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Gridania ~ The Color of Sin


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So, by now people in Gridania have completed their 'The Color of Sin' quest and have already gone through the hair pulling of trying to figure out which emote to give each kid before you take them out into the forest. IF you haven't done that part of the quest yet (I've done it twice now because I re-rolled on Besaid) then here is a list of the NPC's and which emote to throw their way:


There is no particular order in which to give the emotes, just target them as you can. (each emote can be done through the chat window by using a / before the emote. exampe: /surprised so there's no need to shuffle through your emote window)


Ryd = Surprised


Sansa = Bow


Powle = Cheer


Nicoliaux = Clap


Elyn = Lookout


Aunillie = Beckon


So, just so the rest of you don't have to pull your hair out and you can help the other's around you.


Not sure if this topic is Pin worthy, but if they don't fix the descriptions on what emote to give, someone might want to make this topic easy to find.

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Thank you! I desperately wish this had been there as I stared at Ryn, wondering what he was looking for in terms of "joy" that /joy failed to convey. Apparently, it was surprise.


For a brief moment I had the sneaking suspicion that I had somehow stumbled into a different game, the sort of adventure game that was all the rage back in the day. The kind where "logic" had no real place to solving the theoretical logical puzzles, where instead you had to follow some insane thread of disconnected ideas that marked what the programmers decided was the "right" process, where you can't use Dynamite to open a door because the Dynamite is used in a different puzzle. I'm not totally sure I was wrong.

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AWWWW where were you when I did this quest that was the most infuriating little mini quest ever!! They all did the same action XP and the emotes you were supposed to do didn't match up with what they were saying at all!!


ohh yes took me well over half an hour to complete this little quest...but i like the reward, 20.000 gil isn't bad at all, so i didn't mind having done it after that ^-^

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This guide saved me. I get the impression that the children are SUPPOSED to perform the action that they want from you, as in, play the animation, and you figure out what it is from that as opposed to the dialogue. Problem is, they don't actually do that. If they did, the quest would make much more sense.

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