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In the Heat of the Night... [Open]

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Running into Kahn'a last night as well as a man named Garrett had been happenstance, but it turned out to be something she needed. Something for her to do, keep her hands busy for a time. To get back into working with the ones she had first started working with, her friends...her family here on Eorzea. 


Kahn'a would have the papers ready for her in a suns time though it hadn't even been a sun when she went to check her mail at the house. A smooth smile lifted to her pale lips at the hand writing upon the envelope that she pulled from the small box. 


Thank you Kahn'a... I will be sure to tread carefully.


Fingers moved swiftly to open it up, and pull the parchment free. Already lavender eyes ran quickly over the writing of the transcripts as she unfolded the papers. Kanaria knew about where she had to be last night and now... She knew exactly where she needed to be, where to churn up the dirt to get what she would need to help her friends.


She would wait, she wasn't in any hurry, she had to any way. There were no additional papers for a warrant to dig dirt. Nightfall would have to come before she could head out so prepare is what she would do. 


A cloak was gathered along with a shovel and a ruck sack to carry her treasure once she had her hands on it. She'd leave these behind for now, on the couch in their room. Their...


I need to tell Ossy... I'll need help.


She shook her head, it could wait, he was working it could wait. Feet took her out the door of their room, and out the door of the Red Wings. Right up to her trusty Horsebird, Sierra. "Come on..." She patted the side of her neck before climbing up on. "We've got a job to do." She steered the abyssal blue bird about face and took off. Headed for Dry Bone.



It didn't take her any time at all before she was moving though Dry Bone up to the cemetery. Pulling Sierra to a walk, the papers were pulled out and looked over again. Making doubly sure she knew where she had to go. 


She caught the eyes of a few there, some mourning the loss of loved ones, others the caretakers of the chapel that was there along with the grounds. She'd not been here much, but she knew the difference between the two. She'd had her own bout with loss not all to long ago, so to those she gave a soft nod and a warm smile in passing, to the rest a polite smile. More than likely they would think nothing of her passing though... Perhaps she was looking to mourn the loss of a loved one herself. 


Here. She pulled back the reins lightly and clawed feet stopped before the unmarked grave site. The dirt fairly fresh over the mound. Lavenders took a quick look about, then slipped off the chocobo and made for the side of the raised dirt to kneel. 


Ten minuets was about all she needed to make it look good before mounting her bird again and heading out towards home. 





"I need your help..."



"No, I'm safe. We'll talk when you get home."



"Love you, see you soon dearheart."

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Ain't nothin' makes for a rough day so much as this intolerable heat. 


He tightened his grip on his knuckles. A triple, two high, a snap, a side kick, a straight, all while giving his footwork his utmost attention. He worked the striking dummy over, pummeled each and every exposed ilm of wood as he circled around the post, each blow with the brass cracking and splintering his target... then a burst of pain flared up in his leg, and he gasped as he stumbled. His hands found his left knee as he sat down, panting. 


Shite. Shouldn't have lept that ledge last night. Teachin' D'lyhhia what it means t'survive in a gods-damned footrace ain't worth cripplin' m'self further, what with...


No. No, he wasn't going to dwell on it. He'd tell Kanaria sooner or later, once he worked up the courage, but allowing what he'd seen in the ingot to paralyze him with fear wouldn't do a single soul any good. 


He sighed with relief as the cramping muscles finally let go, and ran a hand up and back through his now-sweaty hair. The air was starting to cool, though. A quick glimpse away from the walls of Scorpion's Crossing towards the horizon confirmed that the sun was, indeed, setting. 


'bout time, then.


The sergeant was slowly, painstakingly pushing himself to his feet when the linkpearl in his left ear, the one he rarely if ever took out, went off. He frowned as he held a finger to it. 




"Yes, love?"


"I need your help..."


A pale-haired woman, sad, downcast, walking the length of Emerald alone, shadows nipping at her heels with teeth.


"Where? Are you--"


"No, I'm safe. We'll talk when you get home."


"Alright, darling. Meet you there."


"Love you, see you soon dearheart."


"Love you, too."


Now to pay off that runt, Gigiyon, for the damages before making his way home.

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