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Pen Pals!


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I blamed the Pen Pal list ICly on the Adventurer's Guild. We can always say that they're looking to network people in order to cut down on the "oh crap I'm dead" problems they've been having. That way, we can get more friends!


Also, thanks to our lovely Lalafell I got the ball rolling with an in-character note. Only to realize that 200 character limit? BRUTAL. So don't be afraid to send a "TBC" series of letters, or use the forums here if you have to write a novel.


(To Be Continued, by the way.)


Either way, I love the idea and if anyone catches Rheya on please send me a friend request, tell, and a letter!

I know right? I think this is the shortest I've seen mail in a game. But, gonna try to make it work!


Hi! I've got 6 characters that I'm looking to develop. I think this would be a great way to do so on days I don't feel up to diving head first into RP. I hope submitting 6 is okay. If not my main is:

Added all six!


Ha! Sounds like fun and something E'lario might do. Plus, its a good way to meet some more rp people! :)

I agree!


Sounds very interesting. I'm in as someone new to this community.[/color][/color]

New myself. :D


U'tara Taki - Miqote (Currently Illiterate. Will draw pictures though)

Pictures! Love that idea!

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Yuzen Sozen - Lalafell

(New-ish character, not all that fleshed-out yet. Figured this will help in that regard. c: )


Eirwyn Thatcher - Hyur

(A bit of an oddball. He likes calligraphy to an extent. Not sure how that'll play in his letters yet. xD)


I'm on at random hours so if you ever catch either of these two online feel free to send a tell or a friend request. :D

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I'll say right now that anyone who wants to be pen pals with Rheya? Just send me a friend request and let me know it's about this. I'll gladly swap letters with everybody.


That being said, I usually just send a tell if I catch someone on and free. It may be a bit awkward, but I haven't had anyone I asked turn me down yet!

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Update saving!


So I just noticed that you have to put someone in the friend list to message... Which makes this slightly just a bit more difficult. Instead of sending friend requests to like 20 people and annoying them... I'll ask directly here.


Anyone want to letter exchange with my character?

Sure! :D
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Arlas Taeve - Hyur


He's a healer and I love RP, so if your character gets injured or needs a healer for a friend feel free to scrawl an urgent message if you need a prompt. :D Heck, if you're below/around level 17-18 and die, I can come revive you if I'm online/not in a dungeon. I'll make that trek if it means RP at the end!

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