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So. Uh, hi. My name's Ben/Foxtrawt/Rhaq'a whichever you feel like using, just another awkward person from Finland. I'm sort of new here, just came back to the game after some months. I don't often post stuff in public, but oh well, this just seems like a cool place, so figured I'd try and get involved.


I'll be lame and use the template a bit, so uh...


I play a lot of MMOs, for both RP and PvE/PvP. Currently I'm playing this game, with Rhaq'a. You could also find me in Guild Wars 2 by the name of Jehr Asirri or Khraw Ironhide. I play a bit of WoW and SWTOR at the side too, but GW2 and FFXIV are my... Priorities at the moment.


I like all sorts of RP, to be honest, and I'm usually looking out for opportunities to get involved in a situation. My character, Rhaq'a, is just a runner boy/courier with slight tendencies to thievery on his freetime. Just small time pickpocketing for those willing to get involved in that kind of RP. I guess he tends to get into trouble. For PvE, I main a paladin, but I also enjoy playing pugilist on the side.


I'd love to find a nice linkshell and/or a FC to fill up my empty chatbox while I run around mindlessly around world. Also feel free to add Rhaq'a Amariyo to your friendslist if you feel like it.


As for other stuffs... I play -a lot- of Mass Effect, and also love to write about it. I enjoy all kinds of games, pretty much every genre has something I like. Music? I've a large variety of different genres I like there too, though my favourites would probably be... Rock and hardstyle. IRL I work for a construction company, nothing interesting there, but I do have a couple of dogs and ferrets, so that's something I guess. ._."


I think that's about it, s'up people, don't tear me to bits please.



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Hello and welcome! n__n 

I used to play WoW & GW2, but have since stopped completely because FFXIV has taken over my life.


On Linkshells/FCs, you could take a look over at the Linkshells section of the website! There are plenty there for you to choose from and most of them are quite friendly. I'm sure Rhaq'a will find a place soon!


Ohh Rhaq'a sounds like an interesting character! Would love to see how you portray his thieving habits. If you're ever up for RP, give me a tell n_n I'm usually on 9pm - 1am GMT time! Or if you need help or any sort, or maybe even a chat, /tell me anyway :D 


Don't worry... I won't bite.



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I think that's about it, s'up people, don't tear me to bits please.


Aw! I was going to tear you to bits! Fiiiiiine!


Welcome! I see you're a Keeper!....... *huntsyoustalksyouassimilatesyou*


*ahem* Don't mind me, I don't know what I'm even doing awake. The community is very friendly; nothing to worry about. Except me apparently... I'm not sure how much you've lurked, so I'll tell you a few things.


*The Link Shell Hall is a good place to find various LSs and FCs.


*If you enjoy writing, the Town Square is a section for IC stuffs like RP threads, and character journals.


*The Off-topic section even has a thread dedicated to other games you can find the RPers of this community in.


*The Wiki has a lot of lore, and character-made info such as character wikis. Try not to get that stuff confused.


There is more to the site than that, but I think that covers everything you mentioned interest in. /doze


Oh, and Happy Hunting.....

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Awe, another Balmungite!  PLAY WIF MEEEE!!  ; ;


Ahem...I mean..HI!!  Welcome to the RPC!  :3  Although you clearly made an error in server choice because you selected the one that I'm not on (/puffs chest), I'm still hoping we get to interact here on the site.


Ferrets are awesome.


Have fun!  ^^

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Meep meep!


Welcome to the RPC!

If you're ever up to RP sometime just look me up in game and say hi!

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Hey there, welcome to the RPC! If you're looking for an FC, Harbingers of the Dawn is a good-aligned, med-heavy RP FC dedicated to protecting and aiding the citizens of Eorzea. We also have an IC LS. We'd be happy to have you! You can learn more about us here or on our site. Please contact me if you're interested! Also, I'm happy to RP anytime so feel free to approach me if you see me around!

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Welcome to the RPC and Balmung! Like everyone else I just love awkward peoples to bits, so if you ever see me in game on any alt feel free to poke me for any reason! ^^

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