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Kudos this time to Etaan Bloodwell, Catrine Stout, Ulfarr Reddwing, Sgathaich Alpeach, Una'li Anholho, Helvetus Lennox, Elsbeth Blackheart, Kairi Chelewae, Sayako Liznah and Nalayah Leinen for that awesome and fun random roleplay this morning!

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The miqo'te wanders in, coughing at the dust... "Looks like this place could use a visit!" I would like to thank Ezra Elric for providing near-daily posts, RP, and amusing shenanigans since he a

Speaking of Berrod, gotta throw some kudos to him and his for jumping in to help oversee during the Grindstone on Saturday when we were scrambling due to an initial shortage of staff. And really, as Warren says often enough in the LS - kudos to the entire staff for showing up every week and helping run the beast that the Grindstone has become. It may have been mentioned before, but it's always worth mentioning again - the event wouldn't be able to run as seamlessly as it does without all the volunteer help provided by overseers and healers!

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Hm.. let's see... I want to give a kudo out to Wendy (Iteza)! Thank you so much for coming up with the idea for WYNG, before WYNG I never really thought about having Zhara become a performer. She was a dancer at the Golden Saucer but I didn't really know about the entertainment RP community at the time and Wendy introduced me to it! So thank you Wendy. 


I want to give kudos out to my FC mates at Keeper's Kiss! I've had a lot of fun working at their events. Especially to Zhara's IC boss Andromeda and our fearless leader Vachir. You guys work really hard to make everything at Kiss possible and I thank you for that. 


And finally I'd like to give a kudo out to Gegenji. He was one of the first RP connections I got on Zhara when I was still developing her. I wasn't expecting things to turn out the way they did with Chachan and Zhara's RP, but I'm glad they did! I was also not expecting us to advance to an OOC level and start dating, but I'm glad that happened too. Hope we end up seeing each other in March! *huggles*

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I love reviving this thread since it's such a lovely way to give thanks to some of the awesome people we come across in roleplay :)


DeadlyMagikarp (R'shenn): So awesome to start extended narratives with you! Really looking forward to doing more things with the plethora of characters we have :D


Nesrin/Magnai: Having a fellow lover of darker RP and putting our characters through shit is awesome in and of itself!


U'khoa: Your storyline has been soooo awesome to be a part of! It's been lovely to watch Mhiago develop along the way.

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Once again reviving because RP positivity is lovely :)


A'razh has been an awesome RP partner and friend be it from roleplaying to just hanging out. Our scenes range from funny to dark to the fluffiest fluff and it's lovely to find someone willing to write with so much diversity!


R'shenn continues to be a great RP partner, same as he was seven months ago ;) We have characters in FF14 as well as some discord RP in another universe and both are a lot of fun!


Steel Bison is not only an awesome RPer to interact with along with his FC, but he's also Glass's neighbor in the Mists and his visits are always very enjoyable.


If you have folks in mind, give them more kudos!

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The miqo'te wanders in, coughing at the dust...

"Looks like this place could use a visit!"

I would like to thank Ezra Elric for providing near-daily posts, RP, and amusing shenanigans since he approached me in August.  It came at a time I really needed the distraction and he's proven himself to be not only a great roleplayer, but a wonderful friend as well.  If you haven't had a chance to RP with him, I highly suggest you do!

I would also like to thank Zhan'a Rakhin for all the story-driven glory that is the "Woven" storyline.  It's really given me so many opportunities to explore Aultena's background as well as some of her deep-seated issues and fears.  I look forward to seeing how everything pans out!

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