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Garston's Hunt/Asdrellia's Story - (attn: Driftwood Coast members)

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This the the next part of Asdrellia's story.  This is closed to normal replies until I ask for your stories.  It will be used as a 'storyboard' to set in motion the next stage.  Stay tuned!  If you missed the first part, please go here to catch up!:  





It had been three weeks since his gil maker slipped through his fingers.  Garston Hext paced the small tent he used while his caravan rested in the Thanalan desert.  Visions of seeing his guards laying dead or incapacitated by those scum made him grind his teeth.


Thousands of gil.  The beastmen promised him thousands of gil for that bitch and now ... this.


He let out a snarl, kicking over the small stool as he passed it, then bent over to pick it up and flopped down on it to think.  Yes, he had to calm down and think.


These so called Drifters.  He had to find out more about them.  It was total chance he happened to see Asdrellia running down the street while he and his men were at the tavern.  Of course it was a bad idea, looking back on it now, to have gone after her when he wasn't thinking straight.


He had already hired new guards now, ones better trained.  And he would make sure they trained.  No one would get the better of him again.


But what to do?  He ran both hands over his shaved head, gripping the back of his neck.  A nervous tell, but it helped him think.  He would stand out easily in a crowd being a dark skinned Highlander.  He needed someone who would blend in easily as they went about their business.


Just then a name came to mind, and he grinned, a gold tooth flashing in the sun that streamed through the open flaps.  Shouting for one of his guards, he gave a stern command and the man saluted, running off.


"You'll be mine before the week is over, Asdrellia."


His laughter bellowed from the tent as he counted all the gil in his mind he would soon have.

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As the sun settled overhead the next day, Garston looked up to see the front flap of his tent being pushed back, revealing an elezen woman.  He smiled, waving her in to sit on a small stool.


"Getting so poor you can't even afford a mud hut, Garston?" the woman grinned, folding her arms.


"Quiet woman.  I have a job for you."


"Straight to business now, eh?  No trying to get me to warm your blankets anymore?"


Garston grumbled.  "I said be quiet!"  He pushed two objects into the woman's hands.  "Here.  A picture of your target and some information.  Her name is Asdrellia Pemberton.  She joined some ragtag bunch called The Driftwood Coast or something."


The woman unfolded the picture and gazed upon it, engraving the image into her memory.  "Such a pretty face ..." Her eyes snapped up to look at the Highlander.  "What did she do?  Steal your favorite spoon?"


"No.  She stole thousands of gil that is rightfully mine!"  He jumped to his feet, pacing the small space in the tent.  "I worked for months ... months getting those damned Amalj'aa to strike a deal.  I will not have my goose egg escape from me."


The elezen woman flipped open the small journal, thin fingers scanning over the names.  "And who are these people?"


"Those are names of the 'Drifters' I could find.  I want you to hunt them, stalk them .. I want to know when they eat, where they piss, when they trip over a damn rock.  Everything."


"Easy enough."  Pocketing the objects, she stood.  "You know my price.  I want it before sundown and you will have the information you seek."  The tent flap is pushed back letting in a burst of light from the mid day sun as she exits.



Days passed as she collected the information Garston asked of her.  She was good at pretending and hiding.  Any small bit of information helped in the long run.


And now, there she was, pressed up against the side of a small building overlooking the small crowd of people around a fire.  The sand quieted her footfalls and the shaded trees masked her presence.  Scribbling out a note she pushed the tip of the arrow through the paper until it rested on the wood of the haft, nocking it, and letting it fly.


She watched it land barely an ilm from the hyur's foot.  He picked up the arrow and scanned the note before speaking to those around him.  It was utter chaos and she reveled in it.


Patience ... patience ... before she let loose another arrow, aimed between two figures close together.  She watched them start back and dodge out of the way.  A grin touched her face as she slowly slunk backwards into the shadow, spinning on her heel and towards Limsa Lominsa.


A distraction ... a way to get them away from her.  Yes, she knew this Asdrellia fell asleep at the bar not too far away.  Bring chaos to the others and sneak around the rocks ...


The woman was just waking up when the elezen found her.  She seemed to be speaking to someone, yet the bar was empty.  A linkpearl perhaps.  She would have to be careful ....


She nocked an arrow and aimed it at the hyur woman's chest.  "Move down the ramp quietly ... and I will not hurt you."


She saw Asdrellia's eyes widen.  "Get away from me!"  She heard the words moments before something solid slammed into her chest, knocking her off the pier and into the water below.


Struggling to the surface against the current and her heavy clothes, she found purchase on a rock.  Coughing, her eyes took in the sight and sounds of a group of figures racing up the ramp to where her target was.


"Thrice damn you."


She lost this time.  But there will be plenty more chances.  There was always a slip up, a careless moment ...


"And that is when I will strike."




Thank you everyone for the wonderful RP tonight!  Asdrellia is safe for now, but it won't be the last time the strange elezen woman is seen.  Please feel free to use this topic to add part of the happenings from your point of view!


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Asdrellia sat in her rented room, lost in thought ...


Miss Fae waited outside her door at the behest of Mister Delwyn ...


Where did she see that elezen before ...?


The face came to mind ....


Green markings ...


Ponytails ...


Brown hair ...


Earrings ...


"Ophi!  I remember!"


She ran to the door, flinging it open and looked to Miss Fae ...


"I remember her now!  We need to find Mister Delwyn."



A long sigh escaped her lips as she looked upon the shattered remains of her bow.  It would take nigh upon a week for another custom made one to reach her.


"This Miss Pemberton is more of a pain that I thought."


Carefully putting the remaining pieces into a small trunk in her room, Ophianne Rillemont sat down at her desk and picked up a quill and paper.  She scribbled out a small missive and rolled it up.  She did not trust the moogle mail for this, and instead opened her window and let out a shrill call.


Flapping wings proceeded a large bird that perched on the windowsill, steely eyes turning to look at it's master.


"Be a good dear and take this to Garston.  Quickly now, and I will have a nice feast for you when you return."


The bird replied with a shrill cry and spread it's wings, lifting into the sky.  Ophi watched it for a few minutes until it was nothing more than a speck.


"I shall have to change my plans.  Let us see about finding more on these ones ... Kayle Delwyn and Desmond Aryll."


Going back over to her trunk, she rifled through some papers until she found the one she wanted.  It was a slightly ripped flier talking about the Driftwood Coast, found tacked on a board in some lonely tavern.


"Hm ... yes.  Nothing like a bit of an inside job, is there?"

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Climbing into the open window was too easy for her.  The hyur was asleep in the room, all alone.  It would be easy for her to just grab Asdrellia Pemberton and leave, but what was the fun in all that?


No.  The game is what was important.


Something glimmered in the fading light, and she picked it up.  The fool girl left her linkpearl on the table near her.  Picking it up, Ophi placed it in her ear and touched it.


"Which one of you is Kayle Delwyn?"


She smiled, hearing the response.  The game had begun over the pearl as her thin fingers combed through Asdrellia's hair.


Garston would have what he wanted soon enough.  But ... she wanted to play for a bit first ...




How could something go so terribly wrong?!


As she hid in a desolate shed out in Thanalan, her mind swirled over the last hour.


He arrived alone.  Just where she told him too.  She was not afraid, her people stationed in strategic areas.  She laid out the terms simply, but he refused.


She used a tactic that worked on many.  He still refused.


Then he advanced on her ... his eyes dead.  They still made her body shiver when remembering them.


He did not care about the arrows pointed at him, nor did he even seem to notice when she struck her best blow against his chest.  He just stood there.


And then they appeared out of the blue.  He had lied to her, something she would have to grudgingly give him credit for.  A group, perhaps seven or eight, weapons and magic at the ready.


She used the signal.  She was no fool.  She heard the arrows fly and heard them make purchase against armor or flesh.  It did not matter.


But the worst part ...


She ran.  She ran into the desert of Thanalan, and now she cowered in a building like a weak child.



"This is not over yet, hyur.  There is still one more I can sink my claws into.  And he is all by himself in Ul'Dah"

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Handing over the small package to the moogle, she gave the creature a pleasant smile before finding a seat in a shadowed corner.


The last few days were quite busy for her.  She hand found one of Kayle's dogs sniffing around too close to Garston's home, and made to lay a trail to pull him away.  It had worked, but she wanted to do more.


Her men gave her an excellent description of the dog, and she went about gathering a matching shirt and ring from the Immortal Flames he was seen wearing.  Finding a poor sod in an alley, she gave him coin to put the shirt on, then shot him through the heart with an arrow.  One had to make it look real.


Getting her men to dispose of the body, she put the bloodied shirt and ring in a package with a note.  And now she sat, waiting ...


And he came, the hyur striding to the moogle and opening the package.  She saw his reaction, and she smiled.  Oh how it felt to toy with the man.  She wanted to torture and break him, fit punishment for humiliating her so.


He turned down the street, and she followed at a safe distance.  When he sat down upon one of the many benches along the road, she found purchase on a bench hidden by foliage.


"He made a lovely scream when my arrow pierced his heart, you know.  Garston does not like filthy mongrels sniffing around his home."


She heard the air suck into his lungs before Kayle shouted "Show yourself!"


"And ruin the game?  There is no fun in that."


It took some time for him to find her, but she just sat there as he faced her, the bloodied shirt and ring clutched in his hands.  She smiled sweetly, taking in the waves of anger, desperation, and hatred that rolled off the man.


They had exchanged their usual pleasantries, with him giving his boring childish threats before walking off.  Stifling a yawn, she rose from the bench and made her way back to Garston's house.


She did not get far though as a figure blocked her path, then another.


"There she is!"


With a sigh, she turned to watch Kayle approach her and stand beside the two figures.  She recognised them both as being there when she was humiliated.


"More of your dogs, Kayle?"  A roll of her eyes as she sat on the bench behind her.  "Your master truly is a man of all words and no action."


It wasn't long as more people appeared, each having the stench of a Drifter on them.  But she did not mind, smiling when Kayle told of the items that belonged to Desmond Aryll he received in the mail.  Sounds of shock and anger escaped from them all, even a few sobs.


But every well laid out plan has a chance to be ruined, that saying made truth as one final robed figure appeared.  Pulling the hood down, a collective gasp was heard.




"Hm ... and that trail to throw off your scent worked so well in the beginning."


The hyur pointed his finger at her chest "You will have to do better than that.  I got the information I came for and your disgusting ruse will not stop us from bringing you and that bastard down."


The crowd of Drifters moved closer, and even she knew when she was outnumbered.  Kayle sat to her one side, while the large highlander they called "Booker" sat to her other.  A part of her recognised the highlander, as she had met him none too recently at the Sands.


"What say you now, viper?  Your trick did not work.  We will be taking you with us and you will tell us where Garston is."


"Just a minute, Kayle.  I still owe her a drink.  Now don't go anywhere ..."


Booker handed her a flask with a smile and she took it.  Her nose wrinkled at the smell of whatever was in it, but what she noted was the heft and weight in her hand, and she smiled.


"Thank you."


Raising the flask as if to drink, her fingers moved quickly and she slammed the object onto Booker's forehead.  The sudden action caused enough chaos for her to break out between the group and bolt through the city, her goal was to get lost in the sands of Thanalan.


"After her!  Don't let her get away!"


Kayle's voice rang in her ears, and she smiled. The game was not over just yet.

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Garston relaxed in his home, a glass of the best wine gil could buy in one hand.  Bringing it to his lips, the pearl in his ear beeped and he growled.


"What is it?"


"Garston, the ruse did not work.  It held the dog off for only a time but Desmond appeared robed and hale."


The man sighed, swirling the liquid in the glass.  He heard the lacing of worry in Ophi's voice.  "Do not worry my dear.  I have one more trick up my sleeve.  Go to the Sands and ask Momo where Ashca is.  Then ..."


Garston grinned to himself.  It was all too easy.


"Tell Ashca to take my lost pet cat to his ... house.  He will know where it is and I want you to follow him.  Do not touch Asdrellia.  I have my own game to play with those bastard Drifters."


"As you say, Garston.  I will contact you when --"


"No.  Do what you see fit after the cat is taken.  I trust you to not disappoint me Ophi."


The smile could be heard as the elezen replied, "You will not be disappointed, love."


Garston closed the connection and relaxed once again in his chair, swirling the red liquid in the glass and taking a long sip.  It was a fine day indeed for this new game.



Ophi smiled down at the miqo'te that sat tied to the chair, his face already beaten and bruised.  Her men took pleasure in their work and it showed.


"Wakey wakey cat.  The fun is not over."


She nodded to her men and as one slapped Milo awake , the other continuing his work.  She reveled in the miqo'te screams, as well as the frantic cries over the pearl in her ear.  She kept Milo's pearl sitting on his lap so Kayle and the others could hear every single sound.


This went on for a wonderous time until Milo was able to slur part of where he was.  The anger built in her, and she dealt her own blow to the miqo'te chest, enough to break a rib or two.


"Now now, it is not nice to ruin the game, Milo."


But what was done was done.  Over the pearl she heard them talking, and knew they figured it out.  They were in a small part of the displaced Ala Mhigan camp.  She gave one of her men a signal.  He nodded, knowing what was planned.


The sun began to set as two pairs of heavy footfalls echoed in the cave.




The cry heralded the coming of two men as they approached.  She recognized the one, Stone was his name? ... and the other ... yes, the one who was the mage .. Arry ...


"Look Milo, we have company ..."


The miqo'te raised his head enough to see who came, just as Ophi's man ran his knife along Milo's throat.  As the miqo'te slumped in the chair, she watched as the two readied their bow and spells, killing her men.   She on the other hand grasped the stone around her neck and focused on Ul'Dah, the stone whisking her away.




Garston smiled at the gathered group of Drifters in the Sands.  He laid out his hand to them all ...


"You have a choice.  You can save your cat and I take the girl, or you save Asdrellia and Milo dies.  Which is your choice?"


He could see they did not believe him.  Ophi's bluff before did not work with Desmond, which is true, but when Garston did his game, it was real.  No punches were pulled, no deceptions.  When he said someone would die, they did.


The doors of the Sands opened, and Ophianne walked in, the elezen grinning.  Coming to his side, she planted a kiss on Garston's cheek.


"All is done my dear."


"Hm, good good."  He raised his gaze to those before him.  "Well, it seems your choice was made.  I bid you all good night."


Taking Ophi's arm, he ushered them both from the Sands, not wanting to look back or dally too long.  They walked for a time through alleys and streets, the elezen knowing better than to ask questions right now.


Stopping before his house, Garston turned to face the woman.  "Well?"


"Milo is dead.  Seems the ones called Stone and Arry heard what Milo slurred over the pearl."


Garston growled, not because the miqo'te was dead, but it did ruin what he wanted to do.  Yet it all did come out well in the end.  Grabbing Ophi roughly, he grinned and pulled her close.


"It seems you did not disappoint me, my dear.  I think that means a fitting reward, do you not."


Ophi raised a brow slightly.  "Are you asking me to your bedchambers?"


"I do not ask, Ophi.  I take what I want."

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Ophi sat in her usual spot among the ruins of Thanalan, staring up at the quiet, night sky.  The last few days had been full of enough excitement, her blood still pumping from it all.  A cool breeze whipped through her hair and clothes as she let out a sigh.


"Hello, bitch."


The words startled her out of her thoughts and she spun around on the fallen pillar.


"How ... where did you come from?!"


No one knew of this place.  Ophi stood, grabbing the bow off her back.  It felt good to have the wood in her hands once more as she nocked an arrow on the string.


"Oh put tha' away.  Won't do you no good."


She moved as Arry began to circle her, a flame dancing in his hand.


"How did you find me?!?!"


He just laughed at her shrieking, and flicked the flame to the side.  The bushes and dried material caught fire and spread quickly around them.


"What are you doing?  You'll kill us both!"


"Oh no.  See, you're tha' one that's gonna die 'ere, bitch.  But very slowly.  Very.  Slowly."


Ophi raised her bow and let loose an arrow at his heart.  The wood caught flame in the shield of flame that swirled around him, and fell to the ground in ashes.


"It will do ye no good.  Now be a good bitch and lay down!"


The blast of heat struck her in the chest, knocking her off her feet.  She hit the ground hard, the material of her tunic burnt away, her skin blistered and sore.


"Twelve take you!  Are you insane?"


It was so painful to stand, but she did anyway, firing another volley of arrows at the hyur.  There was very little space to move, as everywhere flames licked at both their heels and singed their clothes.  But he never faltered as the arrows burned to ashes as they struck his shield.


"Please ... wait .. don't .. don't do this!  I will give you anything!.  Gil, women ..."


The words spilled from her mouth as the hyur growled, sending fire towards her once more, the flames licking and consuming the bow she held.  She screamed, her hands engulfed in flames, falling to the ground once more.


"Nothing you do will e'er bring Milo back!  You tortured 'im ta death, and I will do tha same to you!"


Her screams rang out through the Thanalan desert, gathered and taken across the sand by the wind.  No one knew how long they lasted, but many swear it was for many bells before they stopped.


As for Arry, he stood over the unrecognizable form of the elezen on the ground, before moving his hands to engulf the corpse in another ball of flames.  He did not stop until it was rendered into ashes and swept away in the wind.




So ends our assassin, Ophianne Rillemont.  Sorry if I didn't get your accent right, Arry, but I usually don't write them often 

:D  Kayle should be putting up some pictures soon to show that yes, Ophi is dead.


But there is still Garston to contend with.  Stay tuned!


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Asdrellia sat in her old room ...


It had been days since she watched Milo's body float down the water in what her friends call "Milo's Rest" ...


A plate of food sat untouched nearby ...


A knock came at her door and she bade them enter ...


"Asdrellia.  You haven't touched your food."


"I am not hungry, Brother E-Sumi.  I'm s-sorry."


"Ah, there is nothing to be sorry about.  But even in such times you cannot neglect your own health."


The boy ... no ... man ... walked to sit next to her on her bed ...


"I have seen you daily in the gardens, Asdrellia."


"Yes, I was hoping ... the elementals c-could bring me comfort.  I do not know where else to t-turn."


Brother E-Sumi smiled ...


"What about your friends?  Even though they go through trials and pain of their own after Milo's death, grieving alone is never the right answer."


The man placed a hand on her shoulder ...


"It is all part of Nature, child.  We all are born to it, live and grow within it, and will one day return to it.  You teachings as a conjuror have taught you that."


"Yes, Brother E-Sumi.  I know.  B-But I feel so helpless.  They all are ready to p-protect me with their lives.  So many have g-gotten hurt because of me."


"Yes, they are brave and wonderful friends indeed."


The man became lost in thought for a time, before excusing himself to go and write something out on a piece of parchment ...


"Take this to Ul'Dah, Asdrellia.  There, look for the one written on this letter.  Speak to him and see if some time there will assist in what you seek."


Taking the letter, she looked up to Brother E-Sumi who had already closed the door to her room behind him ...


"Well.  It c-cannot hurt to take a l-look."

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A light breeze blew in through the window of the house in Gridania.  A hand moved to keep the candles from blowing out.


"A beautiful night tonight, isn't it my dear?"  The lady elezen smiled, lifting her spoon to her mouth.  Her husband gave a light grunt, moving his hand from the candles and picked up his own utensil.


"Father, if it bothers you so, then close the window."


"It's fine, child.  If I did, your mother would just open them again."  The man smiled to his children, though they were much older and taller to be seen as such.


"Mother, have you been to the markets lately?  I heard Madame Posstrone has imported new silks from Ul'Dah!"


"Bah, I am more interested in the weapons from there.  An edge so sharp, it would slice through leather and steel!"


"Enough you two.  We shall go to the markets tomorrow afternoon and see with our own eyes!"  The elder elezen laughed as he lifted his glass of wine to his lips.


Just then, the door to the dining chambers opened, and their butler entered, a silver tray laying in his palm with a letter and pouch upon it.


"Forgive the intrusion, Master Rillemont, but this has just arrived for you."


The master of the house nodded, picking up the letter and opened it.  His eyes scanned over the words as his expression became more grave.


"What is wrong, dear?"   "What is wrong, father?"


The rest of the family chimed in their concerns as the elder elezen slumped in his chair.


"They said my eldest daughter is dead ... murdered ..."


The three at the table gasped, the women bursting to tears.


"How did this happen, father.  Who did this?  I will find them and make them pay!"


Master Rillemont smiled weakly towards his son, proud of the man he had become.


"Witnesses say a cloaked man cornered Ophianne while she was resting after a day of working in Ul'Dah.  This ... creature ... beat her near to death before slitting her throat."  His words trailed off as his voice wavered.  "Master Hext sends us his condolences and the rest ... rest of Ophianne's pay to help us through ..."


"I will find this person, father.  I swear on this!"


Another breeze came through the window on the cool, Gridanian night, but this time, there was no hand to shield the flames as they flickered out one by one.

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It had taken many days for Asdrellia to gather the courage to return to Ul'Dah.  She dared not ask anyone to come with her for fear of them being recognized.  Instead, she wore the most plain robe she could find, the material covering her body quite well.


Taking out the letter again, it had the name Wolkan on the front.  It didn't sound familiar, so she carefully asked around until she was pointed to the Gladiator's Arena.


Stepping into the large area, she gasped.  Men and women both were grappling each other, sparring in a small square, or striking their weapons against wooden figures.  She had seen nothing like that in her years in the conjurers tower, and was unsure what to do.


"Can I help you, miss?"


A voice startled her from her thoughts, as she spun to face a man behind a counter.  He grinned at her and she blushed, thrusting out the letter haphazardly.  The man raised a brow with an 'Eh?', flipping the letter over in his hands.


"Hm, a letter for me?"


Tearing it open, the man scanned the contents and sighed.  "Well well.  Brother E-Sumi believes you could use a tour of the Arena and meet Mylla.  Very well, this way."


Stepping around the counter, Wolkan took Asdrellia gently by the elbow and steered her towards the chaos.  "This is our place where we ply our trade.  Brother E-Sumi commented that you were upset you could not protect your friends like they do you.  I assure you, here you will learn to protect yourself and anyone else in your care."


He then steered her up some steps and towards a woman clad in armor.  She shouted and motioned to the men and women beneath her that were sparring.  When Wolkan and Asdrellia stepped up, the woman turned.


"Wolkan!  Any reason you are interrupting afternoon training?  Hm?  Who is this?"


The armored woman looked at Asdrellia, a frown on her face.  Wolkan just smiled, handing the woman the letter in his hand.


"Miss, this is Mylla, our guildmaster.  She has seen many battles over the years and I am sure can help you."


"So, Brother E-Sumi wants to have you train to become a gladiator, eh?"


"W-Well he suggested it --"


"Wolkan!  Get this woman a set of training leathers and a weapon.  Let's see if she knows which end you stick into the training dummy.  We will then go from there."


Mylla spun back to those below her, going back to shouting and motioning.  Wolkan chuckled, steering Asdrellia once again towards the back area of the arena.


"Here, let's get you suited up.  And don't mind Mylla.  If she didn't think you were worth the time, she would have had me throw you out."

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The armor felt so strange ....


It was light, but heavy ....


Nothing like wearing cloth ...


"Very good!  It's fits you well Asdrellia."


Wolkan smiled at her then went over to a worn chest, opening the lid.


"Hm ... something perfect for you.  Let's see ..."


The man mumbled to himself as he scanned the contents of the chest.  Finally, he stood, holding a weapon.


"This a gladius.  You will find many gladiators wielding this weapon some time in their lives.  Think of it bigger than a dagger but smaller than a long sword.  Here ..."


Holding the pommel out to Asdrellia, he motioned for her to take it.  Reaching out, she gripped the gladius as he let go.


So different than a staff ...


She could sense the many people who held this weapon before ....


"It is blunt, so don't worry about cutting yourself, but it will make one hell of a bruise if you hit yourself with it."


Wolkan motioned for her to follow him over to the wooden training dummies.


"Now, I am going to teach you the basics of how to stand and to swing your gladius.  Ready to learn?"


Asdrellia nodded, her stomach in knots.


"Y-Yes ..."

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Brother and sister stood with their parents and butler at the grave of Ophianne Rillemont.  It was elaborately made, stone and lacquered wood in a towering mausoleum shaped building.  Flowers were engraved in the wood and stone, and a nameplate made of bronze sat upon the door.


As the parents moved away, the brother and sister remained there with their butler as the wind picked up, sending a cool breeze of flowers into the air around them.


"Such a shame.  And Miss Ophianne had so much to live for."


"Oh they will pay, mark my words."


"As you say, Master Rendafel."


The young elezen said nothing, her eyes fixated upon her older sister's resting spot.  Her brother wrapped his arm around her thin shoulders.


"Come sister, let us away from this place to somewhere else.  I have much to plan and do in the upcoming days."


"Oh.  Of course, brother."


She allowed him to steer her away from the grave, though she looked over her shoulder one last time.


Their butler frowned, following his young wards.  When it was a matter of the Rillemont family, all interests must be protected. His mind worked as the three walked down the stone path,

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The sound of metal striking wood ...


"Excellent!  And again!"


A grunt, metal striking wood yet again ...


"Well done, Asdrellia!  I think you need a rest though."  Wolkan smiled, laying a hand on Asdrellia's shoulder.


"I think s-so as well."


She had been practicing for most of the day, Wolkan teaching and guiding her.  Her arms felt heavy and her back hurt.  But she gave a little smile at the compliment.


"Rest yourself.  We will continue tomorrow.  But you have gotten the thrust down quickly.  Swinging ... well, we will practice more."  Wolkan chuckled.  "No offense, but you look like you are trying to swat a fly away."


"I am s-sorry --"


Wolkan waved a hand as he led her through the streets of Ul'Dah, and back to the Sands.  "It's fine.  It will take time but I believe you are honest in what you say, and you will become strong enough."


Asdrellia nodded, the pair stopping outside her room.


"Brother E-Sumi bade me remind you to not leave your room while here.  It is on the fifth floor so none but a bird could reach you through the window.  Now, eat, rest, and I will see you on the morrow."  Wolkan bowed, turning on a heel and left her to put key in lock and enter her room.


Her whole body felt like lead as she removed the armor, leaving it in a pile on the floor.  She was sweaty, dirty, and felt horrible.


"P-Perhaps a nice bath ..."


Turning to go behind the divider, Asdrellia went about pouring water into the tub, unaware of a large bird perched on the sill of her open window.  Large black eyes moved as it scanned the room ...

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The two sat in Ophianne's room, Rendafel searching through his older sister's belongings.  They had entered when their parents were out on a shopping trip, though they both knew it was to find their contacts in the city and ask questions on what happened.


"I know it is around here somewhere."


"What is, brother?"


Rendafel sighs, leaning on the wooden dresser he was rummaging through.  "I know Anne did more than just 'work' for Mister Hext.  I once saw her in the yard at night practicing her aim with a bow on our old silverwood trees."  He pulled open another drawer, then quickly shut it, cheeks tinging red ... he had found his older sister's undergarment drawer.


"Have you tried looking under the bed?"  Brother looked to sister quizzically, and she just smiled, pointing to the space under the bed upon which she sat.  Getting to his knees, Rendafel leaned down and reached one arm out, blindly searching.


"Ah!  I think I found something."


He pulled out a long box by the handle.  It was made of a deep wood slightly shorter than the length of the bed and no more than three ilms high.  There were no visible latches or locks, and Rendafel frowned.


"How are we supposed to open this?"


"I believe I can assist with that, Master Rendafel."


The twins nearly jumped out of their skin, startled by their butler's sudden presence.


"Ah!  You startled us, Barnabaix.  Do you know how to open this box?"


The old elezen nodded, coming over and taking a knee next to Rendafel, laid both hands on top of the box, and pressed down.  A small click was heard as the top lifted slightly.


"Unbelieveable!"  The sister gasped, watching her brother lift up the lid and gaze inside.

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Items laid on top of something wrapped in cloth.  Rendafel carefully picked up the first item, a book, and flipped it open.


"A list of names and places it looks like."


Barnabaix gingerly took the book and scanned the pages.  "This is a journal of Miss Ophianne's exploits."  He flipped to the last few pages.  "Seems she was tracking some people from the 'Driftwood Coast' in the last week of her life."


He passed the book over to the girl sitting on the bed as Rendafel then lifted out a smaller box nestled within the cloth wrapped item.  Opening it, it was filled with fliers and pamphlets.


"Ah, yes.  Miss Ophianne would always keep such items in case she were to gain entry into a particular free company for work.  Master Hext had her do a number of . . . odd jobs."


Rendafel nodded, handing the box to his sister before carefully picking up and unwrapping the item.  The blue cloth fell to reveal a well made bow, graced with intricate patterns and copper rings.


"This is ... I saw Anne shoot this in the back yard."


"Yes, Miss Ophianne was deadly with a bow as well as her fists."


"How do you know all this, Barnabaix?"


The old elezen smiled at the girl.  "Because I am also employed by Master Hext, as well as many others of the Rillemont family.  Your sister did jobs for him that he could not do, or others could not." The smile faded quickly.  "You both will be tasked to do the same in the future.  Make no mistake."


"I will do so now!"  Rendafel stood, still holding the bow.  "One of those people had to have killed Anne!"


"Perhaps, Master Randafel.  But racing off with no training or knowledge will get you killed as well."


The boy sighed, sitting down on the floor.  "Yes, you are right Barnabaix.  What should we do then?"


Their butler stroked his chin, lost in thought for a few minutes.  "I shall make a few inquiries, but in the meantime I want you both to keep this knowledge to yourself.  We must be careful."

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Garston paced the room in his house, a frown on his face.  His best woman was now dead and he had no idea who had done it.  Oh there were rumors for certain, tales of angry past clients, or back stabbing merchants, but it did not fit.


No one knew of her secret place except him.  And he was no idiot to tell anyone about it.  Yet that was the place place she was seen and where her bow was found partially charred along with the entire area around it.  Someone strong in the aether or an imperial device could be the only things that would have left such carnage.


What was he to do now?  Would they be after him next?


He shook his head.  No, he had to focus on the here and now.  He must focus on his business and look for someone new to take Ophianne's place.  That brought a grin to his face.  A place by his side and bedroom indeed.


A knock came at his door.  "Enter."  An elderly elezen entered, bowing deeply.


"Ah, Barnabaix, how is Master Rillemont faring?"


"He and Lady Rillemont have taken the news well, Master Hext."


Garston nodded.  "My condolences.  Ophianne was a beautiful woman and an excellent worker."


Barnabaix bowed once again.  "Thank you, Master Hext.  But I have come here for another reason."


"Oh?  And what would that be."


The elderly elezen began to close the door behind him.  "It is about my young wards ..."

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It had been a few days since meeting Garston, and now the elderly butler sat with the twins next to the roaring fire.  It was late, stars twinkling in the evening sky outside the large window.


"What news, Barnabaix?"


"Good news, Master Rendafel.  I have spoken to Master Hext, and he will be sending someone to train you in whatever weapon you wish."


"That is wonderful news, brother!"


The young elezen nodded, chest puffing out.  "I will make mother and father proud.  And Anne."  His eyes glistened as he said those words, his sister patting him on the hand.


"Very good, Master Rendafel.  Master Hext bids you make a decision within two days as not not waste any time."


"Of course.  I shall go to my room and think upon this matter.  Thank you, Barnabaix."  Rendafel stood from his chair, the elderly butler standing as well, bowing as the boy left.


"What about me, Barnabaix?"


The butler turned to look at the young girl, a soft smile on his face.  "Ah, my dear, you are going to help me in planting seeds within the minds of those found within Mistress Ophianne's book."


"Oh truly?  That is wonderful!"


Barnabaix smiled.  She showed as much excitement as Ophianne did when she was asked to do her first assignment.  "Come now.  We shall need quill and paper, as well as other items."


The young girl stood, and Barnabaix gently ushered her from the room.  Yes, he will flush the killer out.  And perhaps bring more power to the Rillemont name.




Part 2 of this story has now commenced!  This will entail more behind the scenes workings as well as possibly needing your help in the future!  Do enjoy the RP!


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Barnabaix sat at the small desk in his room, a room designated to his status as a butler.  He did not have many things of his own, as everything of importance was given to him from the Rillemonts.


He flipped over a few papers on the desk, until he found the small book that belonged to Ophianne.  Opening it up, he took a clean sheet of paper and wrote the name 'Desmond Aryll' in a clean script.  His gaze scanned the other names when a soft knock came at his door.


"A moment."  Closing the book, he hid it and the paper in a drawer before standing and opening the door to his room.  The twins stood in the hallway, and he quickly ushered them in.


"Sorry to come at such a late bell, but Mae would not leave me alone until I came to a decision."  Randafel smiled at his sister who lifted her chin, turning her nose up at him, as she smirked.


"And what would that be, Master Rendafel?"  Barnabaix had been waiting patiently, time running out.  It was not an easy decision and he would not rush the young man.


"I wish to take up the arms of a martial arte, and I believe a pugilist would fit me well.  And I know Anne trained in that for a time."


Barnabaix nodded, patting the boy on the shoulder.  "Very good, Master Rendafel.  I will send a missive to Master Hext posthaste.  Now, you both should be in your chambers.  Go, and I will take care of the rest."


The young mistress gave the butler a tiny peck on the cheek before following her brother from the room.  Closing the door behind them, Barnabaix sighed, returning to the seat at his desk, writing the needed letter to Garston and sealing it.  He would sent it out in the morning.


But for now, he pulled the book and paper from the drawer, opening it once more and ran a finger down the list of names.  He chose one, and smiled, ready to play the game once again.





I won't have this in a spoiler tag as it is important, so read on!


In the next few days I will be sending out OOC notes to those I have in my friends list and in the guild.


Right now in the story, letters are being handed out from an unknown person by the name of 'R. Rillemont' to random people. Within are veiled threats and secrets that would be harmful if gotten out to others. There is an ultimatum as well, wanted to know the name of the one who murdered Ophianne (the one Arry killed in the first chapter of the story).


So, please send a private message to me here or reply to the moogle mail about something known about your character or perhaps a rumor that could be found out. All I ask it is needs to be true, something that could damage their reputation or endanger someone they care about. If you don't have anything, let me know as well. I really want to get as many people involved as I can, as this chapter will be a lot of working behind the scenes.


ADD: I forgot to put that all interaction with this information will be ICly done in a letter. In no way will it be used outside of that, meaning no shouting it or slipping it into other RP. I promise that.

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Just wanted to give people a heads up.


The IC letters might be going out a little slower.  Due to the stupidly low LS member count, I had to ask Des to remove Barnabaix from the Driftwood Coast LS.  I was having the player of the character use the LS to see who was on, but I also do not want to keep potential members from being able to join.


So I am having the player of Barnabaix do it the old fashioned way by using the Search function.  Your character may also get a friend request by Barnabaix if they have trouble finding you.


Hopefully when more room is made in the LS he can go back in.  The story will continue, just a bit slower.  Thanks for understanding!

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Barnabaix stood next to the bay window, looking out upon the spacious gardens and lawns of the Rillemont house.  He held a small pencil and paper in his hand, and placed two more names upon it Broken Shield and Sasha Jace.  He smiled to himself, folding up the paper and placing it in his breast pocket.


"So, Master Wyght, you are the best trainer Master Hext could find?"


The large highlander laughed, his arms folded across his large chest.  "Aye, one of the best in all of Ul'dah.  I usually don't waste my time with totally wet behind the ears green whelps, but Garston paid me well."


"Hmph!  I will show you that I am a fast learner!"  Rendafel frowned from his place on his chair, glaring at the large hyur.  Barnabaix held up a hand to silence his young ward.


"Please calm your self, Master Rendafel.  Now, Master Wyght, have you been given your duty?  Master Hext wishes the young master to start his training as soon as possible."


"Yes, yes.  We shall leave for Ul'Dah as soon as we are done flapping our lips."  Gaardal grinned, shifting his position to move partway out the door.  "I will be waiting in the carriage.  Don't take forever."


As the highlander walked off, Rendafel huffed, looking to Barnabaix.  "What a crass hyur!  Some have no manners."


"Yes, but he is the best.  And Master Hext does not make ties with weaklings or those who do not deliver.  Now go, young master.  Say goodbye to your sister and parents, and I shall get your luggage on the carriage."

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Asdrellia sat in the Conjuror's Tower, reading a book by her favorite fountain, when a novice came up to her, letter in hand.


"Excuse me, miss.  But I was directed to give this to you."


Asdrellia lifted her head, one finger holding her place in the book.  "Oh?  Thank you, dear."  The novice smiled before running off.


The letter was plain on the outside with a seal of ... Gridania ... on it.  She knew them quite well having lived here for so long.  Carefully breaking it open, she began to read the contents and gasped.


"Oh ... this .. this is for Amaare!"  Panic filled her, but she had to calm herself.  Quickly she strode down to the library, asking the man behind the counter for a quill and paper.  She jotted down a few words and ran quickly to the moogle, passing off her mail.





It seems there was a slight slip up, and the person who wrote the letter left a Gridanian address at the bottom for an estate, next to the Rillemont name.  Who knows, maybe Amaare will share this information, or he might deal with it by himself?  He asked for a response, which went to another place ....


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Gaardal Wyght frowned slightly, watching his new pupil fail horribly at striking the wooden dummy before him.


"No no no!  Thal's Balls, boy, if you continue to stand like that, you will fall flat on your ass."


Rendafel blushed bright red, turning to his teacher.  "I am doing my best, you half wit!  But your demonstration of the stance was poor."


The highlander sighed, rubbing the bridge of his nose.  "More like your comprehension of what I told you is poor."  He walked over to the elezen, using his hands to put Rendafel's body into the right stance.  "I understand it feels uncomfortable at first, but getting a sword or a beast's claws in your chest will be much worse."


Rendafel fought the urge to move, and when he did, Gaardal moved that part of him back into place.


"Relax your body, boy.  If you wish to learn the basics of a pugulist, you will learn the rule to move swiftly and like water.  If you keep yourself stiff, you will move slow and like molasses."  Gaardal spoke a bit softer, though Rendafel could still hear the agitation in his voice.


For the next few hours that turned into days, highlander and elezen copied each other in the streets of Ul'Dah.  Gaardal had a strange way of training, but Rendafel wanted to learn, he needed to learn.  There was no other option.




Rendafel and Gaardal are now officially out in the open.  You may seem then in the streets of Ul'Dah!  But one cannot face them just yet ....


Amaare was given an address to meet at in Ul'Dah to drop off the information requested in the letter ... the information on who killed Ophianne.  It is up to him to respond and go to the meeting.  If not, the letter may still continue.



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Gaardal was taking a break, the elezen boy begging for a few minutes to rest himself.  The highlander grumbled, waving the boy off.  He did show some promise, if he wasn't so damn soft.


He strode down the streets of Ul'Dah, not having a particular place to go, stopping when his mind said so.  Looking up, he was by the mail moogle, and the creature waved him over, a letter in it's small hands.


Walking over, he snatched the letter, giving the moogle a grunt, striding off as he tore it open.


"Well well.  Looks like one of them actually responded."


Folding the letter up, he shoved it into his pocket.  It was time to find the boy and get back to work.  This new news will hopefully get him motivated.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Whelp, the next part went wonderfully!  I first want to apologize if I missed any emotes or actions while I played Gaardal.  Ignoring anyone was not my intention.  If you feel something you did had impact, PLEASE send me a tell in game on Elli or a message here.  I will happily retcon to fit in it!  This will be a summary of certain events for those who missed what happened.  Enjoy!


Gaardal waited in the arranged meeting place.  He had shouted to let them know they had a small window of time.  He was not a patient man, and there were many things to get done.


In time they came, one then another.  He watched them with a smirk on his face, showing the letters in his hand.  The business was simple ... tell him what he wanted to know and they would get the information they wanted.


But they stalled.


They ignored his threats.  One tried to cast sleep on him and take the letters.  The casting bitch was almost successful, but Gaardal fought the magic off him.  He lost one letter from it, but he pressed on.


He resorted to burning the letters one by one as they laughed.  He told them who each of the letters was for, but they did not care.  He explained how the one named Asdrellia would possibly be harmed and that struck a nerve with them, especially the boy.  Kayle was his name, and Gaardal watched as he ran off to possibly find her.


He continued until he got to one in particular.  It was the same time Garston appeared, giving more weight to the proceedings.


It belonged to Ivory Shield, the one they called Po.  Gaardal could tell the roegadyn did not want the information shared with anyone, and a deal was struck.


Arry Dresdyn.


A simple name.  A simple outcome.  Gaardal handed over the letter that carried the burden of Po's past, both he and Garston thanking the roe for doing the right thing.


Business was over though the company wished to make it not.  An arrow was fired at Garston, missing him barely, and Gaardal growled.




That was her name they called her.  He narrowed his eyes.  He would give retribution for such an action in time.




Gaardal settled in for a relaxing bit of ale while he worked out the specifics after Asdrellia was taken.  Something caught his attention though, and he slipped from the bar to eye the crowd in the street.


The boy was on the ground, bloodied and crying.  Gaardal smiled as he listened to Kayle describe how he found the woman, Asdrellia one moment, then she was taken the next, the men whome he thought were from the Blades beating him severely.


He could not help it.  He had to gloat.


Stepping out from his place, Gaardal laughed, saying the fools should know by now Garston does not pull punches.  He goes through with his threats.


This angered them and they turned to him, surging forward but he held his ground.  Except for that one, the bitch who tried to put him to sleep before.  She struck him in the stomach with what felt like a block of stone covered in ice.


Gaardal staggered backward, his demeanor crumbling as pain wracked through him.  The miqo'te grabbed his throat, spitting threats in his face.  The others readied their weapons.  They wanted to take him to the prisons.


But that was when Kayle made a mistake.  Gaardal saw him limp forward, using his sword for a crutch.  Just as the group looked to their weakened leader, Gaardal lunged forward, one large hand grabbing the hyur by the throat and teleported away.




He felt the ground solidify beneath his feet as he appeared in Black Brush Station.  He threw Kayle upon the ground and laughed as the man tried to crawl away.


"I told you not to underestimate us, boy."


Gaardal watched as Kayle staggered to his feet, trying to speak into his pearl at the same time fend him off.  It did him no good.


Gaardal made a fist and backhanded the boy hard across the jaw, sending him staggering back.  Pulling a dagger from his boot, he advanced on the midlander, snarling as he plunged it into his chest.


Kayle gurgled as his words into his pearl were silenced, falling forward against Gaardal's chest.  The highlander let go of the weapon as the boy crumpled to the ground.


He did not have much time now.  Quickly, he stripped Kayle down of what he wore, his armor and clothes, as well as his pearl.  As he stood, items in hand, the crowd of 'Drifters' came, staring at their fallen leader.


"I hope you don't mind me taking these.  If you hurry, you might be able to heal him."


Gardaal laughed, feeling himself being whisked away back to Ul'Dah.  Pain seared through his leg just before he slipped into the aether, and when he set feet to ground, he collapsed.  Looking down, two arrows rested in his right leg, one in his thigh and one under his knee.


He fought the pain as he carried the trophies back to Garston, limping and trailing blood along the stone roads of Ul'Dah.



It was an eventful day, and they will hear from him again.  Rest assured.

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