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WTT: Recruit-a-Friend Perks for RP advice/friendship!


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Trading: Recruit-a-Friend Perks for RP advice/friendship!


The title says it all, new to FFXIV as of yesterday - yet not new to RP in general. I don't have any friends that play this game and was hoping to purchase the full version this evening. However since there is a recruitment campaign up and happening I thought I'd post here to see if anyone was interested in recruiting me ^_^


My character's name is Enova Sahn, Miqo'te, Balmung Server. I should be around and online near the Quicksand RP hub.. I can't whisper anyone (even if they whisper first!) so I thought I'd try my luck here first. 


Glad to be here, happy to meet you all and perhaps I will see some of you sooner than later.

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