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The door slowly creaks open, creaking on hinges that perhaps could use some oil...

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A middle-height figure stepped through the doorway, in a thick dark cloak, with the hood pulled up, shrouding the face in darkness. Not much could be identified about the figure, besides they were burdened with several bags and appeared to be carrying some under the cloak as well. Well, perhaps not a Lalafel, unless there were several of them sitting on each others' shoulders (while likely a remote possibility, one should not discount such things).


As the figure (or figures) appeared to be weary and nonthreatening, none of the tavern's inhabitants impeded the wanderer(s) as they slowly shuffled into one of the tables in the corner of the tavern. The Wanderer(s) signaled to the innkeeper for a drink and meal, and settled back on the bench to warily inspect those in the nearby tables.



Hello! I'm new to these forums (and FFXIV in general), as I've heard lots of negative press when the game was first released and never gave it a thought since. Then yesterday I was reading a blog and noticed that FFXIV:ARR was being released today, so my interest got piqued. A couple of hours later I'm now itching to give FFXIV:ARR a whirl and put it through its paces!  Having said that, I have little knowledge about the game, hence my undecided character (and server, though I've heard good arguments for both Balmung and Gilgamesh!)


My mmorpg experience is limited, as I've only played two. I've played only EQ and WoW. My RP style is probably between light to medium, if I had to pick one. I'm also allergic to skype/voice-chats.


I hope to see some of you out there in Eorzea! No idea which server because after a couple of hours I'm still undecided (・_・ヾ


- The_Wanderer

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Heyo and welcome to the forums (nice IC intro by the way)!


I think you will be really happy with a FFXIV:ARR. I played a bit in 1.0 (not nearly enough to get a good handle on the game) and I can safely say ARR is top notch compared to it (and many other MMOs right now). Even if your MMO experience is limited, you won't have any trouble with it.


I think you'll find both servers are awesome and very welcoming. If you come to Balmung, please feel free to contact me in game for RP or anything really!


Linette Syng and Aiswyda Fyrlihtwyn


See you around :3

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