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Turn a House to a Home for All [Open only to Kage's House Occupants]


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((OOC Note: This new thread is mainly now for stuff dealing with the home and/or group of people))


Grunting and huffing could be heard from the downstairs area. The loud clank of things being moved and shoved about rang out as a lone miqo'te re-arranged the basement. The place was getting crowded and Kage had plans.


Plans to perhaps be of some use to the company of people he loved living inside his home. Plans to make his former family rue the day they decried his... well quite abysmal goldsmithing. He'd been in Limsa for a bit, striking metals in a hot forge. Well, it was time to cut down on the costs of needing to pay the guards every time he needed to teleport to an aetheryte or shard. Kage had been able to acquire a smithing bench and that meant that things had to be moved around.


Lest Iron be smelling of smoke and metals or the pub burned down.


"ARRGHH!" Kage yelled out his exhaustion as he finally moved the bench into place. He'd taken care to not misplace any of Iron's things, moving the dining table and chairs away from the heat. The miqo'te wrote a brisk note, not remembering if the roegadyn had said whether or not he could read. It mattered not, if he heard a yell he'd answer.



Moved some things about. Hope to get yer room made soon. Everything that you have here should still be there.




Wiping the sweat off his forehead with the back of his hand, Kage trudged up the stairs so he could get his smithing attire and tools from his pack. He'd start to leave it in the basement once he really started.

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Those were the sounds coming from the basement as Kizuna the young lalafell stood anxiously by the door. It wasn't quite as loud outside and muffled by the objects in the way but she could still hear them. She took out a small piece of parchment, confirming what was written here.


Goblet. 6 Ward, Plot 20. Right at the base of the waterfall near the Brimming Heart



This was it. She hadn't gotten lost. This was her brother's home. Kage's home. The lalafell knocked raptly on the door, and shouted, "KAGE! OPEN THE DOOR!"


A minute later the sounds of heavy boots meeting wooden floors on stone foundation met her order. The door swung open with a "Yes! Yes! I'm coming!"


Kizuna blinked at the sight of the one who opened the door. Her brother. She blinked and then squeaked as she covered her eyes with a hand yelling, "BROTHER! Cover yourself!"


Kage, the miqo'te who answered the door and Kizuna's brother blinked as well. He took a smith's glove off to wipe the sweat off his forehead and from his shoulders. The apron blocked some of his body from the molten metal but it did not help him with the heat. It made for a sweaty miqo'te. He shook his head, letting out a long sigh as he countered, "Kizuna. I'm trying to work on smithing here. it's the best attire there is when it comes to blacksmithing."


Kizuna stepped inside, still hiding her brother's image from her eyes. She muttered, "That's why all you wear are gloves, goggles, gloves, pants and boots? Oh an apron."


"Aprons are the best for the job while still giving me the utility I need, Kizuna."


The female lalafell glared at the male miqo'te. She suddenly sighed, shaking her head.


"So why smithing? You didn't do well at metal working with silver and gold at home Kage."


The miqo'te finished re-adjusting his apparel as he put the glove back on as he walked down the stairs to the basement. He stopped, picking up a tool or two.


"...I wanted to be helpful to my fellows.. give me a craft I can work with on my own hands."


He paused before grinning, "Not to mention snub mother and father."


Kizuna rolled her eyes, stopping at the cramped conditions. "Brother... it is very crowded in here."


Kage nodded, striking hot metal with a hammer. "Yes, I think we need to move the others into housing that won't break anyone's business. It definitely wouldn't do to have their personal beings in here.


Kizuna shook her head, sighing.

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"Brother.... what is going on here?"


Kage turned to his sister in mid-swing of his hammer, blinking questioningly. "What was that Kiz?"


She sighed, stomping her right foot a little and pointed at the various living and sleeping accommodations strewn about the room. Personal objects displayed about on top of some of the objects. Kizuna raised a pointed eyebrow at him.


Kage's ears flattened against his ears as he slumped. He discarded the piece he was working on into a metal bucket as he set aside the tools. He slumped as he leaned against the pub's bar, grabbing a mug of sweet water for the both of them. He took a sip, sighing contently as he looked at Kizuna. "Some stuff happened and I had an extra space or two to give to paying boarders after some crazed man tried to kidnap me in me own bathrobe. Then we had people trying to kill Nat and me and it made me really happy I took out a mortgage to purchase them steel cannons out back."


Kizuna slowly nodded, a frown crossing her face. "I'd noticed those. She motioned him to continue.


"Well the thing is... these people are more t'me than just housemates so I wanted to bring them 'home' so t'speak. A couple have come to my aid, their lives in peril even though they had no reason to put their lives on the line fer me."


Kizuna furrowed her eyebrows, sighing. "So..."


"...so we're slowly raising money before I can get a contractor to come and purchase room expansions. Fer now, a couple be just living down here.."


The lalafell watched as her brother trailed off. Kage always was somewhat naive. She was sure that they led him to some... dangerous situations. She dragged a palm down her face, eyeing her brother. She spoke, softly but firm.


"Then let me give you the funds to finance your new rooms."


Kage stared and furiously shook his head in negative.


Kizuna crossed her arms, an angry pout upon her lips as she told him, "No. You will take this brother! You always paid for my stuff when I was younger! You helped me into the alchemists' guild when mother and father would not care until they saw my prowess!"


"Plus! You even sent me money back for the house! WITH INTEREST brother!" Kizuna glared at him slightly at the latter as Kage almost slunk back. He replied softly, eyes lowered, "I am not a charity case Kiz."


Kizuna paused as she looked at him before she stepped forward, slapping his sweat covered arms. "It's not! I need you to make some things for me!"


Kage raised his eyes, calling her bluff.


"Make my guards their arms!"


Kage growled, narrowing his eyes, "Kiz are you in trouble? What's goin' on?"


Kizuna widened her eyes before shaking her head. "It's just a precaution! But they always seem to wear out their arms. You make them brother!"


Kage nodded, a grim expression on his face as he started to re-work something. Rivets out of boredom to hone his craft could wait. He'd sharpen his skills on the weapons, even if he had to bleed them out.

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It seemed as if every other day, the house was being remodelled or a new person was moving in. Franz had left early in the morning to go fishing, and later, get some fresh groceries. On those days he didn't have any plans, he was already doomed to what he called the 'boring vacation'. Not having proof that he was legally in Eorzea, he had assumed the Adventurer's Guild was closed off to himself, and few people in Ul'dah could maintain their jobs, let alone find new ones. The gil wasn't even an issue. He just wanted something, anything to pass the time. Not every day could be spent at the Quicksand chatting away. 



As he returned to the home, he could smell the burning scent of melted metal, coming from the basement. What in the hells were they thinking?! There was already too much furniture in the room as it was. And the floor! That room had a /wooden/ floor! 



Franz nearly leaped down the stairs, his large voice billowing out. "What in the seven hells is going on here?! A forge could burn this place down. Not to mention the inadequate ventilation!"



He hadn't even noticed there was company.

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Kizuna squeaked in surprise and fear, hiding behind her brother and putting the hot coals of the smithing forge in between her and the loud voice. Kage rolled his eyes, letting another piece's tempering go to waste as he left it in the heat and flames as he threw one arm around Kizuna to grant her some comfort. Even if he was sweaty and most likely very smelly.


"You big oaf. The house is mostly made of stone. The floor's just a comforting covering." He paused before continuing, "Besides, the lodging down here's only temporary while we work on getting them new people and Iron their rooms. This place was never designed to be for people to live."


Kage subtly covered Kizuna's ears, casually dropping, "Besides at one point we'd been considerin' making this the less savory of places. Questionin' and so on. Gonna remove the boards to make sure the stone down there is good and easy to clean stains off of."


As Kizuna glanced back at Kage he just ruffled her ears, still gazing at the hyur and commenting, "Notice that vent leading into the wall? For both feeding the flames and venting out the coals' fumes it is."

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He hadn't noticed her in his rush to come down, but the squeal of a lalafellin girl was ear-piercingly easy to hear. The shriek was loud enough for him to wince in pain. 



"Hell's that is loud."


He'd seen her before. The now-cowering little sister of Kage. Well, he hadn't seen her with his own two eyes but it was clear how he knew her. 


With an almost subconscious force, he put the bags down and knelt in a more human of motions. In a noticeably Ishgardian accent, "my apologies Miss Kizuna, the burning smell put me on guard."



As he stood back up to unpack the bags, "Kage, that vent is abysmal and the forge is pitiful. How could you even think to work on such as thing? Of course I'd still be concerned about the house. A wooden layer is still going to burn."



Sure, it wouldn't light the house into flame immediately, but it would be fast enough to cause harm to the house's integrity and ruin all of their possessions. How could Eorzeans force in with such terrible equipment? It was obvious why Garlemald had had superior engineering and technology. Those tools were so....barbaric. The vents not nearly strong enough, and the tools inadequate. 


He look at the two of them, not sure how long this had been going about. "Either of you hungry, I was going to fix lunch. With a controlled environment." It was perhaps mean, but about as nice as he could be at the moment. Besides, the fish was fresh, and would need to be cooked or salted, if it was going to stay consumable.

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Kage stared at the man and shook his head.


"I got a blacksmith and a carpenter, both highly recommended from their guildmasters to look at them and change them." Here he hissed, lower than what Kizuna could hear.


"Ye might have some of Frhanz in you but you aren't him."


Raising his voice again, Kage questioned him, "I paid the guildmasters good gil, you think you're better than them? Them who -do it for a living-? They were the ones to build it. I just moved everything to where they set it up and started the forge."


Kage snorted, waving his hand about. "You're a ticking time bomb. I wouldn't let you near me to heal a parchment cut."


Kizuna glanced, back and forth between them. The strange man and her brother arguing with each other. She gave him a confused bow with a soft, "Do... I know you?"


She laid a hand on Kage, trying to calm him from continuing to antagonize the stranger. She was sure Kage knew some blacksmithing but he wasn't a guildmaster. The hyur on the other hand... probably could teach him if he had any experience.

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As he was taking out some supplies to make a meal, he turned around to address the Lalafell. 


"Oh no, we most certainly have no met. But I've heard quite a lot about you, Miss." 


He wouldn't need to say /how/ he knew her. He gave a light smile her way. "The offer still stands. If you'd like to join for lunch, I've some crimson trout that is excellent with a little butter and garlic, mashed popotoes and salt leeks."


"I can also start some tea if you would like. It is, although a little bland to my taste, the leaves natives to Thanalan."


He'd maybe answer her questions on smithing after a eating a little. He was already grumpy from being hungry.

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