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Possible Rise in Harassment/Grief of RPers?


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I consider myself still pretty new to the RP scene but there was some chatter I noticed in one of my linkshells that seemed to indicate this happening.


Have anyone else seen this? Perhaps it's just isolated to Balmung and Uldah?


I almost want to blame this recent influx on the seemingly popular injection of people from 4chan's FFXIV /vg/ thread. A lot of people congregate in the Ruby Road area next to Quicksand.

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There was that guy that came up with unsolicited advice to us the other day, Hornet, that was pretty lulsy. Pretty much the closest thing I've seen to griefing in a long time.


There was also that one time someone was trying to grief us by pretending she was a damsel in distress and her friend got really mad at me for mentioning labor unions as a way of deflecting her. Dude RAGED at me when I was like "Union break. Can't help you. Go down to the local 133 and they'll set you up." What a scab! Happened a few months ago, though. I've been kinda surprised at how little I've been griefed.

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Still nowhere near as bad as grief-ers on WoW or LotRO.

I've luckily not seen much in public channels. And usually if someone is just dancing on top of people I can easily ignore their presence.


It seems the majority comes from two or three FC's that like to congregate on that center divide. No.3 and Bench come to mind.

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It's there in Ul'dah right now, if you stay out of Ul'dah generally you won't see it.


I suspect the rper community will probably move to Limsa as a result.


I have noticed that Ul'dah has slowly been overpoopulated lately by very odd folks and not the average roleplayers, so I have done my best to avoid the place. And yes....right outside the Quicksand there seems to be an overabundance of these people.

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I've noticed the people congregating there, and have even RP'd openly out there lately, but I haven't been griefed. How new is this development, 'cause it was only last week I was RPing there. I mean, granted, people were scooting around in their skivvies and stuff, but they were people I know to be RPers or RP friendly. Even Dogberry was in his skivvies, putting himself up on some apparent kind of meat market for kicks.

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I've had some one-off encounters with odd people but generally speaking I've been left alone. Best advice as always is to just blacklist or ignore them. Moving location or acknowledging them in any way just gives them motivation to continue.


Damn skippy. Stand your ground, Quicksand goers! That shouldn't be hard considering how sticky the floor is in that place! I stand with you in brotherly solidarity!

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Remember, folks: In the same way that we pay good money every month to log into a game and NOT play it, there are people who pay good money every month to log into a game to antagonize the people who don't play it.


You won't show them up. You won't make them stop. To engage is to lose. So just carry on as if nothing's happening and give those chat filters a workout.

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I've sort of resigned from RPing in the vicinity of where No.3/Bench/TGCid people congregate even though I used to always RP there. I've found other places in Ul'dah to RP.


Nothing has happened to me personally but just some chatter mentions of it on a linkshell I use. I think the idea was that those giving any type of grief were just PVErs but if it's from the groups of people I'm thinking of it's just trolling that I don't have the time to think about.


I just wish they'd find some place else to do it. I miss my bench but I can't use it when 20 people are there.

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It's there in Ul'dah right now, if you stay out of Ul'dah generally you won't see it.


I suspect the rper community will probably move to Limsa as a result.


Yes pls. Limsa > U'ldah.


Half-joking aside, I've seen them around, and a large portion of them seem to belong to No. 3, Bench, or SAME. As Warren said, best not to acknowledge 'em if they start to grief. I think there are at least a couple of legit roleplayers in No. 3, though, at least. So use /blist judiciously. ;P

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Kind of is the hotspot or for the ERP?






I know that some people just wanted to RP right back. (Go to their FC houses or whatnot) but I'm the type to just want to crawl into my corner and be stable and wish I don't rock a boat. I'd rather just ignore it. But I wasn't sure if there was a rise to this behavior or just one-offs as some start their exodus to the RP hotspots.

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Just remember to consider why they're perhaps sitting in Ul'dah. If the community up and moves to Limsa, guess where the hang-out spot is going to become?


Bring it on.


I'd rather not have to relocate to do what I'm already doing.


Wherever individuals choose to rp is up to the individuals in question. I was responding to the sentiment that we might have to deal with more griefing in Limsa should the bulk of server rp move there -- if people want to grief me, let 'em. They'll be my captive audience.

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Problems like this are really old. Honestly moving where you are only shows that they are making an impact, they are getting attention, and they are doing something.


It amazes me that people do not use blacklist. Use it. Tell other people to use it. Stand your ground and ignore them passively. We're the community; keep it that way.


If someone divided up their time of day and who they spend it on, how much of a percentage would it be on people they don't care about or want to be involved with. Don't give crap people your valuable time. Invest it in people you like and want to "spend" time with. Lalalala spending your time like money.


I've noticed the people on the bench, sure, but past that my focus is on what's really happening: the fun talk of some lalafell screeching a song, the guard trying to focus on their linkshell and talk to people, someone yelling about how his gil purse was stolen.






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I've noticed it's been a bit more frequent at times and less others, even at Limsa it's been bad at times. During these I tend to grab my RP partners and we retired to one of our FC houses, both are lounge/bar designed so it works well.


Perhaps set up a fallback location when the trolls become abundant?

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