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Hello Everyone! A Question くコ:彡


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Hello RPers of FFXIV! In case you're wondering what  くコ:彡 is, it's a squid! A very cute one.


I usually go by the name of Lillin or any variation of that (please not Lil though!), or my character's name is fine too. My friend and I play on the Japanese server Ramuh, but we're planning to move to Balmung before patch 2.38 (so probably sometime this month) and join the community of RPers. :)


Some hobbies of mine are digital art, story writing, graphic design, gaming, and thinking about how I'll never level another job after leveling my first one, then proceeding to level the crap out of everything later on. I also love making puns... ;)


Other games I've played for a long period of time include Vindictus, TERA, Mabinogi, and Ragnarok Online. Most recent for a few years is Vindictus. I have over 7 years of forum RP experience and love writing stories, but I've never actually RPed in-game because I guess none of the MMOs I've played really have an RP community due to the games' natures. TERA is the only other game I've played with an RP community but my group of friends went on a PVP server so...never tried it before. However, I really love forum RPing so I'm excited to try in-game roleplay.


I do have a personality for my character but have not thought about a backstory so far because there's an issue I'm worrying about. I tend to like to switch between looks often, and this includes race switching. I haven't been able to decide to stay on one race yet and I'm not sure if race switching will bode well with other roleplayers once connections are made, since it's a bit hard to explain off. I'd probably ever only switch between Miqote male and Elezen male. What are your views of this?


My friend and I are very interested in roleplay, but we're also keen on Coil 2 progression, so if anyone has an FC that focuses on both RP and endgame raids, or has a static that may have 2 spots open in the future (she mains Scholar and I'm Black Mage. We've cleared T6 and T7), please let me know!

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We'll look forward to seeing you on Balmung, then.  I think you'll find there is a lot of activity here in terms of RP, and there are countless free companies and other groups centered around that, so you'll have a lot of great, and difficult choices when it comes to which one you join if you decide not to make one of your own.


As far as race switching and RP.... that can be sticky.  Multiple alts is great if you can keep track of them all, but having one and switching his race around frequently can be hard to explain.  Fantasia, itself, is exceptionally rare from a lore perspective.  Other people use it OOCly and find other IC ways to explain the race change.  My one suggestion would be to think heavily on it before doing this in character, because it can not only effect your own character, but it can also impact the people your character associates with frequently.

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Welcome to Balmung! (well sorta...almost!) When you make the switch, hope to see you around.


And I'd agree with the above regarding race change. I think it'd be difficult to explain IC, but if you're able to do so, I'd be okay with "accepting" it.

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If your character is an illusionist of sorts, you might be able to play off the race changes as a form of glamouring. (I'm making use of a similar method to write off hiding a facial aspect that isn't available in the game.)



ICly, if it is indeed a complete race change, that could be difficult to write through, but I think as long as the reason sounds good, most people would accept it. There are a lot of opinions on fantasia potions existing as simply an OOC mechanic, or if they are to be accepted within the lore as rare item that anyone has the possibility of obtaining.

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That gif is pretty awesome!


Thanks for the suggestions about race-changing! It does seem pretty iffy to try and explain it IC, and I don't want to put anyone off by it either. I think that illusionist-glamour method sounds pretty good though. Then the character could appear differently but still be the race that they grew up as.

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