jewels and armor and shining weapons too, and bright dyes and fabrics. If I'm ever rich someday, I'll come back and buy some.






He showed us the inn last, a place called The Quicksand. I think I was lucky to get a room, since the city is so full. It's a little more expensive to stay here than in Gridania, but the room is cozy with soft lighting. Now that I think about it, being stuck in Ul'dah isn't so bad. It's an exciting place. I think I'll spend the next few days exploring before I board the airship for Limsa-Lominsa.


It can't hurt to see new things, right?

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Tonight is peaceful and cool, a nice ending to my last day in Ul'dah. I'm leaving for Limsa-Lominsa tomorrow afternoon by airship, and this time I'll be sure to board the right one. I'm excited and nervous, and I don't think I'll sleep much tonight.


I've hired B'rahz to come with me.


We've gotten to know each other a little better in the past few days I've spent here in the desert. I think he may be one of the few candid people in this city. He's short on work and food; I happen to have a little gil and skill at cooking. It's a good arrangement. He doesn't seem to want anything from me, and despite being a rough person, I think he will watch out for me. Besides, people in his line of work probably need a healer often.


Still, B'rahz is a little strange for a Seeker. He has a tribal name, but a city accent. He could only be a tia, but he hasn't taken any opportunities presented to him with other females. (That Keeper, Glow, is strange, but still very attractive. At least, that's what I think.) B'rahz says he's not the 'one night' kind of person.


But what tia isn't?


It's a mystery. I might get an opportunity to solve it, if he decides to stay awhile in Limsa-Lominsa. We both need gil, and we could probably make a good team. I hope he stays. Aside from gil, I think one thing we're both short on is friends.


I put another gil in the Gold Court's fountain for a wish. It seems like every time I go there, I meet someone new...




A female roegadyn, tall with fiery hair and mismatched eyes of vibrant green and deep red. The eyes are a common trait among miqo'te, but I've never seen it among roegadyn before. She does have a heavy Lominsian accent though, which is common enough. Her name is Lost River.


...She calls me Miss Mow Mow. I... I suppose it's endearing. A little.


Lost River is a bigger puzzle than B'rahz. She's a bounty hunter of sorts, but when I mentioned I wanted to attend an academy in Limsa-Lominsa, she had something to pass on to me. A grimoire--a textbook of her own, worn over the years. She doesn't look it, but I think she's some kind of powerful mage. No one would think so at first, not with that athletic build, enormous bow, and thick accent--which she can rein in perfectly, when she wants to be understood.




I told her I would treat her to cooked meals in exchange for the book. (I will have to figure out how to saute giant ants on my own, but I think B'rahz can fish up some good trout.) When I asked her where I could find her, she gave me a pearl to contact her.


At least, she said it was a pearl. It doesn't look like any pearl I've ever seen.




I have it on my desk now, while B'rahz is out. It's a strange, eerie thing of deep black, etched with runes I don't understand. There's something odd about the way it looks--aside from the obvious, ominous design--but I can't put my finger on it just yet. When I asked who had made the pearl, Lost River only said questions like that would get me eaten by the Voidsent.


She was joking. I think.


A black mage I met recently at the Quicksand, Xel, discouraged questions about the Void. I don't know what it is, not exactly, but I don't think it's something to be tampered with. I might not be able to study the pearl, but I don't know of anyone knowledgeable enough to help me, either. I can't throw it away. I'll figure out something, but I think I'll have to hide it when B'rahz is around. It looks ominous enough for even the most oblivious people to question it.



I'm beginning to think that the truly mysterious black mages aren't the ones parading around in black!

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Hello from... Limsa-Lominsa! That's right, we finally made it earlier today. I can smell the sea on the breeze, and tonight is cool and refreshing. I decided to sit in the tavern to write, since I don't have a room in the adventurer's guild all to myself anymore.


B'rahz met up someone just before we left for Ul'dah, a Seeker named B'roxah. Being from the same tribe, I thought they must be old friends, but B'rahz says she's from Limsa-Lominsa. She offered to be our guide in the city, and she seems nice enough. Her eyes are the color of a pretty materia I saw once; I'm a little jealous of them.




B'roxah originally came to Ul'dah looking for work, since she lost most of her things when her houseboat sank. It seemed there was always some kind of work to find in Ul'dah, though people didn't pay very well. (There were too many refugees looking for work, too.) B'roxah decided to stick with us after I told her about how B'rahz and I were planning to team up to tackle bigger job opportunities. It turns out both of them like to punch things--well, people. One day, that is going to land us all in trouble...


B'rahz managed to find us a job after a few hours of being in the city. I guess there are a lot of pirates on the outskirts of Limsa-Lominsa that need a good punching. I'm glad none of us were on the receiving end of any serious injuries. B'rahz and B'roxah are both fine and in one piece. Happy and excited, even. No one was hurt beyond anything a Cure spell couldn't fix. Maybe I'll sleep well for once.


The delivery moogle also had something for me today: a linkpearl for Vylbrand Academy applicants. (!) Now I have three pearls--this red one for the academy, a white-gold one just for me, B'rahz, and B'roxah, and this ominous black one that Lost River gave to me. I haven't had a chance to study it yet, and I might not get one until I can find some guaranteed privacy.


Instead, I've looked through the grimoire she gave me. It's hard to stop turning the pages. The use of geometric representations of aspects and objects in magic is new to me. The grimoire covers everything from summoning to ley lines to battle tactics. There isn't much about healing, but there's no useless information, either. (Except maybe the section covering the correct way to designate a numeric value for a specific combat tactic.) I'm going to visit the arcanist's guild tomorrow and learn a little more about them. Maybe I'll think of a way to study this linkpearl, too.

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@Sinmal"]It was a lot of fun! I forgot to add you to my friend's list after, ha ha. =^^= I'll try to catch you in game sometime for some RP! :love:




B'roxah was injured on our job going through the mines. There were far too many bombs; it's a wonder we didn't bring the mine shaft down on our heads. Bomb-bombs decided to make themselves known to us, too. One self-destructed too close to B'roxah. If she hadn't been wearing her helm, she would have been too far gone for me to help her.


At the Conjurer's Guild, they emphasize how important it is to be composed in the midst of fighting. When one person begins to panic, it isn't long before everyone else does. It was an easy thing for me to understand, but it's so much harder to follow though. I saw her go from up and fighting, to limp and lifeless, all in the space of a heartbeat. I haven't been so terrified in years.


I learned to Raise only just before I left Gridania. It isn't something you can fully practice, not unless you stumble over someone who is dying. How badly did my inexperience show?


B'roxah's hearing is damaged. She has a Protect enchantment and the padding of her helm to thank for any hearing she has left. Her ears will heal in time, though I worry some damage might be permanent. We miqo'te have keen hearing, which means heightened sensitivity. Right now she's sleeping in a cozy bed, three feet from where I sit. I keep looking at her while I write, replaying the events of the day over again in my head, wondering what I could have done differently. Was it my fault? White mages, conjurers, doctors, healers... do they ever stop wondering if there was something more they could have done?




B'rahz found me later in the evening and took me out for a walk while B'roxah slept. I think he knew something of how I must have felt, even though I didn't dissolve into tears in front of him. He told me he wants to stick around. I originally hired and paid him to get me from Ul'dah to Limsa-Lominsa, but we've become good friends and I'm happy to have him around. I think he and B'roxah will become close. They like each other, and it's only fitting since they're from the same tribe.



I've made other friends here in Limsa-Lominsa, too. A Dunesfolk black mage, Ziziwato Lalawato, has joined our little circle. His hair is the color of the sea, and his eyes are like polished purple gems. He's from a long line of goldsmiths who make all sorts of beautiful things in Ul'dah. Ziziwato is a little quiet, and modest for a black mage. Of all things, he wanted to come with us on our previous job on the La Noscea coast--getting rid of a cultist pocket--to make sure we didn't get hurt. A protective black mage? I have a good feeling about him. I tried to find him earlier to ask about the linkpearl I have--but ran into a different black mage, instead. Since when are there so many?





A male Keeper out and about in the afternoon--who would have expected? He calls himself Reverend, though I wonder if his name is something else. He's a little intimidating in a way that most male Keepers seem to be--intellectual and quiet in a way that gets peoples' attention. Reverend is well-spoken and well-versed in black magic--and he was the first who was willing to answer my questions.


I was beginning to wonder if it was some sort of taboo to mention the Void, though he didn't seem surprised when I asked about it. I'm a little more confident, now that I know what it is and what its significance is to black mages. When he asked why I wanted to know so much about it, I told him, though I didn't show the pearl to him. It was rude to lie to him about not having it with me. I'm not sure why I did it. Maybe it didn't seem right, taking it out in front of everyone at a table at the Bismarck. I'll show it to him, later...


The only thing I've been able to figure out about this pearl is why it looked so odd to me before. It doesn't cast a shadow. Why? And why make a linkpearl like this at all? It seems shallow, if it's only a status symbol...





The most exciting part of the day involved me dragging another Seeker to our table, one who was complaining nearby about all female miqo'te being crazy. Looking back, I guess I seemed a little crazy, yanking him over to show him how not-crazy I was. (Oops.)




...And he turned out to be a white mage! White mages are so rare, it seems. He's the first one I've met. I learned that he has a lot of people he cares for across Eorzea. His patient in Limsa-Lominsa isn't doing well and is bedridden. He mentioned that things like hearts and memories are hard to heal.


[align=center]I wonder if he can help me help myself.[/align]


His name is Raelas. We talked a lot after Reverend had a bit too much to drink and left. I worked up the courage to ask him to teach me something, and he did, right there in the middle of the Bismarck. Advanced aether manipulation, he called it--something I have to learn and understand, and something he said I show promise in.


Subtle twines of wind and water, life and need, all to shape something new.


He was surprised I caught on so quickly, but he doesn't know how badly I need to be able to heal and mend and fix. I can use what I've learned to help B'roxah--to help anyone. I suppose that in a way, like black mages, I'm power hungry, too... and what greater power is there, than to be able to banish the hurts of others?

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Hello from Costa del Sol! One of these days, I'm going to throw an enormous beach party here. It's warm and sunny here, and people say the sea air is good for your skin. The roar of the ocean is relaxing, too. There wasn't a place like this in the Shroud. Maybe I can finally get some color!


I gave myself a day here to get away from all the stressful things that have happened lately. B'roxah is getting better. Her poor ears are still ringing like bells from the Bomb's explosion. We won't know if its permanent or not until--unless--it goes away, I think. B'rahz and I agreed that we wanted to avoid jobs with any explosives, and not just because B'roxah was hurt. There were a lot of other things that could have went wrong, down there. We'll stay away from things that like to go boom.


One good thing that came of B'roxah's injury is that she and B'rahz have gotten a little closer since. I'm glad for them, especially since B'roxah has a chance to be around males that aren't like her brother.




With the help of an arcanist and a black mage, I learned a little more about the mysterious linkpearl I've carried around. It was on a whim that I asked for their help. I needed both mages, and met them both at once on the bridge coming from the Bismarck. I'm not really one to speculate too much on fate... but what are the odds? I'm just glad that both of them agreed to help me, instead of thinking I was crazy.




P'tajha is a Seeker like me, and... well, what can I say? She's a lot like the other arcanists--analytic, level-headed, and curious about strange puzzles that come her way. Runes and geometric symbols are common in her studies. She was able to speculate on a few of the linkpearl's--most importantly, one that seems to make reference to the Calamity, and possibly the Dragon King. It could mean a few different things...


The black mage calls himself Lren. He has such an intimidating personality. That has nothing to do with his threat to set me on fire if I asked the wrong questions. He wasn't happy at all about the pearl, and confirmed that it was a Void-tainted thing. He said it was a dangerous thing, and convinced me to tell him who had given it to me so he could track them down and confront them. Lren is the first black mage I've met that is concerned with the abuse of power...


...and he threatened to set me on fire! How does that make any sense? Maybe he was joking. It's hard to tell.


In the end, we decided it would be best if he took the pearl with him to confront Lost River. Though I feel guilty for giving it away without speaking to her, I'm a little relieved. It gave me such an uneasy feeling. Some nights after B'roxah had fallen asleep, I would take it out and look at it once in a while. Sometimes I thought I heard whispers, as if there were voices just out of my hearing. There was nothing I could understand... but whatever it was, it wasn't content at all. I'm still not sure it was even real, or if I had just stayed up too long... but hearing voices isn't really something you share with anyone.






P'tajha and I talked a little after Lren left to do what black mages do. When I mentioned I wanted to go to Costa del Sol sometime, I was surprised when she suggested we go. It was a long walk there, but we had a lot of fun. She even introduced me to her "friend," who happens to be a very handsome elezen. I was a little jealous.


P'tajha and I are very different, but I hope we can become friends. She's a little bit awkward about some things, but I like her.






I also bumped into Lren again the next day. He's involved in a dangerous situation with people who are trying to steal his research on the Void. He was going to confront them and told me to leave. He said he would send a note so I would know he was okay, but I haven't heard anything yet. I'm more than a little worried.






I'm a little worried about Raelas, too. I spotted him dozing off at one of the tables at the Bismarck and talked with him. He's having a hard time with his patient, who has gotten worse. She's still suffering from the trauma of the Calamity. Her memories are all in pieces. Raelas is trying to bring them back to the surface, but she doesn't react well to such painful visions.




When I suggested that he leave her mind be, his expression was so heartbreaking. He said she wouldn't remember anything, but that it might be the best for her health. She must be someone dear to his heart, for him to have not considered the possibility of recovering naturally after all this time. He went through so much research and effort, skirting the lines of what was ethical for a chance at her full recovery. I think sometimes, only time can heal certain wounds.


In the meantime, I hope Azeyma watches over them...

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Can I just say that this is the most amazing RP log I've had the pleasure or reading?  It's really inspiring!

*blush* Thank you! I'm glad you like it. I really like to write about Tirra's interactions with other characters, and hope that it helps encourage more RP to happen. =^^= It's great when more than one person keeps a journal, and then people can see how two characters react to each other. It's a lot of fun! If you have one, or if you start one, let me know! I want to read!

I really like how you use pictures for this.

Thank you! I love taking screenshots in such a beautiful game. It helps for when people don't want to read a big, long wall of text either, ha ha. :P

[Hehe, and it makes Lost infinitely more interesting and mysterious (and to some scary)]

Lost is very mysterious! I'm a little nervous for when she and A'tirramei meet again, ha ha. xD

[[ It always makes me happy when I notice this has received an update. A pleasure to read, as always, Tirra. ]]

Thanks, Rhylund. :P Our RP was a lot of fun! Let's meet up again sometime soon!





Have you ever seen a white mage get punched in the face?


Well, I haven't... but it happened. I found Raelas at the Bismarck with a terrible black eye. It's a bit alarming, to find someone who could easily heal a gaping wound sporting something like a black eye. He assured me it was a good thing, though. A great thing, even. I was so confused, until he explained to me that it was his patient that had given it to him. She had woken up, after Raelas stopped trying to force her memories to surface.


Her name is Ke'hara, a pugilist with a mean left hook, and Raelas' little sister. He said she likes the sweets I made. Ke'hara doesn't remember anything, but seeing Raelas smile and laugh with his black eye was such a huge relief. I'm happy for them both, now that they have a chance to start over.


When I pointed out that he should have been able to prevent that black eye, he started teaching me about a white spell called Stoneskin. He wanted to use a teacup and a hyur's greataxe to demonstrate, and our waitress was so unhappy. I left a really big tip. Raelas is a little silly, sometimes. He reminds of some small, spontaneous, fluffy forest creature...







There were a few other people at the Bismarck that I talked with, too. I had a little heart attack when one of the Seekers there, a pretty, slim female, said her name was S'janna Rahz. B'rahz, a father? But no--the tribe was wrong, and the age difference between them was too small. When I mentioned I knew a Rahz, though, S'janna really wanted to meet him. She'd never known her sire... who happened to be a tia that had run off from the tribe.


Those coincidental details were a little scary. Rahz said he definitely wasn't her sire, but agreed to see her for her peace of mind. They met a few days later. S'janna was so disappointed. I feel sorry for her. She's a kind person, and I hope we can be friends. She's going to study conjury in Gridania! I told her I would visit her sometime.


After a really embarrassing moment when I mistook her for someone who worked at the Bismarck (she was wearing the same dress as the waitresses!), I told her I wanted to work there myself. It turns out her friend is a waitress there, and that she might be able to help me out in getting hired as a cook.


I also met a strange woman named Sarcire, nicknamed Siri. I don't know much about her yet. When she overheard that I liked to cook, she asked me if I could make chocolate-orange muffins. I'm still trying to work out the recipe. She has a beautiful fairy friend, too--Solenn--who calls me "Miss Pretty Kitty." (Aieee.) ...Do faeries eat?







I started reconnaissance at the Bismarck a few days later. Now that I might have a real chance at getting hired there, I'm sure they'll make me cook something as a test. I don't know if they'll want me to make something generic or come up with something all on my own, but just in case I have to invent something delicious, I wanted to see what was popular. Siri's orange-chocolate muffin request gave me an idea, so I made these orange-chocolate truffles for people to try.


I ended up at a table with a friendly roegadyn, Mr. Rhylund, who asked if anyone would sit with him for company. When I asked him to try one of the truffles I had made to see if it was any good, he thought I was selling them! He did like it, though. A lalafell who was eating an orange nearby came over to try one, too. She--her name was Jajara, I think--liked the truffle too. I think orange is a popular flavor... I might be in luck.


B'roxah and Ziziwato showed up too! Everyone talked for a little bit, and we had a good time.




As I was leaving, a waitress pulled me aside to ask questions about Mr. Rhylund. It wasn't until then that I realized he was an important person. She said his full name is Rhylund Ganzentsyn; he's really rich, and everyone is talking about him being in Limsa-Lominsa to hire people for different things. No wonder he thought I was trying to sell him something. It must be exhausting to be wealthy, with a lot of people trying to take advantage.


Well, I know one of his secrets! He has a big sweet tooth. The waitress can just find out for herself.




Lren popped up out of nowhere a day later. The black mage barely stopped to tell me that he had destroyed the mysterious linkpearl I'd given him before wandering off. He had a broken arm from his... confrontation... with certain other people who were trying to steal his research. I'm very cross with him, especially since I had to chase him halfway across Limsa-Lominsa to find him again. Of all places, he was at Vylbrand Academy, spying on people. He didn't want me to tend to his arm.


He was curious when I mentioned that I had wanted to go to the school. I told him about my trip from Gridania, and about how I'd been taking jobs with Rahz and B'roxah to make sure I could afford the tuition. I wasn't so sure I wanted to go anymore, especially after meeting Raelas. The opportunity to learn from a real white mage is better than anything, and the academy's tuition is probably expensive anyway...




...And then Lren told I was going to go to school there. Just like that. "You will attend." Because it wasn't my decision or anything. He said he would talk with the director there and pay the tuition himself. He needed to speak with the director anyway, and he was going to have some position in the academy himself.




He said he had his own reasons for helping me. I was so happy and excited when he said he would, but now I'm a little nervous, too. What reason could he have? Lren is a little strange, and not all that warm of heart. Why would he help me?


I'll figure it out later. Gil was so tight before--now I have a little breathing room. For now, I'm celebrating.


At least, I was celebrating.




When I came back to tell the others, Rahz told me that B'roxah had gone away. She only left a vague note with him, saying that she belonged out at the sea. She doesn't have her linkpearl anymore. I don't know why she left. I'm still a little disbelieving, waiting for the prank to be over. But here I am in the early hours of the morning, writing. Rahz is fast asleep, and no one has opened the door to say "Got'cha!"


Sometimes, she looked so wistful. Was she unhappy?





Rahz has promised to stick by me. Both of us are feeling down. We were a great trio, and now there are only two of us. There is an empty feeling, without her here to smile. I don't have anything of her, except what I've written here.


Maybe we'll find her again someday. For now, memories will have to do.








I'm sad to see you leave FF14, B'roxah! :cry: I'll miss you!


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Hello from Gridania! I am Tirramei, the most beautiful princess in all the land! I am spoiled, rich, and hopelessly torn between two very handsome lalafell suitors! What ever shall I do?




I was in a play at the ampitheatre... the fun is still wearing off a little. The stage is empty now, but it's a cozy place to sit for awhile. I see the mysterious vegetable offerings are still appearing. There are an awful lot of pumpkins around here, some with silly faces carved into them. Who does that?


It's good be home again for a little while. Life in Limsa-Lominsa is fun and exciting, but sometimes it's a little too exciting. Gridania feels like a little haven, and I doubt I'll get into very much trouble here. Next time I'm going to bring Rahz with me. (He's never set foot in the Shroud!) We've been spending more time with each other lately, and he's been so sweet. We took a fun trip to Costa del Sol together! I need to get him back for dunking me in the water...








The last time I was at Costa del Sol was with P'tajha, and I was so jealous that she had someone special to enjoy the beach with. I'm glad I won't have to feel that way again, now that Rahz and I are closer. Still, our trip was a little spoiled by an unexpected black mage. Why do black mages make such a habit of being trouble? Can Eorzea have more cheerful black mages, like Ziziwato? Please?






I suppose I shouldn't have been surprised to run into Lost River again. Maybe in the back of my mind, I thought that she wouldn't find me in this big wide world if I didn't have the mysterious linkpearl anymore. I've often wondered what would happen if our paths crossed again--would she be offended? Angry? Would there be a fight?--but it was none of those things. She looks different without her disguise--her skin tone is darker, and her eyes are different. The not-pretending Lost River doesn't have a Lominsian accent after all.


She says the aether about me has changed, thanks to that pearl I carried with me. She said it was an experiment and mentioned a Project, though she was vague and ominous about it. The pearl would attract those who sought the Project and the Void. None of it makes any sense to me, and right now I don't care. Right now I'm angry that she used me, angry enough to lash out at something. That deadpan look Lren gets sometimes when he wants to set something on fire, I think I understand a little better now.


I haven't told Lren yet. He would be the one to go to--he mentioned that his research on the Void was extensive. He's still recovering from his last encounter with shady people, though. I don't think he'd be able to confirm Lost River's claim; he met me only after I had that Twelve-cursed pearl.


In the end, Lost River left peacefully enough. Still, she mentioned some things that make me worry. She knew I'd kept the grimoire she gave me, somehow. (Or was she bluffing?) Maybe I should look at it more closely. I'm sure there are arcanist runes for tracking the presence of an item. She mentioned it in a strange way, saying it was a reminder of another time. She wanted me to keep it--which is a good reason to destroy it. Maybe I will. I haven't made up my mind yet. I'm sure if Lren finds out, he will do it for me. I'm sure many things spontaneously combust while he is around, and one of them might be Lost River, too.




One important thing came out of this whole ominous tangle: my decision to study thaumaturgy, black magic, and the things related to it. This ordeal happened because I'm ignorant of it all, and I'm afraid of it because I am ignorant. I wonder if I'll be the only person in the Arrzaneth Ossuary studying black magic with no intention of using it.


Ziziwato showed me around the Ossuary. An elezen named Koreaer offered to instruct me in the fundamentals, and though he admitted he wasn't a master of all things dark and gloomy just yet, he was a good teacher. I know now that thaumaturgy is centered around the destructive manifestations of fire, ice, and lightning, and the attunements of umbral and astral. We even left the city gates so he could demonstrate, and by watching him I could finally see the method in their madness, and the precarious balance they have to maintain.


...And despite all of it, I still can't bring myself to try it on my own.


A fundamental difference between conjury and thaumaturgy is how each derives the desired effect from aether. For conjury, one borrows from the world around them to manifest the spells. For thaumaturgy, one draws upon their own aether. I've never tried, or wanted to try, and was given every reason not to. It's a dangerous and harmful thing to do when healing. Thaumaturgy is different, but I can't wrap my head around it just yet.






A mysterious Keeper tagged along for Koreaer's lesson, and had some things of her own to contribute. She had a lot of scars. At first I thought she was being harsh for the sake of it, but in the end she brought up a point I hadn't thought about--if uncertainty and emotion cause me to hesitate at the wrong time, I could get hurt. The mindset of a black mage must be awfully cold.


She never did mention her name...



But now for a happy ending! And that is...



[align=center]♥ ♥ ♥ I finally joined Vylbrand Academy! ♥ ♥ ♥[/align]



I've met so many new people! Director Trala is a little stern, but a nice person. She has a beautiful singing voice! And she' so cute. There's Big Sister Haii Hai, and Claire, and Zanin, Blaise... I'll write about all of them once I get to know them a little better. Promise!







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