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こんにちは!Wanting to get into FFXIV RP


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Hello! I have played FFXIV:ARR sense about a month after it came out. But because of School I had to take a very long leave. I have been very into RP on many others games but I decided that when I come back to FFXIV I want to try more RP as I find just regularly playing the game not nearly as fun as the experiences I have had RPing on World of Warcraft and LOTRO in the past. I have silently watched this forum in the past and researched the lore of this game and I think you guys and RP with you all on FFXIV would be awesome! <3 So please treat me kindly.

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I use to role play (sparingly) on World of Warcraft and never broke through beyond spectating at music performances on LotRO.


I have to say this server is the nicest place I've role played in years; everyone is really open and approachable.

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Hello, and welcome! I hope you enjoy the game and the RP here!


Just curious, as I can not speak or read Japanese, what am I supposed to call you?

Okamoto Hideki


You are Okamoto Hideki! This is the name we will call you in public. Your private name shall be Usul, which is the strength of the base of the pillar.

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