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Blood on the Sands Episodic rp event (Rules for Event 2 in first post)

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Please click link below if you are planning on participating in the event :D




Event Number 2 Tommorow.  Newcomers, please read this info and then combat rules below. :D


When: Tomorrow, we will begin gathering outside the Gate of Thal at 8:30 Central time. We are giving ourselves about 45 minutes to organize everything and the sides.  We aim to actually start around 9:15.


Where: Heroes will meet Kahn'a directly outside the Gate of Thal and form groups of three.  The NPCS, will meet Laforet and myself at the Tree of the Sultana.


What to wear:  Heroes may dress however they please.  Or not at all if that's your thing, we aren't picky. lol. NPC's we ask that you wear either the Shepard's tunic, or something white and cloth-ish for a chest piece to help you stand out.


Objecive: The goal of each hero is to slay at least three npcs zombies and then move down the road to the Sultana tree and fight Laforet, the black mage in control of this npc army.  One he is defeated, the heroes win.  Note, if a hero would like to just keep pummeling zombies, we will have a 1,000 gil prize for the best zombie killer, cause, why not?


How will this work:  Once the groups are gathered, the NPCS will move up and start matching with the hero parties of three.  Our aim is to have at least 1 NPC per group of three heroes.  Combat will use normal combat rules with these exceptions:


NPC's have 1 hp, but when they are hit, they keep going, representing a slain zombie and another replacing them.  Heroes need to keep track of how many npc'c they 'kill' because once a player has killed three, they may leave their current party and move to fight Laforet by the Tree of the Sultana, or keep pummeling zombies.


Heroes will have 4 hp this event to help them weather the assault of never ending zombies.  Laforet will only have 3 hp because most heroes will be slightly wounded by the time they reach him.



  (Note, these are subject to change if rp occurs that alters the plans.  See minor events))


"Event 1: Enemy at the Gate" will be a two pronged event.  Prong one will be Jin'li and most of his allies outside the Gate of Nald creating confusion to draw the defenders of Ul'dah out.  Prong 2 will be several of Jin'li's agents moving through Ul'dah poisoning water wells.  How, or if, the heroes discover prong two needs to rped out still.  If heroes do not discover plot before event, the only way to catch the poisoners is to see their emotes.


"Event 2: Whom Fiddled while Ul'dah Burned?"  will be a second part event that will involve 2 or 3 prongs.  Prong one of Jin'li agents leading a force of Voidspawn against Ul'dah as as a diversion while a small squad tries to assassinate the Sultana, forcing the heroes to split up and deal with the threats and give the Sultana time to escape. (We will probably not have a Sultan npc or pc, just say she is escaping while heroes delay the assassins, idea on this are appreciated.))


"Event 3:  To Kill a runt." (subject to change)


"Minor Event 1: The Doctor is in"  - Has been completed by small group whom dragged the Doctor off a cliff.

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((The Ul'dah situation))


This is where I will be posting the reaction of the npc population of Ul'dah to give a sort of impact of the actions of both sides.


As it stands now, other than the rumors of a "disease" showing up in the refugee camps around Ul'dah, there is no large scale impact of Jin'li's actions.  However, Osric has informed me that the Flames are now aware of something happening and are scrambling to find out more


(Status of the Poison)



The conception and construction of Blue Blood Stand 2 took nearly a month of roleplay from myself and several others. The poison is a slow-acting hemotoxin that distorts the blood, turning it blue as it deprives oxygen to the red blood cells and causes said cells to burst.  The toxin has an incubation period of three to nine hours, after which the individual experiences intense agony, foaming at the mouth and trouble breath for the next four to twenty hours. Death will occur somewhere between the four hour and twenty hour markers.  Trying to heal the poison via any sort of restoration magic will cause modified aetheric dust inside the toxin to explode, rupturing blood vessels and essentially killing the victim sooner through internal bleeding.  There is an antidote, but at this time all knowledge of the antidote resides with the 'Doctor.'

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((The Rules and set up))


“Blood on the Sands” is a joint, community based episodic rp event  (Could that title get any longer?) being run by myself on my alt, Jin’li, along with Osric and Kahn’a, with loads of other amazing rpers taking on roles.  The story will involve a band of heroes attempting to stop Jin'li from bringing Ul’dah to its knees.  My desire is that this event helps bring the Balmung community together in a similar way that my last event “Saga of the Wind Swept Sands” did.



So how does this all work?


We are breaking the rp involved in this event into two categories:



Major events will be weekly episodes that will be of a more scripted nature an are designed to help move the main plot along. My plan is that each episode will take roughly two hours so people can fit it into their busy schedules.  Each week, everyone will log in at a set place and we will run the story from there.  These will take place on Saturday nights at 9p.m. CST..



Then there are minor events.


This will include rp and plots going on between our various characters such as assassination attempts, which do not require everyone to be aware of.  Already I have several rpers who are working for Jin’li who already have targets.


Heroes, that was your heads up.  My desire of these minor events is to give everyone more control over how they want to impact the story without having to wait for a major event or for the team leaders to give them orders.



Unlike my last event, I am going to be recording the panic levels and death count of the civilians of Ul’dah that will be based on the major events.  The goal of this is help create an atmosphere to tension and give a sense of accomplishment for the villains and sense of stakes for the heroes.


There will be two sides. 

The heroes and the spies.


If you wish you join the spies, you will need to meet IC with Jin'li via in-game rp or forum posts.  He will give you a linkpearl and your orders.  Should we run out of time, we can simply say you received this prior to the first event cause I work a lot and can't get to everyone all the time



Heroes will need to meet with Kahn’a IC since Osric, at this time, has been forced due to IC reasons to serve Jin'li.  Kahn'a has run this side before during ym last event and I am in steady communication with him. Please give us poor event leaders a hand.  LOL.


Should you have any OOC questions, please reach out to Osric, Kanaria, Kahn'a or myself since we are running this in tangent



That was a lot of text. So about dem Rules:


1)  IC knowledge does not equal OOC knowledge.  For this role-play it is imperative that you don't use OOC information.  I know this will be a problem though since oyu are all awesome rpers. 


2) Please note that no character may be harmed or killed without their player’s consent (OOC)  Does not mean you can’t attack them and miss all day lol 


3) Combat:  There will be fighting in this.  Rules are below.


4) Have fun!  My last event like this was amazing and I really hope this one can become just as good hopefully better.  However, I PROMISE there will be a few hiccups along the way and plans will get messed up, just like how Zac and Melkire threw off my entire sub-plot with Saravena during Episode 4 and left her and I scrambling to adjust mid-event…lol was awesome though.  That said, I ask that you be understanding and go with the flow. This is a ton of work for those running this and we can’t foresee every development. =D


5) Registration.  Once registered, I will put your name on a list for your chosen side so players can rp together for minor events.  At this time, there will be no limit the amount of players in this event. 


6)  We request that any orders myself, Kahn’a,or Melkire give during this event either IC or OOC, be obeyed simply for the sake of keeping this thing organized.


Combat:  to make combat a smooth action and to remove level gaps from the equation, we will be rping combat.  However, to keep things from getting bogged down, we will be using the following rules.


1)  Combat will take place as a back-and-forth.  One side will go, making their attack (or attacks, if multiple attackers) first.  To see if your attack hits, we will be using rollz.org for combat. Combat will be based on dice rolls with Attacker and defender trying to role higher than the other, in the event of a tie, it is a draw.  When attacking,  you will post how you want to attack and roll the dice, adding the dice roll to the post:  Ex:


  -Tom rolls his dice and then posts in game : Adin draws his sword and lunges forward, trying to impale his foe with the pointy end.  (( rolled 4))


It's important that your post says what you're trying to do, not that you hit, because the defender will roll and then post what happens.  Ex:



  - Ali rolls her dice and gets a five.  Since the result is higher,she takes no damage.  Ali posts: Meera steps to the side and avoids the attack, grinning. ((Rolled 5))


Now that Tom's attack is resolved, it is Ali's turn to attack.  In the likely situation of multiple attackers on one person, all players on one side attack first, each going in order from left to right making an attack and letting the defender defend. Ex:


  -Tom keeps missing so Fred joins in.  Tom is on left so he goesfirst - Adin attacks ((Rolls 3))



 - Ali rolls and posts "Meera dodge." ((5))


  - Fred rolls and posts - Torin attacks with an axeswing.  ((6))



  -  Ali rolls and scowls as she posts  -  "Aliis struck with a glancing blow on the shoulder and blood rushes out.  ((rolled 3))


Now it's Ali's turn to attack but she can only attack one so she must becareful.


But what happens when you are hit?  You lose a hit point!  All characters have 3 hp (this is subject to change based on player numbers on either side.)


Once you have 0 hp, you are knocked out, or forced to flee, player's choice.


Healing classes can, instead of attacking, heal a wound on someone.  Note, can only do this once every three rounds to prevent over healing.


2) No one player may be engaged in combat with more than 3 opponents simultaneously.  To indicate you are in combat with someone, walk up to them and unsheathe your weapon.  Once a player has 3 people standing in front of them, no other player may enter the fray until a player is beaten.  An example of said formation is below with "O"representing one side and "X" the other


O  O  O



3) But what if a friend is in trouble against three people?  You may run over and engage one of the enemies one on one by walking over and standing in front of them with your weapon unsheathed.  Whisper them you are engaging them and both you and the person you've engaged move a few feet away to show your ally is only engaged with 2 people now.  Visual example below.


O  O  O = O  O  O =  O  O      O

    X     =     X  X  =       X      X


4) IMPORTANT:  During combat, your emotes should be no more than a few sentences long.  This is to keep combat flowing quickly and from jumbling up the chat window with long posts.

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It's hasn't even been two minutes and you are throwing wrenches into my plans....lol


Laughed so hard I think I might have....well you know...Never-mind!

You guys are trying to kill me I swear! 




oh my .. but Lei won't be missing this! just need to know how to register! Buttons has some button pushing to do!

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I will be missing the first event on the 12th Saturday and some of the following week.


Jancis is more of a filler character typically so she's there to support the true defenders. Healing, carrying stuff, etc. She always has her friends' backs.

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Should be yup. If Crofte can't get in on the first day, I'm sure there's going to be a way for her to be pulled in after the 15th. There's RP constantly throughout the weeks in between the "main and big" events.


Kage got pulled in right before the finale last time. *nodnod* And if things cool down for him, he can either be pulled in right before it or still in the middle.


Crofte'll just miss out a little of the beginning.


As per my post... I'm still in limbo about Kage's availability. Depends on the RP that shall happen... soon....

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I'm still in limbo about Kage's availability. Depends on the RP that shall happen... soon....


Well yeah, that could be said about anyone. I signed up... whether she is coherent at the time is yet to be seen.


"S-s-ser Castille, I'm c-c-cold and you're f-f-f-freezing. We need to w-w-warm up...."

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I signed up for a side... but it really depends on what happens during the next week! A lot of things could happen, and Nat is open to a lot of influences. So it's possible I could be on either side or out of the game. We'll see o/.

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