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The Children of the Mountains [Magdalena's tale]


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[align=center]The Children of the Mountains[/align]

[align=center]Magdalena Duskwarden's Tale[/align]


Boom. Boom. Boom. Explosions in the distance, moving closer with each passing moment. It's been twenty years, since the Garlean Empire came upon Ala Mhigo with their devastating magitek. It was as if Rhalgr himself swept across the city, raining fire and destruction in his wake. I was only eight at the time. I remember hearing the explosions from inside, thinking it was thunder. By the time my parents realised what was happening, they sent me to safety with my older brother, Oswulf. They, along with my other brother, Osburh, moved to defend the city. I never saw them again.


My name is Magdalena; Magdalena Duskwarden, if that matters to you. After the atrocities at Ala Mhigo, Oswulf and I made it to safety in the desert, along with other Ala Mhigan refugees. This was to be my home for many moons to come. Many refugees did not stay in the desert and moved onto Ul'dah. Some fled even further. But my brother and I stayed with the highlanders, who would become the Ala Mhigan resistence.


It's funny how things turn out. I never wanted to be a warrior. I never wanted to fight. As a little girl, I would hear tales of great warriors. The heroes amongst the Highlanders. I wanted to write and tell their tales. I wanted to sing their praise and paint their likeness. It's what the young Magdalena wanted. At least before the Garlean Empire took our home. I could never forget what happened at Ala Mhigo. None of us could. It took a lasting grip upon our hearts. In fact now, twenty years later, thunder still makes me anxious.


Instead of writing tales, I learned to fight; instead of telling them, I learned to command. Singing became warcries and painting was but the art of war, splashed in red. That was the only choice, when growing up with warriors of a single mind, united by heritage, a desire to return home and a collective hatred towards the Garlean empire. Some would say, that it wasn't a bad life, not for us.


For we are Highlanders. We are the children of the mountains. With strength in our muscles and courage in our hearts, we will abide. By sword and shield and the roar of our voices, we will take back, what was taken from us. We will return home.


At least that's what I want to believe. That's what I used to believe. I grew up to become a warrior, neither the finest or the worst. I became a protector. My job was to protect, what remained of our people. To keep us secret and safe from the empire and anyone else, who would cause us harm. I did so for many moons and over time, people began to call me Magdalena the Warden. Fifteen years later we yet endured, but never did we take back Ala Mhigo. And then, the calamity.


My brother died fighting the Garlean Empire, mere hours before the elder primal Bahamut descended from the stars and set Eorzea ablaze. I survived, having remained behind to protect our people. As Eorzea burned and despair spread amongst its people, so burned the hopes for our cause. At least for me. I lost heart.


I remained with my people for almost a year, before I left and took the name Duskwarden. I wish I had a grand tale to share about the name. A better tale, than a little girl asking me where I was going, as I was leaving my people in the early hours of the night.


“Where are you going, miss Duskwarden?” she asked me with a quiet and timid voice, while I was mounting Mhi'rhalgr, my chocobo companion. I never answered her. I just looked down at the dark skinned and redhaired girl. She reminded me of myself.


“When will you be back?” I heard her ask as I rode away.


You might think me a coward and a part of me think it's true. But I'm not asking for your pity or a handout. This is simply what happened. Perhaps someday, courage and purpose will return to my heart. Perhaps someday, a highlander will ascend and unite our people once more, that we may take back our home. While my heart yearns for this, more than anything, during my travels I've come to realise, that we can't simply fight for Ala Mhigo. We have to fight for the future of all Eorzeans. If we don't, there might not even be a home to take back.



Author's note

I hope you found it enjoyable to read! Comments and feedback are welcome! Magdalena Duskwarden wanders around on the Balmung server, if you feel like meeting up for some roleplay or have some ideas, feel free to poke me! =) 


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